$50 Your Way May 2022 Giveaway!

May $50 Giveaway

Happy May Little Peanuts! I am so ready for some sunshine. Idaho can’t decide if it wants to snow, rain, or just be gloomy. So much so that it will do it all at the SAME TIME!! I am ready for some hiking and kayaking.

April wasn’t exactly a great month for The Husband! First a nasty MS attack that put him back in a wheelchair. Add insult to injury The Husband was diagnosed with Wet Macular Degeneration which requires a SHOT IN THE EYE!! WITH a NEEDLE!! Of course, I filmed the whole thing and sent it to our kids. They both agreed that I should feel free to NEVER share that again. LIKE EVER. In very strong language. Geesh!! Try and be a great Mom and keep the kids updated with our lives and this is the thanks I GET!?!?!  Kate, when you asked for a proof that George was alive and kicking on Instagram I ALMOST, almost posted that video. But, I figured that would be a tad traumatic for some followers.

On a lighter note we have a lot of traffic jams up on the mountain. And little critters that are digging holes, LIKE to the CENTER of the EARTH deep holes around the house.  Should we start a pool to see how long before the house goes WHOOOMP and disappears to China?

May $50 Giveaway

Okay for the REAL reason that you are here!


This is the same remainder of this post is the exact same spiel that I add every single month.

I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you every day. I am blown away by your support!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This month’s giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements are always appreciated!!

GOOD LUCK Little Peanuts!!

228 thoughts on “$50 Your Way May 2022 Giveaway!

  1. More rain here today, and tornado watches. It’s that time of year. For the most part we weren’t in the worst of it today, though.

  2. did a little shopping when checking out I asked the woman in front of me if she had coupons and she said no. So I gave her $5 of $25 she was so happy

    decided to take a nap and my great niece (5) and her grandma stopped by for a little bit.

  3. My day is going just so so today but I am trying to turn it around. Going to get busy doing a project to keep my mind busy and off of other issues today.

  4. I’ve made an appointment to visit the house tomorrrow afternoon. I plan on doing an inventory of what’s left by the vendor, measure windows so I can see if my curtains will fit etc. On the way back I’m planning a walk through the nearest town to see what’s what. Sooner I move in the better as I’d rather spend the cost of accommodation, cattery & furniture storage on the new house.

  5. My day is going fine. The day is supposed to be sunny. I might make some chili for a meal today.

  6. Rainy day. Is it just my imagination or does it always rain on days when we bury a family member?? My aunt was buried today. I didn’t get to go because it’s a few hours away and my brother drives a big pick-up so I can’t get in & out of that. he & his wife did go, though, and he took a family heirloom that I intended to give to my aunt next time we were able to actually meet because I knew she wanted to pass it on to her daughter & great granddaughter and great-great…yes, her line already goes that far. My Mom had the old biscuit mixing bowl their grandmother used when they were kids and after she died my aunt had asked if I cared if she took it. I didn’t mind at all because I think family treasures like that should be with people who actually have an attachment to them–and I have no one to leave it to. My brother brought me a rose from her casket and her memoriam card–and he said my cousin (my aunt’s only daughter) instantly knew what bowl it was. My aunt had told her stories about it.

  7. Well, the surveyor’s report arrived & has shown up some things that I wasn’t aware of but after a bit of a panic and a deep breath I re-read it. The work is do-able and needn’t be done before I move in so I can spread the cost a bit. I’ve re-done my figures to allow for things like replacing the boiler and it’s going to be tight but it will be mine. Over to the legal eagles now to check boundaries, deed titles and so on. Oh, and I’ve got a National Monument in the next field! It’s a small Bronze Age Hill Fort and dates from approx 2500BC to 500BC. There’s lots of them in this particular area but I hadn’t realised the were protected by law.

    1. There are always surprises on those darn inspections!! I’m glad it’s going to be doable because I feel like you have made a real connection with the home.

  8. My day is going pretty well. Our toilet wasn’t working properly so I watched a video on Youtube and fixed it myself woohoo!!!! Dodged a huge plumber $$$ bill woohoo!!!!!

