How To Throw A Big Party On a Small Budget

You know a lot of people, but you don’t have a ton of money to throw a party for them.

Well, you don’t need a ton of money, you need these tips:


People can say whatever they want about modern times but convenience is key here and our age does convenience professionally.

In fact, for any type of party, you would want to consider e-vites. And by ‘consider’ I mean definitely do that.

If you haven’t tried sending digital invitations, you’re missing out.

They are free (if you do them yourself) and simple to use.

Plus, people are less likely to lose an e-vite.

Sites like  Paperless Post and Canva are extremely user-friendly and make a hell of a good-looking invite that you can simply download and text or email to the guests.

Sell Some Stuff

If your budget is really super tight like you can’t even breathe tight then you can still make a plan.

According to statistics, 25% of all people who have a double garage don’t even have room to park the car inside.

And 32% of people only have room for one car.

The point is, people have too much stuff.

So that means you’re pretty much guaranteed to have some extra stuff laying around that you don’t even use.

Some old jewelry perhaps? Or exercise equipment that you never use?

Sell some of your extra stuff online to make some extra cash for your party.

Insist On RSVPs

I know nobody wants to be a drag, especially when you’re the party host.

But the truth is if you want to stay within the budget you need to know how many people are going to attend your party.

Of course, insisting on RSVPs does not mean you have to badger people for an answer, necessarily.

You can send out a series of reminder texts or emails to remind people to RSVP.

But don’t worry people will RSVP if you know how to do the invitations right.

Buy In Bulk

As a parent of a whole pack of kids, I know the value of buying food in bulk.

But not just food of course.

When you’re throwing a big bash you can buy things like hand wash, soda, napkins, and anything else you can possibly need for a party, you should buy in bulk.

Don’t even think about the theme in this stage of party planning, just buy to buy cheap!

Of course, you should always roughly plan what you want to buy but make sure you set out a specific budget for food, decor, party favors, etc.

Never just buy blindly.

Shop Online

Another perk of living in the era that we do is that we have a lot of more options than just buying at the nearest store.

Bargain hunt online as well as in-store make sure that you know all of your options and what they cost.

Party decor is much cheaper if you buy it online and in bulk, of course.

If you buy a ton of plain decor set cups, plates, and balloons you can always save whatever is left and use them for the next event.

If you know someone who is throwing a party round about the same time you are, then talk to them and hear if you can order together and split shipping to save more money.

Borrow Stuff

If you know someone that has a buffet dish or a backdrop that’s just sitting around somewhere in a closet then ask them if you can use it.

More than likely they will be happy to help and it never hurts to ask anyway.

Then that thing will get some fresh air and you will save a bit of money I might have to buy it.

Try to bring up the party in random conversation and people will probably offer whatever it is that they have so that you can use it.

If they don’t then they probably don’t have much or they are jerks.

Have It At A House

Then you can get pretty pricey really quick.

Especially when they charge per guest and then there’s this extra and that extra and oh, you have to pay for your every drink now too.

It’s just ridiculous.

It’s much simpler and cheaper to have it at home.

If your house isn’t big enough, ask a friend with a big house if you can host it there.

If you don’t have friends, ask your mother’s sister’s friend’s weird cousin’s cat if you can have it at his place.

Ask Guests To Contribute

When it comes to frugality the worst thing you can do when a guest asks if they can bring something, is to say ‘just yourself’

You can ask each couple or family to bring a dish of finger food or snacks.

People will not mind, and if you feel weird about it then call it a Potluck Party or BYOB ( bring your own booze)

With the economy in the state that it’s in, wanting to save money is honestly not that weird anymore.

DIY Things

Oh this where Pinterest comes in, it is the home of all things DIY and epic.

You can DIY almost anything these days.

Drinks, food, decor, photobooth props, you name it!

If you can spell it, you can probably DIY it.

Make sure that you plan ahead and make everything you need to make, way ahead of time though.

That way you can just focus on setup and food the day or two before.

Free or Cheap Entertainment

No one wants bored guests and sometimes you need something to break the ice so that people can start socializing amongst themselves.

Party Games are not just for kids and drunk college kids.

Depending on the weather you can do giant or lawn versions of regular games like Jenga, Twister, or Pick Up sticks.

Your guests will definitely get a kick out of those.

Photobooths are also a ton of fun, people just love taking pictures!

Get a few printable props, DIY an awesome backdrop and remember to create a hashtag for your party so that your guests can link up on social media.


  • June S.

    (How to throw a big party on a small budget) I do like all of these great suggestions on throwing a good but cheaper party. One thing that I do is buy a lot of the things I need for a party at Dollar Tree. You can save a bundle by shopping there.

  • Angela Saver

    Great tips for planning and staying on a small budget. I always price-check and buy in bulk to save. Borrowing items such as tables from family and friends is a big help too.

  • Rosie

    These are really great ideas!!! Especially if you are thinking enough ahead of time, you can save a bundle, you’ll be smiling from all those savings, and nobody will know you didn’t splurge!!!

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