$50 Your Way January 2022!!

I am aware of the TWITTER malfunction (i.e. no button) I’ve written to Giveaway Tools and asked for help. Waiting to hear back. 

OHHHHHHHHHH alright, maybe ONE or three more months. Maybe longer. December was good to me. So, why not continue?! Right? I mean we can play this by ear. Besides GoDaddy managed to keep my blog up all month! AND I found out I can also pay month to month and not just a huge expense in January. I mean HELLO!!!!!!! December was expensive.

I had planned on Selena and Alice being here the week after Christmas. Unfortunately, Selena’s Father-In-Law was diagnosed with bone cancer. (Prayers for Bob are always appreciated!) So, Selena, Dan and Alice went to Tennessee.  Now we will have our Second Christmas later in January and just a long weekend instead of a full week. You know me! I will take what I can get!

My excitement of Christmas 2021 has really backfired. BIG. TIME. Y’all remember that I decorated for Christmas with ALL of the trimmings, 3 trees, garland, lights, gnomes everywhere ummmmmm the day after Halloween. Yup, now I have to leave the entire set up alone until Alice and Selena leave. Could be all the way until Valentines Day. WTH!??!  Don’t LAUGH! If I have to leave it all up until March the damn house is staying decorated until 2023!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the snow. HOLY GUACALOME Batman! We got snow! We got snow that I doubt will ever melt. Last year I mean the year before…… ahhhh hell the winter of 2019-2020 was so mild that I perhaps may have mocked it. Mother Nature HATES to be MOCKED. On the upside, the sled and the winter gear (Including a snow jumper) that I bought Alice can be used until probably JUNE!?

Today? -4  YES, a MINUS!! That’s our high!!

January $50 GiveawayGiveaway Time!!

I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This is a Giveaway that is hosted by me and only me.

Coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!! (using my links doesn’t cost you any extra money!) 

Seriously, HOW subtle is that?!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) $50 American $$.

Good Luck Little Peanuts!!


477 thoughts on “$50 Your Way January 2022!!

  1. Hi Connie

    Just received my Paypal notice that I won!!! THANK YOU so very much this made my day.

    Hope you have a great weekend

    1. Enjoy, Gloria & welcome to our little group! BTW, feel free to vent, scream, shout, or whine! It’s a great, safe place to just let it all out!

  2. Good swim today but miss swimming with friends. Then a pickup from the grocery store ahead of 2 days of snow and very cold weather.

  3. I love the AURATE X KERRY: Lioness Pendant Necklace it just looks bold and something I would wear all the time

  4. one month closer to spring but the weather has turned from spring-like to winter again. the day is going more slowly… thanks

  5. I’m sorry, but where the hell did January go? I still haven’t taken down my baby Christmas tree! I decided to leave it up till I move!

  6. Its still early yet but looks like its going to be a good day. I’m still trying to figure out how its already the end of January though. Blink and February will become March!

  7. Ugh. My lips are chapped from having to turn the heat on in here. I hate Winter. The heat inside makes my allergies act up and my skin dry out, the cold outside makes my skin dry and chapped. Just no winning inside or out, lol.

  8. It’s been a bit stressful today! Lots of kiddo attitude and melt downs. Tomorrow will be a better day!

  9. It’s a good day overall. There were some ‘bumps in the road’ earlier but they have been dealt with. Thank you.

  10. I am having a good day………. we didn’t get any of that major storm. The temp is up to 35 and what little snow we had is melting. And next week we are going to have 2 days in the 50’s

    Everything is done I think I need a nap! 🙂

  11. Another relaxing Sunday! Its too cold to even think of going outside! I think I will do some baking to warm it up inside.

  12. Sunday lovely Sunday….Chicken in to roast and the sides will come later…Sitting here enjoying another cup of coffee and reading emails… Breakfast then a day of leisure!

  13. No snow today. That’s good. I hate snow. Had pizza for dinner. Tried to tweet the sweeps but wasn’t successful.

  14. Its kind of chilly here. Glad we aren’t in the path of the bad snow storm but praying for friends and family who are.

  15. We got hit with a surprise snow a few nights ago and the snow is hanging on because it’s so COLD out there. Well, at least we didn’t get as much as those hit by that blizzard yesterday.

  16. It’s Saturday, so I’m relaxing and then planning on making a big dinner of baked BBQ ribs, potatoes, brussel sprouts and rolls.

  17. My day is going pretty good so far. Just been pulling my hair out with our Internet service provider we have not had service in three days.

  18. Sitting here with a second cup of coffee trying to get motivated to go down and start some seedlings – I always try to have veggies in different stages of growth so all does not come in at once. Lazy bones this morning! Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

  19. I did go out to get a free cup of coffee at Circle K. I won it. I don’t like coffee that much but I put a bunch of extra stuff in it and it tasted pretty good.

  20. Today was a snow day for the kids! That means I was the teacher today for 3 kids and taking care of a 2 year old on top of that!