  9. My day is going fine so far. I had a Greek Chicken Wrap for lunch. I’m cooking a ham bone and beans for dinner.

  10. Our weather is up and down rain and no rain even a little hail thrown in. Today it is trying to get to 60 but looks like rain and that will drop it. My aches and pains are acting up so I am doing a little bit of nothing 🙂

  11. I just noticed that my name on this months comments has a plus sign (+) between the first & last name, lol. It’s on several people’s comments, too. Strange. I checked the comment form and sure enough it’s on there, so I removed the plus sign. I wonder how that happened?? Anyway, not much going on around here. The dang apartment maintenance guy had to take down the bird’s nest on my porchlight because management deemed it a fire risk. Huh??? A little bird’s nest on a metal porchlight on a brick building? He hasn’t been able to take down the one on the downspout, though because the bird is in it a lot, clearly has already laid her eggs, and has a hissy fit when he gets near, lol. You go girl!!

  12. I got 4 of my planters planted, one of the gardens cleaned out and more, a very productive day.

  13. It was absolutely bucketing down today so I didn’t go to the house. The surveyor’s report is due tomorrow, then contract signing. Another couple of weeks, fingers crossed, and I’ll be a homeowner.

  14. It has been one wacky morning that’s for sure seems like things are a little off today. I had some good news this morning so things are turning around a little.

  15. Yesterday began the 2022 rainy season – here we go again! today I have to start varnishing the gallery..slowly but surely I will get the inside wood done….

  16. It was a good day, and we were able to begin the work in the gardens. Yard. Chicken coop. Goat pen. It was very busy.

  17. Got up early after not enough sleep, so I’m draggy today. But I’ll get my 2nd win around bedtime, lol.

  18. My day is going well and a little too fast. Just now making dinner. What would I do without leftovers? Then it is off to grocery shopping.

  19. The building surveyor is checking the property tomorrow so I’m going to drive over to have a chat with him & do an inventory of what’s left in the house, measure windows for curtains etc. Just got an email from the cattery – Idris is fine but down in the dumps – don’t blame him!

      1. Not until the contracts are signed – another couple of weeks 🙁 Then I’ll clean one room for the pair of us & start work.

  20. My day is off to a pretty good start so far. We are having all kinds of phone issues so that has me kind of stressed out.

  21. today is going well. it’s what a family member referred to as a ‘scudsy’ day – overcast, humid, not much air moving. slows one down, so putting one foot in front of the other is the key to crossing things off the to-do list. thanks

  22. Taking another day off today – remnants of last nights eclipse apparent – strong tropical wave approaching originating off the coast of Africa – traveling far to us! wind and heavy rain – looks like a new book to start!

  23. Well, I cleaned the house today. You know, in the way that you only clean when something has happened that fills you with nervous energy and restlessness, and you HAVE to do something, to distract our mind, I guess. I do this when someone dies–and my aunt died Friday, so I’ve basically got a spotless house.

  24. The day was a good day. Why do the days go by so fast? I can never get caught up on my to-do-list.

  25. this day is going well. it’s been very busy with errands outside the place. evening’s for rest. thanks

  26. I am having a nice quiet Sunday hope you are doing the same. We are having some spring like weather here today 76 degrees.

  27. Took my plants out for a drive this afternoon! Other than that, listened to a couple of plays on BBC4 radio.

  28. The day started off by a nice start going to church. Going to pamper myself this afternoon!

  29. Sitting here with my coffee planning my day – nothing on my list but relaxing! music on – breakfast easy – and the dog and cats looking at me to play – what could be better! Happy Sunday all….

  30. I’ve spent most of today cleaning. Mopping, dusting, trying to establish some sort of order around here.

  31. Today is super nice and it is a perfect 70 degrees outside. I had some running around to do today and every one was so nice and happy love days like today.

  32. A beautiful warm day today so I took the houseplants out of the car & gave them a feed and a good shower.

  33. Some days I just feel so lazy!! If I want to do something I do if not just stay home. Made a pasta salad this morning, read a little and took a long nap.

  34. Beautiful sunny day – running outside to water the garden and do some flower transplants – also zucchini and cucumber transplants.. then back inside – eclipse weekend!

