6-IN-1 Stylus Pen Review

I love multi-function products and today’s product is a really cool multi-tasker!! Check out this Xtreme Stylus Pen. It’s a 6 in 1 stylus. It’s AWESOME!! First, its heavy duty. This is not your MaMa’s stylus. (I always wanted to say something like that!) This is a stylus that has some heft to it.

This 6-IN-1 Stylus Pen does everything you need it to do, from measuring something to using it as a tool, to just using it as an ordinary pen-you will LOVE this product of ours. I promise this is one of those stylus pens I won’t share!! NO one borrows this puppy!

6-IN-1 Stylus Pen for use with All Touchscreen Devices-includes a Stylus, Pen, Level, Phillips, Flathead, and a 4″ Ruler

This ONE pen offers SO MUCH!! From the side of the pen itself having a built-in 4″ ruler in both inches and centimeters. Then there is the built-in level. When you unscrew the stylus tip and you’ll find there is a Phillips screw driver, pull it out and turn it around for a Flathead screwdriver. Absolutely perfect for repairing glasses and opening the backs of toys to put in new batteries! Twist the bottom of the stylus for a black ink pen.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with this heavy-duty Stylus Pen. It is the perfect pen for me.  The stylus part offers a smooth writing experience. No pulling, tugging or skipping, it really glides on the screen. The ink pen writes smoothly and in a nice medium point.

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Ergonomically designed body made of aluminum cast can take anything you throw at it!
– Built in ruler & leveler will make you exact and precise like a rocket scientist around the office making your office colleagues envy you
– Clip on stylus allows you to tuck n clip in your shirt pocket or pant pocket seam
– Replaceable Ink Cartridge
– Phillips & Flat Head Tips
– Stylus Tip
– 4′ Ruler


Not a single one. Heavy duty, the pen writes like a dream, the stylus is smooth on my iPad. I can fix the hinge on your glasses. AND I can easily tell you if that picture on the wall is straight! This is a great product!!


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