  21. The day is quiet and will probably remain so. I did go into my grandson’s room and sweep up the rather amazing amount of debris that he had in there. Like all too many tweens, I guess his idea of cleaning was to sweep it all under the bed!

  22. It is going to be a nice relaxing day. I am staying inside where its warm watching the snow fall. Praying for friends and family in the line of the Nor’Easter though. We are far enough west that its going to miss us although it could kick back through Canada but hopefully not as bad.

  23. Packing up the car with stuff for charity shops. Still no news about a closing date & I’ve been a bit down all week but got to get moving again.

  24. Decided to bake today so took out blueberries from the freezer and plan on making aa cobbler with them and some coconut sweetbread – thats it -I picked a lovely eggplant and will make a gratin.. done for the day!

  25. Lets see I got a lot of work done on the computer, did some laundry, and had left overs for dinner so that made the day easier.

  26. For some reason it seems to snow on the days I want to go swimming. Such as today: snow and no swimming. I will go tomorrow.

  27. Took my mom shopping today. I’m starting to worry about her. If she doesn’t get hip surgery soon I’m afraid she will be wheelchair bound. She says its getting harder to walk and even a cane is no help. Hopefully restrictions for elective surgery are ending soon…again. She’s already been bumped 3 times!

  28. My day has been a busy one for sure. I picked my kitty up from the vet today and just returned home a little while ago. I had to do a lot of driving and I am so wiped out should sleep super good tonight.

  29. My youngest nephew is very into cooking. Wants to be a chef. I’m encouraging him because 1. I like that he is into something and 2. I like to eat, lol. So, he wants to try some new spices from his favorite celebrity chef and they are pricy, so I’m going to try picking up a few each month until June (his birthday month)–and give them to him then. Maybe with a really nice spice rack, lol. Any ideas on new or unusual spices to try??

    1. I love cardamom. Perfect in sweet or savoury dishes. There are plenty of websites available for buying spices or maybe enquire around your local restaurants for cheaper sources? How about growing his own herbs?

  30. so, my therapist assigned me to do one thing at a time and this is SO SO HARD. its 8am and i have failed like 5 times.

  31. Well, I finally got round to going through Mum’s jewellery. No point putting it off any further. Amazingly, almost half of it was either presents from me or stuff she’d pinched from me. A few nice pieces, her wedding ring & that of her mother’s and the rest can go to charity.

    1. It’s nice you have her wedding band…here’s why I don’t have my Mom’s: my parents divorced in 1978, when I was 13. It all ended in a fight where they both threw their wedding rings at each other. I picked them up and took them to a pawn shop and sold them for cash, lolol!! Yep, I was not a sentimental kid!! I knew my parents were hopeless together…

    2. Nice you will have her wedding ring – when my parents passed I had my dad’s sized for me and kept it safe – then mum passed and added hers to my box.. after husband passed I had them all..My left hand is very interesting ring finger 3 – middle finger 1 band. right hand engagement ring re-set with my mums added….sounds crazy but I needed everyone with me!

  32. One gate done and only lol a few more to go.. not today.. figuring out right now what to do to keep me out of trouble today!

  33. today is going very well. a friend caught a much-needed break in healthcare costs and it’s such a relief. thanks

  34. Went to the store, still a lot of empty shelves, I’m so tired of this virus, our store was giving the N95 masks which was nice.

  35. I didn’t count my chickens before they hatched, but today they hatched and I got 500 chickens from UPS. Well, not exactly chickens but dollars from Farm Star Living. I got the email that I had won on January 4th and I was pretty sure it was legit, but wasn’t counting my chickens….

  36. My day has been a super busy one. I dropped my female kitten off at the vet today to be spayed and I don’t pick her up until tomorrow morning. I sat down to take a break and realized that I miss her!

  37. Today is different than expected. Plans made a month ago had to be cancelled so that leaves time for something else. Thank you.

  38. I swear I get more scammer calls than I ever thought possible. And I’m one of those people who can’t just let the phone ring, even if it says ‘telemarketer’ on the ID, lol. I was raised better than that, as my Mom would say…not answering the phone is rude. Geeze. I think I need to be ruder.

  39. I seem to have come to a full stop as regards packing. In fact I’ve hardly done anything since the weekend.

  40. My day has just started. I am heading to dialysis today. I had a hard time getting up. I didn’t sleep well.

  41. Its still early but looks like a super relaxing day on the couch. I will be drinking lots of tea with honey & lemon though to fight off the crud in my chest.

  42. It is a very bright sunny hot day so perfect to paint.. Have to scrap then paint one of the gates.. Poor Delilah hates these times she can’t run around the patio then plop!

  43. I’m trying to cut way back on carbs to lose the last of this weight and have that surgery this Spring. I want it done and the physical therapy done during the warm months!! No limping around in the snow, lol. But man, I love carbs, lol.

  44. My day is going pretty good so far. Having problems with the giveaway widget not showing the twitter button like it did before so I am having to copy and paste the tweet into twitter hope that is ok. I have no idea what happened overnight to the giveaway form it’s not just your site it is others too who use this widget. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and they will have it fixed.

