$50 Your Way Giveaway!! October 2021!

October Giveaway

Happy October Little Peanuts! It’s one of my all time favorite months! HALLOWEEN! I mean October.  For the first time since moving to Idaho I actually have had the urge to do some Halloween crafting and some Halloween decorating.

Y’all remeber Francis right?

You’ll be happy to know (or perhaps like the UPS man NOT happy to know) Francis has survived a week of rain and is still sitting proudly in the front of the house.

My next cement idea is a free standing ghost. I will let you know how they turn out. Yes, I do believe I need a pair. Of course one should have a big red polka dot bow. (Ahhhh the stuff I think about while I try and fall asleep at night!)

Anyone else excited about Fall and ESPECIALLY Halloween?

October GiveawayGiveaway Time!!

I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) $50 American $$.

This is a Giveaway that is hosted by me and only me. 

So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!! Seriously, HOW subtle is that?!

GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!

259 thoughts on “$50 Your Way Giveaway!! October 2021!

  1. Everything felt a bit ‘off’ today. I did go swimming, but not with friends and not at my usual weekday pool. Weather is a bit ‘off’ too with 15 degrees cooler than yesterday and a tiny bit of rain.

  2. Hit 6 shoppes this morning and back before 10am.. Baking now – already finished a dozen coconut almond cupcakes, 2 chocolate cakes and in 10 minutes a pound cake. I am finished for the day!

  3. My day is off to a good start. My husband is cleaning the sofa. Does it seem like my husband works twice as much as I do? Yes, but he has to catch up for the years that he sat, did nothing and complained.

  4. It is a gorgeous day out today, cold but now we have heat inside. Getting my “to do” list together for today. Already doing laundry and putting a grocery list together.

  5. Ugh! Had a really bad night ‘cos of the pain in my hip. How long does a tendon take to heal? Anyway, I’ve decided I’m not getting dressed today! It’s really turning wintry, with driving rain & wind. Painkillers and comfort food are calling!

  6. Doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Just a regular visit to monitor my weight for the knee surgery. I’m creeping up on the weight they want for my surgery…wish me luck. I swear, I’ve been good, lol!! I should find I’ve lost more weight!!! I hope I have, for sure.

  7. Today was an okay day. Had to turn on the furnace for the first time this season. Dear hubby went grocery shopping. I made tacos for dinner.

  8. Day went ok. I walked to town and did errands. They turned the heat on today, yea! I have to say I’ve been cold, so it is good to be here, and not be shivering even with layers.

  9. Much quieter day today. My friend called and her toe is doing OK. She was just grateful that I had been there for her. That’s what friends are for….

  10. Yay! The car passed it’s test, now if only the petrol prices would come down I’d be able to go places! I managed to get the loft door open last night only to find that the lighting doesn’t work. Hoping it’s just the bulb or it means that it’s another wiring job to add to the list.

  11. Making my lists for a trip to the village shoppes tomorrow…bleh.. I wish the beaches were open so I could just spend the day there instead….so funny the Prime Minister opened the bars but not the beaches.. we can get loaded but no swimming!

  12. Well today did not go as planned. As I was driving to my friend’s house to go swimming, she called and said she had tripped and fallen and tried to tear off her little toe on the laundry basket. I got her foot wrapped and we went to Urgent Care. Turns out she fractured her toe and needed 7 stitches to fix the cut. We enjoyed the trip some since the sun was shining and all the trees were turning lovely colors. But we could have seen the trees on the way to the pool……

  13. Chilly today, but at least the skies are blue and clear. I’ve had a few days where I’ve let little irritations get to me too much– I need to refocus and get over myself, lol. Trying to focus on what’s good or at least better.

  14. My day is going pretty good so far. I am doing laundry and cleaning right now just taking a little break to rest my feet for awhile.

  15. It is a nice day, and I’ve got butternut squash and carrots in the oven, and homemade pizza will go in next. Yum. Getting a few things done here, and Amazon says it is delivering the rest of my order today, a stainless cleaner recommended by the appliance store – I put in an order of several items, but comes piecemeal, I would go to the store instead if I had a car.

