A to Z April Challenge Letter I

Impulse. I am totally an impulse person. I signed up for this A to Z challenge on impulse and I’ve stressed about it ever since!!
Grocery store? Target? Oh man I’m the worst at Target. That stupid wonderful and exciting dollar section by the front door? It’s only A DOLLAR ….. and forty some dollars later……….
Lord, help me if I’m having a sleepless night and there is an infomercial!! I must have the knife that can cut up a can. I must have The Turbo Cooker, The Pocket Hose and the EarVac!!  It’s only $19.99 and I’m getting a second one for FREEEEEE.
If you can find me this Hawaii Chair I will reward you with a free Flowbee haircut!!

What’s the worst impulse buy you’ve made?  Husbands don’t count!!

A to Z Challenge blog everyday except Sunday (per the rules) with my theme being what makes me happy, what inspires me and what makes me ME!!!  So be prepared for more information about me than you ever wanted to know!!

 I could use a click!  


  • Jagoda

    Target has a way of sucking us impulse shoppers in. I can just see the marketers in the back room rubbing their hands and cackling with joy.
    I love the name of your blog–it’s what attracted me to click.
    Jagoda, visiting from A to Z http://www.conflicttango.com

  • Elizabeth Sanders Towns

    Oh, I have worked so hard to control my impulsive decisions! Casting down the imagination and all that good stuff. I have lots of purses and shoes to remind me of some of those times when I failed. Miserably – plus the work of getting myself financially secure to remind me to deny the impulses.

    Elizabeth Rising Early, 31 Days

  • Lucy

    This cracked me up and I have too many to list, can’t think of one right off the top of my head but my husband is always willing to count off my Impulse Idiotic buys 🙂 Lucy from Lucy’s Reality

  • Diane K.Brimmer

    I have to just stay off the infomercial channels. I get so caught up into it. One thing that does help is that when you do buy something they try to add everything under the sun to your order. I mean that they tell you for only few dollars more you can get this or that. Many times I have just got so frustrated that I cancelled my order.

  • Sopphey Vance

    I think a lot of us are Impulse buyers. I can’t be trusted with books. Heck even free books, I guzzle those. It’s a problem. 🙁

  • Jen Forbes

    I’m usually pretty impulsive about vacations, when I want on we’re going….period. I’m good at finding a good deal not spending an arm and a leg but my hubs better pack his bags 🙂

  • speedingturtlegetsfit.com

    Hi Connie, right back at you. I was pretty nervous signing up. A dear friend who is also a blogger encouraged me and I did on a whim. Which is really unlike me but I am so glad that I did. I hope you do to. I’ll be back to check out your blog again. 🙂

  • Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous

    Did they say “Tittie Bear”? Seriously, someone came up with an invention called the Tittie Bear?

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