  45. Sorted classes out so I am ready to start in middle February…I need to organize all the outside/garden work to coincide with my class schedule – I won’t be outside as much…Really excited about this..today I begin by bathing the pooch then re-organizing outside work details….

    1. That sounds exciting! Do you feel like a schoolgirl again, buying notebooks and folders? That was my favorite part of school, lol. Buying new stuff was fun.

  46. Wasn’t too bad until this evening when I had to pick up my son after dark in the snow. Thankfully I was able to drive the main roads and a few side streets. I really don’t like driving in the snow after dark.

  47. Did a couple of errands including a stop at the library for a book I’ve been on hold for for 6 months. (in fairness to the library it only came out this month – so I got it very fast)

  48. My day is going fast for sure today. I had a ton of running around to do and just got home. Now time to relax and enjoy the evening.

  49. Starting off this Monday with my new way of moving through this life….After chores I plan on finding out after all these years out of uni how to enroll in a French course. My high school and uni French is very very scattered and I want to do this so badly for me!! UWI has all classes online so I do not have to actually go in and sit with a class of much much younger people…LOL

    1. I’m jealous!! When I was sorting books, I found my VERY OLD High School Freshman French book. You know what I remember from 3 years of French classes?? That very first conversation in the book, lol. I bet it’s been the same for decades… ‘Comment allez vous? and ‘C’est dommage.’ and Je m’appelle Paulette.’ (Our French teacher insisted we all have French names & I guess Tammy just didn’t do it, so I spent 3 years as Paulette in her class!) I bet you have fun with it!!

  50. I thought I would take off the back of the space heater to clean it off–but I never could figure out how to get the screws out. I mean I twisted that screwdriver forever and only 2 would come out…yeah, I gave up.

  51. Good swim with my friend. Then a quick trip to Costco for a couple of things and a roast chicken, which I share with my friend.

  52. I stayed up last night super late. I slept in and then picked up a grocery order and now just relaxing.

  53. I am having a nice quiet Sunday here today. The sky is clear an pretty but it is really cold. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  54. A wonderful relaxing day is beginning…roast going in the oven shortly and a pancake breakfast to make.. then music, and going through old letters and cards that I have saved for many many years – time to throw some of them away….

  55. Today went very well and we got a lot done… Children were helpful with getting things done around the house.

  56. I’ve had a pork roast in the crockpot all afternoon–it smells good. (With onions, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, garlic, etc.) — So, I’ve got that to look forward to. Still cold here. Like a witch’s_____, well, you might know how that ends if you had a Dad like mine, lol.

  57. Well, I woke up in a dandy mood this morning but it has all gone downhill since then. Having computer issues too today which is driving me to drink lol.

  58. I’m back to getting up at 6:30 a.m to take my son to work again. He has yet another problem with his truck. Hopefully this is the last week and last 100s of dollars worth of parts.

  59. I decided to go through my clothes again & took 1/3rd to a charity shop & recycling. Who knew I had 12 pairs of black tights (pantyhose) and 14 black bras? Fine for when I was doing 9 performances in a row but haven’t done that since March 2020 when we first went into lockdown so out they go!

  60. Re-thinking my daily work habits and making some changes…how many projects I do that are self imposed and not really what I truly want – change is always good…Uranus is in direct motion and Mercury is Rx so the perfect time to go over – research and re-think….Happy Saturday!

    1. Yeah! Make more time for yourself at last. Life’s so bloody short, it’s time to do what makes you happy.

    2. Sounds good to me!! I’ve been looking at all the stuff I waste time on that just bore me or depress me or even harm me. Changes are necessary sometimes, much as I hate them, lol.

  61. Back on antibiotics. Looks like the last UTI wasn’t really completely gone, so I’ll do another round. Oh well. At least we found an antibiotic I’m not allergic to!

      1. Me too, lol!! Some days I feel like I’m just always fighting a losing battle. You know how people get sick and never really get better, they just slowly get worse?? I’ve found myself wondering if I’m that person. Am I fighting a battle I can’t win? Well…what other choice do we have, other than to just keep on fighting?

    1. Aw hell. Drink plenty. Some recommend cranberry juice – doesn’t work for me, lemon in hot water does. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is get better soon!

      1. Cranberry juice has never really worked for me either… I just have to take the antibiotics, I guess. At least we seem to have found one that I’m not allergic to!

  62. Had a lovely massage at the massage school. Even the snow didn’t stop me, though I came home right afterwards.

  63. My day is going pretty good today. I got out of the house super early to get my grocery shopping done before the weekend and I was able to avoid the masses. Now I am home and taking a break for a while.

    1. That was the first thing I saw when I turned on the computer this morning. I remember buying Bat Out of Hell. I really liked his music.

    2. I still remember when I first hear Two Out of Three… got in the car and book the album immediately. Spent the afternoon yesterday listening to all the albums then watching the concert footage and videos..His music brings me back…..