  16. Today is my best friends birthday – We have know each other for 60 years..yes 60.. we were 10 years old and met at the YMCA at swimming/ diving lessons….Love you Dian….

  17. My left ankle has gone bonkers. Really hurting. Maybe the colder weather…I don’t know. If it does this in a mild Fall chill, I hate to think what Winter will bring.

      1. Thanks Michele! I still believe it’s all going to work out…eventually, lol!! I have definitely learned patience over the last few years. You know what? I still hate being patient!!😂🤣

  18. My day is going pretty good just got my grocery shopping done for the weekend. It is super nice here today 80 degrees and then hopefully rain on the way. Hope you all have a nice Saturday.

  19. A free-standing ghost! It could help scare away any wanderers, they’ll run and not look back! especially if it is foggy out, and the ghost looks like it is coming out of the mist – spoookyyy!

  20. Today is all about the pets – cats need their nails cut.. baby girl needs a good bath.. the aviary needs a sanitization so off I go….

  21. Had a lovely massage at the student clinic. These students are in the very last weeks of their schooling and do an incredible job.

  22. My day is going pretty well. The sun is shining. The weatherman predicted thunderstorms all day so this is a pleasant surprise.

  23. My day is going pretty good so far. My new kitten likes to see me get up between 4-5 am so I am a little tired today.

  24. Well, we’ve gone from sunny, nice days to rainy and gray, lol. Fall in Kentucky, I guess. At least it isn’t very cold yet. It’s really not even slightly chilly. Fine by me. I don’t like cold anymore. Cold means my joints ache and heat bills go up. Ah, adulthood, lol.

  25. My day is great so far, but I have only been up for an hour or 2 so there hasn’t been much time for anything bad to happen.

  26. Lets see what exciting things I have to do today…edge walkways and remove grass..chlorine those same said walkways….weed.. LOL…

  27. Oh Lord, I am so tired but things are moving fast re. the house sale. We just have to have the house assessed for it’s energy rating & that’s happening early next week. Apart from that, my car has it’s annual road-worthiness exam on Sunday so I’ve to prep the car for that, the loft door doesn’t open properly (paint) so back up the ladder I go and did I mention how tired I am?

    1. I can’t believe you have to have your car checked every year. Soooooo many would fail here, lol. I mean, I’ve seen cars on the road held together with duct tape and prayer!!

      1. It was like that here till the test was introduced about 30 years ago. That cleared the roads of the death traps & cut down on accidents. Also boosted the car trade of course. They literally test everything from emissions to signal lights. It’s illegal to drive without the cert. & you can’t get insurance. I’m all for road safety but right now it’s a pain in the arse and the wallet!

  28. Day is going good. It is now so dark out until so much later now in the morning. The leaves are starting to turn, and it is pretty here!

  29. Pretty good so far although I did wake up at 4 AM and now I can’t sleep. Not sure what that is about.

  30. My day is going pretty good just got in the door from doing a little running around. Now I am taking a break before vacuuming the house. We have pets in the house and we vacuum so often but they hate the sound of the vacuum cleaner.

  31. Day is going along. I just had my homemade pasta, it came out good. Now I’m catching up on everything I was supposed to get done today!

  32. It is a great day. Internet service is back. The sun is shining. I ate ice cream and it didn’t make me sick. I plan to eat it on a regular basis.

  33. Got a good deal done yesterday – cleaned out all the drains so let the rain come – today I have one more bush to clean then I am truly done..

  34. The house is spotless! The cat’s litter tray & food bowls are hidden in the boot of the car and everything else is where it should be. The last of the roses smell heavenly. Realtor no. 1 due in 10 mins!

  35. Hello. I have had a crappy day. My room mate found out that his car is unfixable so basically we have no car right now,

  36. Slow day for me. Literally. Hurt my back somehow so I am not doing any sprints or anything lol Other than that I am really enjoying the cooler weather.

  37. My day has had its ups and downs. My internet is down. I sat on the porch. The birds were chirping and my dog was barking.

  38. My day is going pretty busy so far haven’t even had breakfast yet. Getting stuff done around the house get I have one of those energy rushes where I get into cleaning mode.