  35. Crazy day. I went to the grocery earlier, came home and thought it would be a quiet evening. Then my brother called and I found out my aunt Jean, my Mom’s sister has died. She wasn’t doing great but we all thought she was getting better. So, now we all have that strange, unsettled feeling you get when someone close has died.

    1. I saw this earlier – such sad news, Tamra. Please convey my condolences to the whole family.

      1. I will Kate. Thanks. She was the last of Mom’s sisters–their much younger sister died when she was young (I was just a few years younger than her) in a car accident.

  36. We had 7 yards of black dirt dumped in the driveway and my husband & I moved it to the gardens, I’m so tired.

  37. nice quiet day got a lot done a little at a time also finished a book ready to start another

  38. It’s not going as I wanted. There’s a massive power outage so I’m trying to figure out how to keep family and food safe.

  39. Today is going really well. I’m finding what I need when I need it and that really helps. The sun’s out and it warms the place up, reducing the need for using heating.

  40. Happy Friday 13th! Was doing some typing & getting some emails out – just woke up after a 3 hour nap. My head’s all fuzzy so heading out for some fresh air before it gets dark.

  41. My day is off to a productive start. I have gotten a ton done and it is not even Noon yet woohoo. I love days like this one where it seems I have a ton of energy.

  42. this day is getting better as it goes along. a 6 am spam phone call didn’t start things off well, so there’s a lot of room for improvement. thanks

  43. Ugh, I got up early today after just sleeping a few hours, and I have felt groggy all day, lol. Of course, I’ll be wide awake when it’s time for bed…

  44. Long story short version out to do some shopping……………. car battery dead 2n time in little over a month with a battery that was only 5 months old. AAA took care of the problem pulled the almost new one and replace with a NEW one……………. Happy Happy

    Got shopping done got it in and put the cold stuff away and left rest out. Decided I needed a nap………….. 2 hours later ready to go

  45. My day is going quite well. I’m getting caught up on some chores that were left over from last week.

  46. My day is off to a nice start today. I got caught up on some much needed sleep last night and I feel a lot better today.

  47. the day is going well. it’s a lovely day here. I think Mother Nature has finally decided to stay a while. thanks

  48. My day is going fine so far. I am crossing some things off my to do list. It is 67 degrees now with a high of 69 degrees.

  49. Just had a call from the niece – sis is home & heading to bed. She’s ok but v. sore when the painkillers ease off. All’s looking good that they got everything.

  50. It must be all the Hungarian in me but I am strong and heal pretty fast – went out again yesterday and carefully moved around to do some more cutting – today I am going out again to do some more – this will take me days but I have learned to move a bit slower and more cautiously – all I have left now are the black and blues!

  51. My brother and S-I-L and my doctor want me to get a motorized wheelchair–arguing that it will be easier for me when I go to the grocery, not as exhausting when I have to go to the doctor at a big place like UK and insurance will cover it. All true. But I think it might mean I won’t stay as strong as I have gotten in my arms and core–because as tiring as it is to roll myself around, it also means I’m using my arms and core. And I fear losing any strength. Because I’ve seen what happens when people think they can coast in a health situation. There is no coasting, no saying ‘well, this is good enough. I’ll just accept this.’ You are either trying to get better or you are going to start sliding backward. Maybe there is a wheelchair that is motorized but also just lets you use your arms if you want. There must be, right? Then I could use it if I needed to at a store or clinic or hospital.

    1. Look for one Tamra – that way you can the option you want – there are times when you could really use a chair that is motorized – you need to take care of yourself…

  52. Went to dialysis this morning. I didn’t have the grandbaby until later in the day. It was a nice sunny day today.

  53. Nice day beautiful weather nice breeze coming in my windows. Still working on cleaning out drawers/cabinets one or two a week

  54. My day is going pretty good just got home and am taking a break and resting my tired feet. I did a ton of running around in and out of several stores and I am so tired now.

  55. My day is going fine so far. I am checking a few things off my to do list. Now it is time to fold laundry!

  56. this day is going well. the weather is finally settling on Spring-like conditions. sure makes it easier to be outside. thanks

  57. No news about the house, no news from the sister … sleeping, reading and I’ll go jump in puddles again later.

  58. Out on the land yesterday taking vines off banana and orange trees and yes – a mis-step and I fell into a hole….laughing now but not then! Feeling it today but as my father would say get up – dust yourself off and keep going..( he fell off our roof once and got up and walked away).. so carefully today I am back out there finishing the job….