      1. Me too. Takes me back to the ’70’s. Bat Out Of Hell was one of the albums I had that went missing when we moved in the ’90’s. I loved his almost operatic style!

  64. Sky is dark and the rain is falling – planning on making a savoury plantain pie then who knows? Maybe I will take the day off again!

    1. I don’t know why people don’t make more savory pies. I mean pot pies are such a classic comfort food…and have you ever tried one of those tomato pies, with lots of great cheese??? So good!!

  65. Good swim today. Then a stop at Sprouts for some groceries. It was very busy. King Soopers workers are still on strike.

  66. It looks nice and sunny outside…but then you open the door and get hit by freezing temps, lol. The tweet button on the form is still missing for me, lol–I’ve been just copying/pasting the tweet and it works so no big deal, I guess…

  67. I have had a very relaxing day and my body is thanking me! Made some baked ziti and told my husband that’s lunch/dinner. I needed this break!

  68. My day has gone fine so far. I made some greeting cards with a wintery animal theme. We are supposed to get a little more snow tonight.

  69. My day is going pretty good so far just staying home today and doing some work around the house. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  70. I’ve spent the day taking down Mum & Dad’s tvs and wall brackets then the clearing up. Also washed Dad’s old coat. It’s lovely, about 60 years old, with a fleece inside. He grew out of it years ago but kept it (of course) and I’ll wear it now.

  71. Out to the shoppes early this morning – last stop the post …Home by half 9 and decided to take the day off…watered the garden and that was that.. been sitting here doing nothing but enjoying the day reading emails and listening to great music …I wish everyone here as pleasant a day as I…

  72. My husband and I butted heads earlier. Not an argument but physically. I don’t know what happened because it was over quickly. I have a black eye and he escaped unharmed. Just goes to show what a hard head he has.

  73. Today’s high was 32 degrees just after midnight. Been downhill since then, current temp 20 degrees with all the roads and sidewalks covered in ice. Freezing drizzle all morning and afternoon. I’m just staying home and keeping warm.

  74. i slept in this morning, and when I got up discovery water was off. But within a hour it was on so that was good. Nice quite relaxed day

  75. Pretty quiet day today. Ran a few quick errands. My husband has been complaining of having chills. Hope he’s not getting sick. I’ve done everything to keep the germs away! I even spray Lysol and wipe things down after company leaves…not that we get many visitors but when we do I play it safe.

  76. My day is going pretty good today it is really nice out here. I am sticking close to home as the Covid-19 cases are up 237% in our state the highest ever recorded since it all started.

  77. The dentist check up went fine, just a tiny repair to an old filling & no injection needed. When I got back a colleague from the Special School where Mum and I taught rang for over an hour. Haven’t seen her since Mum’s funeral.

  78. Sitting here trying to figure out if I want to make lists for my shopping tomorrow or take the tree saw out and handle an unruly tree…I think Iwill have another coffee and ponder this.. lol

  79. Finished shelving books. Started having stomach spasms which hasn’t happened in a while–it’s a left over issue from when I had sepsis, but it had pretty much cleared up. Luckily, it passed in about an hour, so not too bad.

  80. It was a good day. Hubby made a big cookie from a sugar cookie mix. Just one biggie. I should keep him out of the kitchen.

  81. Made a quick trip to Safeway. Would have gone to King Soopers but the workers are on strike and I will not cross the picket line.
    And yes, the tweet button is not showing up for me either. It’s like that on a couple of other sites, but not all.

  82. My day is going just ok so far. I had some running around to do this morning and now just getting back home and taking a little break. It is super cold here sure wish we would get some rain at least.

  83. After yesterdays marathon shovel fest today I’m relaxing on the couch. I know I should go shovel the drifts in case I actually get mail that doesn’t fit in the mailbox but my sciatic is telling me to take a break or pay the piper! Yesterday was super bad but had no choice.

  84. These are pretty earrings: Huggie Earrings with White Diamonds that cost $480 for the pair. They also sell single earrings.

  85. My day is going fine. It is a great day so far. We still have plenty of snow around and people are just staying indoors if they can.

  86. It’s a bit of a blah day so far: grey skies = grey mood! Plus I’ve just remembered I’ve a dentist check-up in the morning.

  87. My to-do list today isn’t too long mainly raking and taking vines off bushes and trees on the road side outside the wall/fence….when it isn’t too much the job goes quickly…

  88. Am I the only one who doesn’t see the Tweet button to tweet the Twitter entry, lol??? Oh, well. I’ve just had a rest day. I’m tired and achy from unboxing, sorting, shifting, shelving books for the last three or four days.

  89. Really hard frost last night so fed the birds first thing. It’s so funny watching them with the cat. He never chases them when they’re on ‘his patch’ but the bigger ones stay away & that lets the robins & other small ones get their full.

  90. We got snow! Lots of it! Not sure how much but more than six inches! Had to go out early to shovel and clean off car so I could pick my son up for work. Driving wasn’t too bad thanks to 4WD but still kind of slick underneath. I’m hoping he gets out of work before dark because I’m anxiety ridden driving in this as it is! Pretty sure I will be shoveling at least once more today.