  39. Day is going good. It is decent weather, and I’m getting some chores done. Just had the homemade healthy whole wheat cranberry bars for breakfast, not bad!

  40. Still living in memory land so turned up the music and put on dancing shoes and danced…now I feel more realistic – put on my wellies and out into the garden….

  41. Kind of a boring, blah day. However I did make a post of chicken and dumplings for dinner. Turned out great 🙂

  42. My day is going pretty good just got home from running around town and getting dinner. I am now taking a break and listening to music and resting my feet.

  43. It turned out to be a nice day today. The ride service took me to get groceries, I hadn’t shopped in so long, as I’m still using up stash I had gotten for hurricane season.

  44. I hope our internet service is restored, today. Living out in the country our service is not reliable. It’s a nice day so I think I’ll sit on the porch some.

  45. Saw the ankle doctor today. No infection in ankle, so that’s great. Arthritis is just about as bad as it can get…might eventually wind up having to use a brace on it. But she believes it will hold up until I have the knee surgery and recover from that.

  46. Today I am going to start working on a paper bead necklace for a friend. So a pretty good day, I love crafting,.

  47. Cleaning out drawers and closets in my room… so many things I will never ( ever) wear again but I just cannot part with them.. that dress and shoes we went there with..the night I wore that.. so I progressed to things of my husbands that I still kept…the night he wore that etc.. so I finally gave up shut the draws and doors and had another cup of coffee….

  48. A little drama here tonight. A guy we first assumed was drunk was stumbling around outside here, eventually falling down on the lawn. Fortunately, my brother was here. He went out to see about him and it turns out it might be a reaction to a strong med he was on. Ambulance carried him off. Hopefully, he’s okay. My youngest nephew thought for sure he was witnessing his first drunk guy, lol.

    1. It’s a scary situation. Dad once passed out on the street when his sugars went haywire. Thankfully he wasn’t alone at the time & was wearing his diabetic dog tags. If he had been alone though …

  49. Quiet day at home. May watch a movie I got at the library. Sunshine and 65 degrees. Winter weather advisory for part of northern Colorado tomorrow, but not where I live.

  50. The morning was not good. The internet service was down much of the morning into the afternoon. Looks like rain is on the way.

  51. My day is going pretty good so far. It was really cold here last night and when I woke up I saw snow right above our house up on the hill.

  52. I’m shivering here, but started to dress more for fall, I hope I don’t need the long johns yet. Warming up lunch, that should do it!!!

  53. Back to work Monday. what should I start with – hmm – cleaning the hedges or the drain – the choice the choice lol….

  54. a chilly wet day – just perfect for getting some baking done to replenish the freezer and share with neighbors. thanks

  55. Day is going good. I just took out of the oven a cranberry bread, with whole wheat, it looks good. Today I’m burning my MacIntosh Yankee candle, I love the two-wick large tumblers, they burn really well, and smells soo good! Esp on a dark, dreary cold and rainy day like today!

  56. Pretty nice day here. Sun’s out, anyway. Not too hot, though. Nice. I’m doing nothing, really. Watching TV, fiddling around online.

  57. My day is going slow and easy today. I am just taking it easy today and watching movies and having pizza for dinner.

  58. My sis phoned yesterday to tell me to stay away. She was feeling flu-ish & feverish but she hasn’t been out. She & the niece both went for a Covid test as a there are cases in the College where my niece works. Now the waiting …

    1. Oh, my. I hope it’s just a cold or flu bug. My Dad & step-mother had it a little over a month ago (he won’t get vaccinated. Yes, he’s one of those…) –I worried sick. Thankfully both recovered. Weird thing is at the time, she tested negative so he didn’t bother to get tested, just assumed they both had some bug. Later, she went to get the vaccine, but because she had been ill recently, they tested her again (for antibodies). It turned out, she had had COVID. So, now she has to wait a certain amount of time from when they were sick before she can get the vaccine.

  59. Yesterday I cleaned up a heliotrope bush and of course there were marabuntas inside that I did not see – yes I got stung..but I have been stung so many times that the reaction was weak – a little swelling and done.. Taking today off totally!!

  60. My day was okay. The weather is still holding on to mild temps, but the leaves are almost all off the trees. We’re celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow.

