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Hello, my name is Connie and I am an infomercial junkie. I am obsessed with the airbrush makeup. However, I am NOT obsessed with the airbrush price! I had ALMOST hit that order button I was offered a SonicBLEND Makeup brush from my favorite beauty company Michael Todd. After reading the information I jumped at the chance!! Airbrush results with MY makeup. Powder or liquid makeup to boot!! All with the antimicrobial bristles. Oh yeah! I couldn’t wait for the sonicBLEND to arrive.

This isn’t like any makeup brush I’ve ever had. This one is lightweight, cordless and rechargeable!! As in you apply your makeup with gentle sonic movements!!

Because of the Antimicrobial brush it resists buildup of makeup and stays clean longer.

I ordered the pink. (duh!! Love me some pink!) Charging the first time takes about 3 hours. USB charging cord arrives with the sonicBLEND and it’s the same pink as the brush!

The brush has three speeds. Turning off the sonicBLEND simply hold the button down for 2 seconds.

The user guide is very informative, explaining the best way to use the brush including the best way to hold it. Obviously, the way you hold a make up brush is a personal preference, but if you hold the brush almost as if it were a pencil you’ll get better coverage around the eyes, nose and hairline. I’m still experimenting on ways to hold my sonicBLEND.

What I’ve noticed so far is first, I use less makeup. I’ve tried two different ways to apply my liquid makeup; one way is to add a dime size dollop to the back of hand and then with the brush off I dip the bristles into the makeup and then apply. Second way I’ve tried and my favorite is to dot my liquid makeup around my face and start blending into my hairline. With both application methods my makeup goes on very smoothly and looks very natural. This brush blends and buffs my makeup so much better than using a sponge or my fingers. ALL with NO tugging or pulling. Just a smooth application for an almost airbrushed finish!!

I’ve also tried my powdered makeup, dipping the brush into the cap of makeup, tap off the excess and then when the brush is on my skin I push start.

Again, because this brush moves with hundreds of micro-brush strokes less is more! You can build on the coverage! You’ll have excellent coverage with less product. One of the many helpful tips in the instruction booklet says doing your mouth/smile area last with barely any product left on your brush will keep the creases at bay. That tip works GREAT!!

Please excuse the red eyes and gravely voice! Hanging out with 5-year-old’s means you WILL catch whatever germs they have. This cold is kickin’ my butt!! I promise a better video next week when I can breath again!!


The sonicBLEND buffs and blends wonderfully. I can’t possibly whine about that! I get more total coverage with less product, can’t whine about that! It’s PINK!! You know I have no whines there! Adding the fact that the antimicrobial bristles that keeps my skin healthier I can’t even think of a single whine.

Included in the box:

  • Cordless, rechargeable sonic brush handle
  • Antimicrobial makeup brush head
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User guide
  • 1 year warranty

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