  91. Wound up doing laundry yesterday and pressing – started my down time by late afternoon so I have decided to take today off!! Leftovers for lunch and reading and music!

  92. My day is going just so so today guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today but I am trying to turn it around lol.

  93. I am feeling really stressed, honestly. My husband is sick and I am far behind on work from taking care of everyone.

  94. Freezing cold today but it’s dry so I’ll do a bit of tidying up outside. Other than that, still packing bits & bobs and sorting stuff for donating.

  95. Sunday glorious Sunday! Steady slow rain, a cup of coffee and just sitting in the gallery – eventually I must get up and make breakfast!

  96. A positive day – the clouds cleared away and the sun was just wonderful. It was warm and a great day to get out an ‘play’.

  97. Sorted through another three or four boxes of books today. I’m being brutal about which ones I want to keep and which ones I can donate. If I probably won’t read it again, it goes. I’m still left with more books than shelf space, lol. And I have books doubled up on every shelf… I might have a problem.??

  98. Today was a busy day. I went grocery shopping. Then I bought my bundles of paper products at Costco and filled up my Camry. Then on the way home I stopped and got pizza.

  99. My day is going nice and quiet so far knock on wood. I am just taking it easy today. I did a ton of running around yesterday and I am still totally spent just taking is easy for the rest of the weekend.

    1. I can see the street and parking area for the apartment building from where I sit in the living room, and I have developed way too much of an interest in people coming and going…I’m like a watch dog, my ears perk up and I think ‘oh, people…and they’re going out…to an actual public place…where there might be other people!’–And I’m not even a people-person, lol!!!

  100. My day is just starting but we have wind chill warning all day so looks like I’ll just stay hunkered down. I do know I have to get bundled up and start the car & let it run a few minutes. I’ll do that when I have to check the mail.

  101. Dreary rainy day – perfect for baking – something simple rustic – finishing up the apples and pears in the frig..

  102. I am enjoying a nice relaxing day watching it snow. My son finally has his truck running again so its relieved a lot of stress for now.

  103. Today is a very hard day for my family. We have all worked so hard to keep covid out of our lives. Covid finally caught up with our family and claimed the life of a member that has been fighting cancer for 3 years. Hold your loved ones tight and always tell them you love them.

  104. The day is going well. Hubby is vacuuming; my most dreaded chore in the house. I am getting a blood test, later.

  105. What a blooming mess! My sister’s dog had walked, jumped & pulled apart my pots of bulbs etc. Anyway, managed to sort them out & re-arranged them so that the dog can snuffle in between them. She may have been chasing a mouse (or worse) & she is a springer spaniel so it’s her nature.

  106. Time to wind down for the coming weekend….My only must today is turning the compost and spreading the driest in my garden…I will probably find more to do but as of now that is about it! Happy weekend to all…

  107. I spent another day sorting books and shelving them. At least I’m making headway. I’ve emptied a few boxes completely and rearranged the living room shelves. (It had books on it, just not the ones I wanted.)

  108. My day ended on a good note. After two weeks of getting up at 6 a.m to take my son to work then waiting until after 5 p.m to pick him up he finally got the last part for his truck and its back running! I don’t know how much more my poor body could take but I do know I need to be looking into finding something more comfortable for my car seat when driving!

  109. Good swim with friends. But I overdid it a bit and my knee is yelling at me. OK, so 3 times a week may be too much. Back to just twice a week for a while.

  110. My day has been an exhausted one. I had to take my husband’s to his doctor today. They tried to get his blood pressure down and on top of that he’s a diabetic. But finally they brought it down. Thankful he is okay now. Hope to have a better day tomorrow.

  111. My day is going pretty good just staying home and being quiet today and avoiding the crowds and covid out there.

  112. I’m going down to my sister’s house later to check on all my outdoor pots/plants that we moved there a month ago. She’s pretty hopeless when it comes to plants & her dog is very energetic – just hope they’re ok!

  113. An easy peasy ay today – starting flower seeds and doing some transplants. the rest of the day I see playing with the pooch!

  114. I’ve been sorting books. Finally. It’s a time consuming job. Drag boxes out of closet, try to separate them, drag them, bit by bit into the living room for this shelf—or drag them into the bedroom for those shelves, In a wheelchair, lol. It’s frustrating how life slows down in a wheelchair. There is no fast speed for me. But it does motivate me to drop these last few pounds for that knee replacement!!

    1. When I was in a w/chair I used an old hostess trolley to move things around inside. Any chance you could pick one up cheaply?

  115. My day is going pretty good found out for sure last night that my kitten is a little girl not a little boy so I am trying to find just the right name all over again.

  116. My day wasn’t too bad. Took my mom to run errands. Plus we picked up some cbd gummies to see if it helps with her hip pain at night. Can’t wait until they start elective surgeries again. Poor mom has had this operation postponed 3 times since the pandemic started.