  61. Well, good news. No sign of infection in my ankle. But ‘end stage arthritis.’ Geeze, I never heard the words ‘end stage’ used with arthritis. Sounds ominous! Well, I can deal with that better than osteomyelitis.

  62. Quiet day at home listening to the wind. Sunshine but lots of wind ahead of a cold front coming this evening.

  63. My day is going great today even though my new kitten got me up at 4am. I was able to do all my shopping super early this morning and now I can enjoy my Saturday hope you have a great weekend.

  64. Day is going good. It is getting cooler, and not sunny, a good day to do anything cozy. I’ve got my new Yankee candle Cinnamon Stick going, a large two-wick tumbler, and ooh, it is so nice! Doing some cooking, washing and cleaning, nothing fancy.

  65. Today was my parents wedding anniversary – they were married in 1948..lost dad in 2003 and mom in 2010 how the time goes by…her story of their engagement always makes me smile..it was Halloween of 1947 and dad took mum to a real dive of a cocktail bar and she was shocked – the place was not like dad at all.. proposed and said that she could never have guessed what he was planning….Still have that ring in my jewelry box…..

  66. Quiet day at home. Woke up early to call in for massage appointments. Got the three I wanted. So glad to get back to getting massages.

  67. My day is going good. I just ordered a couple of winter holiday candles from Yankee candle, ohh so nice. Tomorrow I’m going to start my new Yankee Cinnamon candle. I’ve got some cute maple leaf cookie cutters, I need to make the sugar cookies. I found out the hard way last time, that decorating them isn’t as easy as it looks, I need to brush up on some youtube videos… otherwise I’ll be stuck with all the flops (oh well.. hmm that doesn’t too bad).

  68. well, I had the MRI on my left ankle yesterday. I swear the way they position your foot and make you hold it there for 30 or 40 minutes really means it will hurt more than ever for the rest of the day… Anyway, I guess I’ll find out Tuesday if it’s just arthritis getting worse.

  69. My day is going so fast but I am getting a lot done around the house. I am working on putting away summer things and getting ready for the change in seasons.

  70. Friday = Clean the house day…been doing this for years. Pizza is a Friday tradition for doing all the housework. I’m thinking pineapple & chicken thin crust.

  71. After a day off yesterday time to get back in the swim..reaping veggies today and re-planting..trying to keep the cycle going….

  72. Storming like mad out there. Loud thunder, the kind that makes you jump it’s so loud. Lightning you can actually hear, lol. Wild night here in Kentucky.

  73. Good swim with my friends. The new modem is working well, although you never know since it’s supposed to be invisible and it is. Beautiful fall day, 75 and sunshine and the leaves are turning.

  74. Another lazyish day for me. Rainy.. my cat following me everywhere as usual and nothing major accomplished. That will be tomorrow 😉

  75. My day is going good today just doing a lot of cleaning today and enjoying the sunshine. Boy the nights are really starting to get cooler here in my neck of the wood and I am looking forward to some rain.

  76. The sky is dark, thunder and lightening in the distance, guess I will just have to suffer through a day reading!

  77. Feeling accomplished. Changed out my old modem (10 years old at least) to the new one with only a small problem. Working fine now.

  78. My day went well. Felt lazy though so we had left over Chinese food for dinner. J is playing his PS4 and I am listening to the rain hitting the roof.

  79. My day has been going fine so far. We received some excellent news today. I am still working on my big project!

  80. My day is going pretty good so far today. I did a lot of running around yesterday so I am taking it easy today. We are getting cooler weather here at night now so I am trying to get the house warmed up.

  81. Not a lot going on here today. It’s a little overcast. The hospital called to pre-register me for that MRI. I’m hoping the maintenance guy will come by and fix the weather-stripping on the front door, but not holding my breath. It needs to get done before the cold really hits.

  82. Yesterday was the strangest day.. woke up with a fever – feeling not myself…then the fever was gone…went out into the garden felt dizzy…went back upstairs and the fever was back….took a lie down and felt better.. then chills and fever was back – so very strange.. this morning I feel fantastic….