    1. Holy moly!! Be careful out there! Look up, look down, look all around, lol, before you do anything.

      1. These holes – drains are cut deep ( my husbands work) and after years of not raking they are covered over with bush – I usually take a walking stick and poke as I go BUT lazy lazy with a bucket of shears and a machete and a tree saw – I had no room! LOL

  59. All I have done since I got up is yawn, lol. I need to go to bed early, but I won’t, lol.

  60. Just a regular day nothing good or bad ……………….. BUT I did get my nap in. Tried to tell my great niece (5) she hates taking a nap or just resting your eyes in prek……………………… some day you are going to wish you could take a nap during the day

  61. The sun is out, it’s nearly 80 degrees and I just got my 2 COVID booster – so it’s been a good day!

  62. My day is is a sleepy one didn’t get a lot of sleep light night been taking care of a sick kitty. I am so going to sleep tonight though.

  63. Another day of not doing very much. Waiting on some documents from my solicitor & trying to find a photocopier/scanner in this little town.

  64. the day isn’t going as planned but overall, well. took the bones out for a walk so that’s good, despite the wicked wind and chill. thanks

  65. Reality has set in today – back to work!! spent the w/e watching all my favorite Tennessee Williams movies from the 60’s. love them all – no one writes women better than Williams…a dear friend of mine , gone now, was a waitress in Key West and had great stories of waiting on Williams and Truman Capote.. perfect gentlemen southern charm and Williams was a wonderful tipper!!

  66. Well, yesterday I couldn’t get the blog to load–chrome kept telling me it was not sending a something or other that was what they normally get from PB & Whine. I have no idea why, lol. Anyway, all is normal today. I have an appointment for the white blood cell test the orthopedist wants–the 23rd & 24th–it’s a 2 day thing. The first day, they draw blood and then you come back a few hours later and they inject the blood back into you along with whatever they’ve added to it–then the next day, you come back and they do the scan. I assume the blood has some kind of contrast added so they can see it in the scan. That means 2 days of going to Lexington and back, and the first day will be a full on 6 or 7 hour thing. I’m tired already! Lol.

      1. I know I have to do it, so I will, lol. But the sad fact is I am not back to 100% and I have to admit I am exhausted after having to go somewhere like that. You’d think sitting down all the time would make it easier…but you use your arms a lot and it is tiring.

    1. Just try to go with the flow (yes, I know I should try practising what I preach). Thank goodness you’ve got someone who wants to get to the bottom of your ankle’s woes.

      1. I know. I keep telling myself that after this test, I will definitely know if infection is the culprit. So…it will be worth the trouble.

  67. I had a 2 hour nap and it felt so good. Doing a little bit of ths and nothing of that

  68. 8am woke up … 11am woke up … 1pm woke up & had something to eat … 5.30pm woke up & went for walk … 8pm woke up …

    1. That was me this morning!! Except I had to get up at the 11 wake-up because a text woke me up saying the Walmart delivery person was on his way, lol. So, what’s the story with the house you had your eye on? Are you waiting for word on it or have you decided to move on to a different one?

      1. Contracts are with the legal teams. I’m looking for someone to survey the house (already know it needs the floors replacing in 2 rooms) so it’s more waiting which, as you know, I am just not good at!

  69. this day is going well. another chilly one, though, so had to bundle up before going outside. grateful to have warm clothes and shelter. thanks

  70. My day is going well. The temperature is a nice 77 degrees and it’s sunny. Might be walking the dog, today.

  71. My day is off to a pretty good start. I am sticking around the homestead today getting stuff done and cleaning.

  72. Happy Mothers’ Day to all you Mums in the US. And for all of us who do not have children, Happy Day!!!

  73. My day is going pretty good just had a huge wonderful breakfast of this Mother’s Day. Hope you all have a great day.

  74. the day is going well – the kids are here and baking a special treat for later. hopefully, part of the treat will be cleaning up the kitchen. love ’em regardless. thanks

  75. My day is going fine so far. It is a bit overcast today. There’s a predicted high of 58 degrees.

  76. It’s not going great, to be honest. I got in a stupid fight with my husband and I’m really stressed out.

  77. I had a wonderful afternoon going to lunch and to a shooting range with my daughter and her fiancé for Mother’s Day. I also got some beautiful flowers.