  117. Picking basil this morning for pesto – then i have to take all the glassware out of the buffet wash and put it back – at night when the light inside is one you can see how dusty the glasses are!

    1. AGAIN Michele you have so much more energy than I do. On that dusting note; if The Husband continues to write notes in the dust I WILL be borrowing the back hoe and digging a big ole hole in the ground. (I am sorta just kidding)

  118. My day went pretty good. Thought I would get a day to rest but ended up shopping for my mother in law. Only an hour out of my day. Came home and took and hour and a half nap.

  119. My day is going pretty good just doing some stuff around the house today and hunting down a giveaway that I won two months ago on another blog.

  120. Up early again. I don’t understand how I can still be tired after 8 hours sleep but I am. What I really need is to get out in the fresh air but it’s too wet.

  121. I didn’t have a great start to my day. Went to leave for dialysis and my car was stuck in the ice. I had to call for a ride and was late

  122. It has been a crazy day for me. My kitten which I thought was little boy went in to heat a couple of days ago and so now I am thinking that I have a little girl kitty but still not sure yet.

  123. Went to Costco for roast chicken and a few other things that were on sale. Sunny skies and 55 degrees. Still snow lumps on the side streets.

  124. My day has been rough. Lots of miscommunication. I’m really hoping my son gets his truck fixed tonight or tomorrow. This getting up at 6 a.m & waiting til he is off work is wearing on me. Mainly because the muscle relaxer I need to take makes me sleepy & I can’t take it when I really need it. Patches and roll on lidocaine eases it but I really need to relieve the stress.

  125. It is SUCH a monday around here. looks like we are home n isolation all week because a kid in my older ones class got covid and we are being safe.

  126. Woke up at 3:45 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep. Sent hubby off to work and starting to get sleepy now. Will probably go back to bed.

  127. Serious work today – sand papering then giving the back door a new coat of stain/varnish – then the same to the gallery screen door and all wooden areas…

  128. My day went fine as I was tired with the gloomy cold weather. I could of took a long nap today but didn’t.

  129. Good swim with my friend. Then a stop at King Soopers to pick up my curb side delivery. I will be going to a different store during the strike.

  130. My day is going pretty good. We were supposed to get a lot of freezing rain but looks like not as bad as predicted. Although its raining now & will be dark soon and temps drop I’m hoping it will be ok. Still have to pick son up from work. Why couldn’t his truck break down during the summer?

  131. So, it rained all night and most of the day here. So, no more snow. Now we have very soggy grass and mud. Great. This has been the rainiest Winter I’ve ever seen. And several of those rains have turned into storms. Just weird KY weather/

  132. My day is getting a little stressful and it is only Noon. My male kitty just went into heat and I can’t get him in to the vet to get fixed until the 26th because they are all booked up. I am so called their office tomorrow morning I am already on the cancellation list but we need to go this week. Ahh… being a pet parent has its challenges that is what I keep telling myself today.

  133. Good Morning! It’s Sunday so church today then some grocery shopping to get ready for the new week.

  134. My day is going fine so far. We are going to gave a nice breakfast. The temperature is 39 degrees – a warmer day for us.

  135. I’m giving all the houseplants a shower today to dust them – let them drain off in the bath & they should be fine. Usually do it outside later in the year, but all the shifting furniture & sorting stuff has created a lot of dust.

  136. I have 6 loads of laundry to do and already got 2 done – all the drapes, curtains and comforters from the holidays…When all hung up I plan on a restful music filled day!

  137. Not too bad of a day until I started feeling sick. Supper didn’t turn out as planned but my hubby was ok with it. Expecting freezing rain overnight & I’m wondering if its my anxiety kicking in knowing I have to drive in it to take my son to work & its going to be worse by the time I have to pick him up.

  138. Ty for opportunity to win a gift card. I have entered hundreds of swweps way before Christmas so I hope to win at least once. Happy New Year.

  139. It is cold, cold, cold!! Still snow covering all the grass, but the streets are pretty much clear, and the sidewalks are okay, too, except for some slick patches., Thursday was my birthday and my brother’s gift to me was sen ding me the men u of a local restaurant and saying ‘pick what you want and I’ll set up a pick-up on my day off’–so I told him the catfish basket (catfish & fries) and some fried pickles. Hmm. Does that sound very Kentucky???? LOL. Well, that’s my idea of fine dining! So, I have that to look forward to!

    1. Ew! Catfish? Well, any kind of fish really! Do they serve it with the head on? Those tendril sticky-out things? Now, fried pickles? Never even heard of that but I do have a jar of pickles and a frying pan …

      1. Lol, no I don’t eat fish with the head still on, lol. Or with any ‘skin’ still on. Catfish is just fileted and then dipped in batter and fried, usually, though you can bake it. The restaurant serves it in a basket with fries, sort of like fish and chips in the UK. (In Ireland too???) Fried pickles are cut in slices, dipped in batter and fried, too. You’ll notice fried is a theme here? Yeah, that’s what I can’t have on a diet, so that’s my treat, lol!!