    1. Go to the doctor!!! I had the chills, then felt fine, then back to chills thing when I had an infection that was going septic! Never mess around if you might have an infection of any type (no mystery why I’m adamant about this!)

  83. So far today has just started for me. Right now my cat is making biscuits beside of me and it is comforting.

  84. Good swim today. Quick trip to the library since I want to watch the DVD 9 to 5. Then to the grocery store for them to put stuff in my trunk.

  85. My day is going groggy today. I got a new kitty and he had me up last night at 2:30 a.m. he was playing in his cat box and using it as a sandbox. He thinks it’s fun to throw the cat litter out of the box.

  86. I go for an MRI on my left ankle Thursday. Hopefully, it’s just arthritis getting worse, but considering my past history with infection getting into places it shouldn’t — they want to be sure.

  87. My day is going good so far, let the dogs out, let the dogs in, had some breakfast, said my daily prayers, and checked my emails.

  88. Did very well shopping yesterday – caught some Divali sales on raisins and candied fruits.. stocked up on flour and sugar and all the Christmas meats and fish…my storeroom and freezer is filled and that gives me a sense of security – cupboards that are full make me smile…In November all I have to buy is liquor..
    Off into the garden to weed and start some seeds…

  89. It’s just been one of those bummer days for me. No idea why. just feeling a little blue for no really good reason.

  90. My day has been ok-ish. Besides FB and Instagram being down all day. Was pretty busy this past weekend so I have been chill today for the most part.

  91. My day is going so fast I am still trying to catch up. Not happy that Instagram and Facebook are down today hope they get those working soon.

  92. Good swim with my friend early since she has to watch the Bronco game. Just checked and Broncos are loosing big 7 to 20 in the 4th quarter.

  93. Ive had a wonderful day! Church and then home to watch movies with my pets, Yeah they sit with me. Did a little shopping and laundry and now just enjoyed a nice supper. Cant ask for more!

  94. My day is off to a to a rocky start. I wasn’t feeling too good this morning so I am just taking it easy today.

  95. It’s been pouring rain for a little while now–thunder and gray skies today. Right now, we’re in a lull. Some thunder rolling but rain has let up. But it still looks really dark out there, so I’m guessing round 2 is about to roll in.

  96. Getting ready to go to the shoppes tomorrow.. trying to do all my holiday shopping before the prices go way up…leaving very early to start with the bulk store and work my way back….this used to be fun not anymore!

  97. Well, it’s still pretty early, but I’m going to rest as we had our family reunion yesterday and that is always such fun.

  98. My day is going pretty good just got home from running around and now taking a break for doing some housework. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  99. Happy October. Been a sad day for me. My friend that was on life support because she had cancer passed away last night. And the strangest thing her beloved Persian cat as well. So I have been a teary mess today. I am glad to see Francis is still holding up. I think he is rather cool 🙂

  100. My day went really great today! I was able to see some old friends and spend the whole day with them it was so so so nice. I did a ton of driving and saw the leaves changing so lovely.

  101. It was a nice day. My sister came for a visit bringing cupcakes that I can’t eat. They won’t go to waste thanks to dear hubby.

  102. Very fun Sensory Garden tour today. About 12 people from one in a stroller, 5 rug rats around 3-4yo and their moms and a grandmom. Last tour of the season for the Sensory Garden.

  103. My day is going well. I’m looking through patterns for Christmas presents, and gathering my yarn. Autumn is the time of year I feel the most motivated.

  104. Connie, you have truly out-done yourself with that skeleton/zombie/whatever-she-is queen. Or princess. The crown is the killer…😂😂🤣 How does she manage that hair when I can’t even grow mine alive!

  105. If I drove up and saw her sitting there like that, I’d probably pee myself. But now I have a great idea for how to scare my neighbors!

  106. Happy October everyone! Sad start to the day here: my sis had to have her cat put to sleep. 18 years old, 3 legs and once got into the decorator’s van & disappeared for three weeks only to find her own way home. The tiniest cat I’ve ever known. Anyway, I got the call so now Zoe is here under a tree in the garden alongside her sister Alex.

    1. Aw, I’m sorry to hear that. That sounds like a cat with an independent spirit! (As if there are any other kinds of cats…)

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