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I’ve started this post a dozen times already. Truth is I don’t want to think about getting older. I don’t want to think about The Husband getting old or my Mom or ME for that matter! But, the aging population is truly exploding; there have never before in human history been so many aging seniors; and so many of them requiring care.

I’ve been extremely blessed I’ve had my Mom living close to me almost my entire life. Five years ago we were able to build onto our house a private apartment for my Mom. Not everyone has that kind of luxury. We didn’t have the means to do the same for my Grandmother before she passed away. She lived in a retirement home, not that far away but still too far for me to go visit more than once a week. I know she would have been so much happier had she been allowed to stay in her home with her family and with her things.
HomeHeroThere is a company now, that helps aging seniors do just that!! To continue to live in their homes!! HomeHero provides senior home care; not just quickly but affordably too. What makes HomeHero stand out from other in home agencies is the hiring process. YOU get to meet the care giver by watching a video the perspective caregiver has prepared for you along with photo’s and a written profile. You can get a feel for the caregiver before you even have that first face to face. You want a caregiver that clicks with your family especially the person they are caring for.

All the caregivers listed on HomeHero are pre-screened and subject to a “rigorous” certification process, including an in-person interview, entrance exam, and background check. Profiles include videos, social references, and reviews, and people can filter the caregivers by gender, years of experience, language, and number of reviews.

The services offered are non-medical, but cover a wide range of tasks such as shopping, meal preparation, exercise, light housekeeping, companionship, and personal care. HomeHero provides a $1 million insurance policy to cover bodily injury and property damage, and rates vary between $15 and $20 an hour.

HomeHero makes hiring the right home caregiver for your family member easy and safe. I’m NOT trusting my loved ones to a Craig’s List caregiver! (Not even on days where The Husband is on my last nerve!) HomeHero is affordable and easy to use even if you don’t live close to your loved one. HomeHero can even provide a caregiver the SAME DAY!!

In 2014 HomeHero launched the fastest, most-affordable way for families to find senior home care. In less than a year, they onboarded 800 caregivers (filming beautiful video interviews of each one) and helped hundreds of families across Southern California find senior care for their loved-ones.

But like many companies, HomeHero came from humble beginnings. Founders Kyle Hill and Mike Townsend watched for many years the struggles their parents went through finding, hiring and managing reliable in-home care for their grandparents. Kyle even learned that his father, a theatre professor at The Ohio State University, had to take an extended leave of absence from teaching so he could fly to Seattle (where his mother lived) and interview caregivers. He was receiving time sheets in the mail, sending checks across the country, and had zero accountability when his caregivers were in the home or what they were doing while there.

Kyle and Mike quickly realized that the country’s home care system was old, antiquated and had been grossly neglected by the tech industry for too long. It was only inevitable that a marketplace company would come in and consolidate this highly fragmented market using technology. In doing so, they could help millions of families afford quality home care, and disrupt the fastest-growing industry in America.

After typing in my city and a few of the skills I would need from my caregiver I was instantly matched with 12 different caregivers!! You can set a budget, the days and even the times you would need a caregiver. You can see references and recommendations too!! All of these caregivers were minutes from my home!! HomeHeros use of technology reduces overhead costs and makes their service more affordable than any other agency.

Important to note!! HomeHero provides $4 Million General Liability Insurance Policy and $1 Million Theft Protection coverage.

I love the fact that I would received a daily email update, and text messages after every clock-in to keep you involved with our loved one’s health care. There is an automated scheduling and payments system. There is no contract to sign and the fees are up-front, without anything hidden, added bonus; you can switch your caregiver anytime.

I am thoroughly impressed with HomeHero; it’s piece of mind for future reference.

This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Blogger Network and HomeHero. All opinions are my own.

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  • Brian

    This looks like a really great service for those who have parents or loved ones who need care but are too far to do it themselves or maybe don’t have the time. Thanks for sharing it!

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