  140. My day is going pretty good so far. It is like a spring day here cold but still really pretty it’s hard to believe we were snowbound a week ago.

  141. My day is great. I have been having bad hair days and don’t want to go places to get it cut. I ordered Velcro rollers (haven’t used them in years) and used them for today and I love how my hair turned out. With a birthday tomorrow I’m feeling good about my last day of this age.

  142. I am looking forward to having an important medical prescription filled today, it’ been delayed for more than a week now.

  143. So far so good however I did just roll out of bed a few minutes ago. Hopefully will be a good day as I have alot planned.

  144. So far so good! Other than the fact that we’ve been snowed in for 2 days and it’s 15 degrees…ugh I’m not a huge fan and we aren’t used to this kind of weather. Hopefully we can dig our way out in a day or so.

  145. Outside this morning to do some re-potting then fancy holiday drapes and curtains come down and new ones go up…better get a move on…

  146. My day is going fine so far. It is early and the temperature is 22 degrees. It is supposed to warm up to 42 degrees later today.

  147. I stopped entering competitions at the start of the year just because there’s so much stuff to do with the house sale. I now have a couple of hours ‘extra’ each day to myself, get to bed before midnight and am up earlier. I do feel the benefits physically & get better quality sleep. When I started comping I used to win around $100 a month but lately nowhere near that & with the exchange rate it’s just not worth it. Still do online surveys though; last year earned over €800 in cash & gift cards that I use for my groceries and I bought a laptop for myself at Christmas to use when everything’s in storage!

    1. I stopped doing blog giveaways a year or so ago (except this one because I like it, lol.) It just took too much of my time! I still take a bout 15 minutes most days and hit a few big sweeps–and win a few now and then.

  148. Today was a dialysis day. I picked up a grocery order on my way home and then visited with my daughter and granddaughter

  149. It has been snowing all day, making the outdoors very quiet. Kind of eerie but the day went well regardless.

  150. My day is going just fine. Trying to stay warm and keeping busy entering sweepstakes. I live a very exciting and interesting life lol

  151. Good swim at the pool. Finally got myself up and out and swimming. Sun is shining and it almost got to 60 degrees after yesterday’s high of 23.

  152. My day has been super busy so far. I have been dealing with a naught kitten today and I also had a lot of running around to do today.

  153. It snowed last night! Well, perhaps a 1/4 inch!!! All gone now of course, just as well as I have to take the cat into town for his booster. I’ll do a click & collect of groceries as well. Still no news on the house sale but the first snowdrop is up!

  154. Well glad that I did all my shopping yesterday and can begin this morning to take down the trees and the decorations.. need happy peppy music to do this – get really sad when I see all the holly go!

  155. My day is going fine so far. It is in the wee hours of the morning. All is quiet and dark and I hear a train whistle in the distance.

  156. It’s been a busy day with work and taking care of a couple of loved ones who haven’t been feeling real well lately, but not a bad day. I’m looking forward to the weekend, even though I have a shift on Sunday.

  157. Snowing. Cold. So, I’m staying inside, watching TV, messing around online. Reading gossip magazines, lol. In other words, nothing productive!

  158. I had a pretty good day. I was able to take a nap. I’ve been getting up at 6 a.m to take my son to work & picking him up after 5 p.m which has been putting us a few hours behind dinner time.

  159. Sigh. Wind chill is not as cold as Wendy. Only -4. My swim friend called and said she wasn’t going to the pool today so I didn’t either.

  160. Off to do my monthly groceries…bulk store, grocery, hardware, post office and finally the plant shop.. Hopefully back home by half 2…

  161. Happy Women’s Christmas everyone! The day when us hardworking, under-appreciated women take time for themselves. Of course it’s raining & Omicron rates are high so that’ll mean staying in on my own again! Anyway, still plenty of paperwork to sort through & pack/shred.

  162. I went to dialysis today. we have a Winter storm coming through tonight through tomorrow bringing 3 to 8 inches of snow.

  163. I’m freezing. It’s definitely gotten colder these last few days. It’s just below freezing out there and supposed to start snowing tomorrow.

  164. Went out to do errands early so I could get back home before the snow. Good for me! It is now snowing and blowing with slick roads. 10 degrees with wind chill of -5

  165. My day is going super good and super fast today. I had a ton of running around town to do and I just got home. It was so nice to get and and about after being snowbound for the entire holiday season!

  166. I had a very long and exhausting day! Took care of everybody and now I’m taking care of myself with a hot cup of tea!

  167. Having a crummy day. When you dream about your teeth falling out it’s always a bad sign.
    Learned about a hour ago my neighbor is deciding to put a fence up because she wants a new dog.
    I hate fences~ we have bushes between the property to divide the yards.

  168. Frost on the ground, sun shining, hungry birds and so much bloody work to be done. Might just have a mug of tea and think about something else instead!

  169. I have to get motivated to get up and start taking slowly of course all the holiday decorations…one tree at a time….