  78. Yesterday was a long one with having to go to UK (Univ. of KY) for a doctor’s appointment–it’s such a huge place that you have to walk a country mile every time you go in there, lol. And it is a trip to Lexington, and when I’m ready to go home, I can’t just get in a car and leave, I have to call the FTSB bus (they accommodate wheelchairs) and wait on them–you never know how long it’ll be. In other words, a long day. The upshot is the orthopedist is concerned it could be infectious arthritis. Meaning it isn’t like my other plain old arthritis, but it’s caused by an infection that ate away at the bone, etc., and caused an arthritic joint. That might explain why it came on all of a sudden in a joint where I had not previously had any arthritis pain. That ankle went from no pain to excruciating in less than 24 hours! And it started right after I first tried completely stopping the antibiotic they had me on long-term for the MRSA. Since then, I’ve tried stopping the antibiotic five times (my infectious disease doctor okayed it) and each time the ankle went ballistic in a few days. It’s possible the Doxycycline is acting as an anti-inflammatory and helping in that way but it would be unusual for it to help that much with arthritis pain alone. So, it could be that it is suppressing infection in the ankle, too. Anyway, first things first: he wants to know if infection is in there. After that, we’ll know what we can do about it.

  79. My day is flying by for sure. Just got home from the store now I am cleaning the house and taking care of a sick kitty.

  80. Went for a long drive today just to blow the cobwebs away! My sister has had her op. & is in recovery.

  81. the day is going well. it’s amazing how much one can get done when it’s a little chilly outside – keeps you moving. thanks

  82. My day has gone fine so far. We had a big rainstorm last night. We are supposed to have more rain today.

  83. It is Mothers Day weekend and I have wonderful memories of my son – buying me roses – taking me to a very posh dinner then the theatre…and my amazing daughter 9 years younger making me cards and spending the day showing me just how wonderful she was – now this same wonderful daughter is giving me the best weekend of my life – sharing her memories of me – I could not be any happier or feel more grateful…

  84. What a day. First I had to go to the doctor and it stormed buckets just as I got home, but of course I got drenched. Ugh, and I have to have a scan on the ankle to be sure there’s no infection. hopefully, there’s not…

  85. Had a busy day great niece (5) spend the day with me. We were busy all day long Its almost 8pm and I am ready for bed 🙂

  86. My day has gone fine so far. I took part in a Mother’s Day tea that was lovely. We had a short but torrential afternoon rain.

  87. My day is going pretty good so far. It is super windy here today so I am praying we don’t lose power.

  88. My sister goes for surgery tomorrow & for some reason I can’t get through to her via landline or mobile (cell). Went for a walk this afternoon soon as it stopped raining & jumped in puddles!

  89. this day has gone well so far. getting lots checked off the to-do list – so grateful. thanks

  90. It has rained all week. And it’s supposed to storm tomorrow, which figures since I have to go to the doctor tomorrow in Lexington…blech. I hate having to go out in the rain. When you’re in a chair, it gets wet and you wind up sitting in a wet chair…I have some rain ponchos that are supposed to cover the chair too, but if the wind bows at all…well, you get the picture. And either way, you’re dealing with overall WETNESS, lol.

  91. Whew, it’s a very windy day out there. So much for the time in the garden. But the day is going well because I can spend more time on my favorite ‘chores’.

  92. My day is going well. I think the thunderstorms are over. My cat can come out of the closet.

  93. More sleep last night and a 2 hour nap this afternoon! Went for a walk and got rained on.

  94. Trying to get all my lists together for my shopping day tomorrow – want to leave around 6am to start with the feed and grain then on to pharmacy and grocery…

  95. My day has gone fine so far. It has been Thursday for just 9 minutes. I’ve been making some greeting card kits for friends to make tomorrow.

