Michael Todd Soniclear Elite System Review #Michaeltoddbeauty

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If you are a regular here you know that I am addicted to beauty products. From serums to night creams! Bubble baths to beauty bath puffs. But there is one company that I constantly come back to because it’s the best. Michael Todd. From cleansers and serums to my favorite The Soniclear Elite System. Soniclear brushes are truly the best EVER!! This particular brush is engineered to stay clean and fresh LONGER! Soniclear has built in LIFE® antimicrobial protection, protection that won’t wash out or wear off for the life of your brushes!! Now if you’re at all like me your first question is “Why do I care about this LIFE® antimicrobial protection??” Let me tell you what I learned. First and foremost, cleaner skin begins with a cleaner brush!! This protection means no bacteria attaches itself to the brush and causes breakouts. Well, how smart is this brush!?

Not only is the Soniclear a cleaner brush but it removes makeup six times better than other brushes AND this brush cleans your face two times better than with your hands alone! Added bonus it’s faster than cleaning with a Konjac Sponge because this brush is ready to go, no having to wait for the sponge to reconstitute!

There is more to love! Like the fact that the brush is powerful, deep cleaning, gets rid of dirt, oils and impurities from your skin but it’s also gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin!!

This brush is amazing! Truly! Powerful, gentle AND the sonic-wave cleansing, micro-massage exfoliates at 300 times per second!! There is no pulling and no tugging.

So, what have I noticed since using the Soniclear Elite System? I’ve noticed my skin is brighter! I’ve also noticed that my serums absorb quicker and I am using a LOT less moisturizer than I did before because the texture of my skin is so much better.

I love that the Soniclear has two brush heads one for my face and a larger head for cleaning the rest of my body!

The Other Perks of Soniclear:
Waterproof!! I can use this in the shower! I LOVE THAT!!! The Soniclear Elite fits in my hand easily and comfortably.

The Soniclear charges quickly and one charge easily lasts me the full week of cleaning morning and evening. The cradle holds the Soniclear conveniently when it’s not being used.
Soft, non-slip grips are provided for increased comfort and to prevent slipping, an extra plus when using in the shower.

Soniclear comes with its own storage cradle for storing and or recharging between uses.

Major PERK!!

Soniclear comes with a Five Year Warranty!!

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Soniclear Elite System Includes:
1 Waterproof Rechargeable Sonic Control Handle with C-Boost™ Collagen Technology
1 Antimicrobial Face Brush for All Skin Types with Cover
1 Antimicrobial Body Brush for All Skin Types with Cover
1 Charging Stand
1 Charging Cord


soniclear Elite Color Choices

Not a single whine here!! Michael Todd has outdone themselves again!! Not only does the Soniclear Elite work like a dream. It’s easy to use, results can be seen quickly too! Your serums and creams will work better and faster! AND the Elite comes in some GREAT colors too!! Absolutely wonderful product!!

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  • Kate Sarsfield

    I never got a sonic one and since having to mask up since February, I’m afraid I just haven’t bothered to do my mini-facials.


    Wow! I’ve got a sonic toothbrush & that’s way better than my old one so I can only surmise that this would be better than the ordinary battery-driven facial brush I use a couple of times a week. Plus you can take it in the shower for an all-over cleanse – yay!

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