  170. Sometimes, getting anything done around here is like pulling teeth. For the most part, until I can have that knee surgery, I am in a wheelchair. It is impossible for me to get to the mailboxes here. The law says every one has a right to have access to their mailbox, so the apartment complex either needed to repair the wheelchair access sidewalks that are too damaged to safely use or allow me to place a wall mailbox just outside my door. They said the wall mailbox is the way to go. Fine. I bought the mailbox and it has been sitting on a table here for over a month waiting for them to install it (my brother was ready to do it, but the apartment owners insist their guys do it.) So, I’ve called and emailed twice. Now, I guess, I have to start getting difficult (nagging, lol???)– well, fortunately, I can do that. It seems that nobody does anything until they actually start to be annoyed by you, lol.

    1. Gawd, how this little things annoy me! Well, they’ve met their match in you. You’re some woman for one woman, as we say here!

  171. I had planned to go out and do a few errands. Didn’t make it out of the house. Now I’ll have to do them tomorrow before the snow starts.

  172. My day is going pretty good been busy doing stuff around the house today and laundry. I am excited that we are getting some rain this week and it is warming up a little bit.

  173. My day could be better. My son ordered parts for his truck in hopes to finally get it fixed. Supposedly FedEx delivered them last night. Walked all over last night , this morning AND this afternoon asking neighbors. No one has seen them. He can’t start a claim until tomorrow & is extremely upset & I can’t blame him.

  174. My day is going fine so far. I am making some white bean and ham soup in the slow cooker. We had a little snow yesterday and a little of it is still hanging around.

  175. Today started out well with a bright, sunny day. It is really cold out there, though. ‘Bundle up’ is the phrase of the day.

  176. Dreamt of my husband last night but before I could ask him his opinion on my future plans I woke up!! Have to try again…The opinion counts but I am still moving forward…

  177. Just been out feeding the birds. It froze hard last night and now I’m debating whether to shower now or later. Later won by a mile – too snug in my pjs!

  178. How did it get to be 2022??? Seriously, I feel like we jumped from about 2003 to 2022. I don’t know if I remember a bloomin’ thing in between, lol. I mean 2022. That sounds like something from a futuristic sci-fi movie.

  179. My day has gone ok. Got a little snow but not much which is crazy for new york! My son was expecting a package from Amazon and FedEx says they delivered it but after a half hour walking around the house & shining flashlight on neighbors porches its no where to be found.

  180. My day is going pretty good just got done getting some firewood in for the evening and boy is it raining out there! I mean it is raining cats and dogs out there it is such a blessing we so needed this snow and rain in our area.

  181. There’s a big funeral in the village. At least it’s not raining. The old man died suddenly on New Year’s Eve. The Church service is restricted to family only, of course, but I can hear the graveyard blessings from my doorstep. Just watching the cat going up & down the hill checking out everyone!

  182. I swear I have dropped every single thing I’ve picked up today!! I even dropped a bowl with dry Jello gelatin in it…man that stuff goes everywhere and it’s like grit when you walk on it. It doesn’t matter how much you sweep— you have to get out the mop. At least I hadn’t added water yet. That would’ve been a real mess!

  183. All in all my day has gone well. Hubby made pasta for dinner. I watched the new movie about Lucille Ball on streaming television.

  184. I am so happy that you are continuing your blog I am so addicted to it. I look forward to reading your posts and love your Instagram so so much. Oh my day is going pretty good just got home from doing some grocery shopping it felt SO GOOD to get out of the house. I have been snowed in for the past TEN days I was staring to crack lol.

  185. Here we are starting a new year. We had some washer disfunction this morning. It can only improve from here.

  186. Tamra just messaged me to say you’re staying put for now. Now that’s the best news to start the New Year with!!! Thanks, Connie xxx

  187. Connie thank you! It may be raining outside but I am smiling in here..All the best to you in the New Year…

  188. I am so glad to see your blog still going. I took my decorations down today and watched my grandsons for a while.

  189. You just brightened my day with an email, lol. I was so down about PB & Whine possibly being gone that I had avoided even checking. Then I saw an email from PB & Whine & saw your post!! Now, how many people can say someone was actually glad to get an email from them, lolol??? You can!!

      1. I decided to let you and Kate know when I saw neither of you had commented on the post, lol. I thought you might have been like me, sort of down and just afraid to check and see if it was here. ?

  190. The first day of the year is going well. Happy to hear that you are continuing the giveaway. The decorations will keep you in the holiday spirit long after the snow has melted.

  191. Connie, I am so happy that you are continuing your blog. I just checked Sandpoint weather and you are 5 degrees warmer than me in Denver. 15 for you, 10 for me. I am just staying in and keeping warm.

  192. Happy New Year to you. I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw your blog was still up today and you are doing another giveaway made my day. I was thinking with all of your followers maybe a company could sponsor your giveaways from now on?

  193. My day is going fine so far. Happy 2022, everyone! I am glad you have decided to continue – hopefully through the entire year and more!

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