  96. Not a lot going on today. I’ve been lazy and draggy today, so nothing going on is fine by me.

  97. took a long walk with my girlfriend today, her smart watch said that we took 17000 steps.

  98. Thanks to the ear plugs I got 10 hours sleep last night and feel so much better today, almost lighter! Bit of a scorcher out there today so I’ll head out for a walk later on. Sent a card to my sis wishing her luck for her op on Saturday.

  99. Another rainy day I really just wanted to wrap up in a blanket and sleep the day away

  100. My day has gone fine so far. I finished reading a book for book club. I will be leading the discussion later this month.

  101. this day is going well – lots of people with whom to connect and success in each case. thanks

  102. I think that Mama bird has finally made headway on her nest. I got worried about it because the wind was nuts today and some was hanging loose, so I took the broom and knocked that bit down–I was thinking maybe I should knock kit down so may e she will start over in a better spot…but, after that part fell, I could see that she has actually got a pretty sound, firm vase up there where the mud is holding it together solidly. I think it’ll hold. It didn’t budge when the broom hit that part. So, she is definitely a robin–they use mud in their nests.

  103. My day has gone fine so far. I had a hamburger for dinner. We bought some fresh strawberries today.

  104. Aches and pains when we have rain but other wise nice quiet day……………. starting to thunder

  105. My day went good, I’m tired though(trouble sleeping) but it was a good day
    I spent time with my mom, I did a workout.

  106. I didn’t fall asleep until 3 am. I woke up at 6 am to watch my grandbaby but he didn’t get here til 830. I could have slept longer.

  107. Today dad has been gone 19 years….Everyday I think of him and what he would comment on .. he was tough believe me.. but the most honourable man I have ever known bar none… hope he is watching over me and my new hopes dreams and major life changes!

  108. I’m going to clean my room & ensuite today plus a load of laundry. Note to self: buy some ear plugs when you’re out – we’ve a full house: 12 rooms, 26 residents … toilets flushing … doors opening & closing … all night …

  109. I have an appointment with an orthopedist for my ankle on Friday. I’m not really looking forward to it–I don’t have a lot of faith in doctors. I’ve seen too many in the last 4 years and most have been useless rather than useful. We’ll see.

    1. It’s your time for a change, Tamra; this might be the little push that’s needed. Whatever … it’s not going to hurt to get more advice. Bring it on, I say!

  110. Nice day slept in and made breakfast. Maintenance showed up and fixed my closet doors. the weather is nice windows open

  111. My wonderful husband today removed all of the dirt from my flower garden so we can replace it with some good black dirt.

  112. Wonderful day. Church this morning, a nap in the afternoon and then taking care of the animals.

  113. It was a pleasant day, weather wise. My best wishes to George. We have MS in common. Surprises everyday.

  114. I knew something was up. Not like you to pass up a few giggles & groans here without a reasion. Much love to George xxx

  115. Every day has started with sweeping the front porch lately, because that Mama bird is not a good nest maker, lol. Half of it falls every night. I think above the porch light is just not a great spot to set up housekeeping.

      1. I can’t reach it, lol. Rob just wants to knock it down, like a typical male ‘problem solver’ personality, lol. I thought she’d figure out the problems with her c hosen spot, but this is her 4th try (she started again today.) She’s hell-bent on that spot. Rob might be right (don’t dare tell him that!)–he seems to think if we knock it down she will see the spot as dangerous because of us and look elsewhere.

  116. My day has gone fine so far. We had Mexican food for lunch. I had leftovers for dinner.

    I hope May is a better month for you!

  117. it’s May Day. a slow start and now it’s raining. hopefully it will clear the air and give the flora a much-needed drink. thanks

  118. I had the grandbaby a lot longer yesterday than expected. I tried sleeping in but the neighbors were up and out early as usual so I couldn’t sleep. Now I am just relaxing.

  119. Don’t know but this has been one of those day that I just keep taking naps………… So far I have had 3 today.

  120. My day is off to a nice start today. It is going to be 72 degrees here today and clear so that is nice. I am airing out the house got all the windows open love this spring air. Hope you have a wonderful May Day.

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