8 Day’s Till Halloween!!

maleficentIt’s getting close to the wire now! Time to get serious about finding that Halloween backdrops and  Costume!

Check the selection that Amazon has! WOW!! Everything from channeling your inner princess or evil Maleficent! Everything you could think of and everyone’s size! What do you want to be for Halloween?  Do you dress up? Do you decorate your house? More importantly what kind of candy do you had out?? If you are giving away full size candy I’ll need your address as well!


  • Diane K. Brimmer

    8 Words or better, 8 days left to Halloween. Maybe I should go and buy a lotto ticket! LOL The last time I dressed up my cousin and I went as Raggedy Ann and Andy. At that time you could only dress up and go if you were in the sixth grade on down. Now I see adults going and holding out the bags for you to fill with goodies. Think things have really changed.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I haven’t dressed up since I was a kid, but it might be fun to try it, lol. It might give a laugh to the trick-or-treaters.


    I don’t remember ever dressing up for Halloween! We were certainly never allowed to ‘trick or treat’ as Mum & Dad thought it was a bit like begging. Different times, I guess.

    Since moving to Ireland though we’ve always lit candles in celebration of ‘Samhain’, the ancient Celtic festival to celebrate the end of harvest and to light our way through the dark months of winter.

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