A to Z April Challenge Letter N

Norgan, Mority and Radu.  I have warned you that you would learn more about me than you wanted too, during this challenge.

I know what you’re thinking just looking at the pictures…. “she’s not right in the head!” But, this traumatizes my children! Isn’t that worth it?? BTW my children are 36, 34 and 33.

So let me tell you about these 3 guys.  Mority actually came first. About 10 Halloween’s ago DH brought home Mority, he’s a candy butler. I had so much fun with this 36″, motion activated talking doll, that I didn’t want to put him away.  DH sarcastically said “What are ya gonna do? Put a turkey on his head and leave him out for Thanksgiving?”  LIGHT BULB!!

Mority has been out ever since.  BTW Mority wears a 3T to 4T.  Don’t roll your eyes at me!! I get enough of that from my family!! Just send me cute or unique outfits.  Mority needs more clothes!!

I might have gotten bored with Mority if he didn’t traumatize my kids so much. Now, the Grandkids are having a great time seeing what Mority will wear next so Mority stays. FOREVER!!

If you are curious Mority has a new outfit…. Clone Trooper from Star Wars  (I am just giddy over this new one!!)

Norgan was next. Norgan is our Elf on the Shelf.  In the tradition of Mority. Norgan has props. Everything from playing cards to a mini laptop. I don’t do anything half way!

This Halloween DH surprised me with Radu…. Mority’s DAD!!!   So far Radu is the only one with no wardrobe… mostly because Radu is attached to his serving tray. REALLY attached.  Like bolted.  Maybe next year, if I get bored.

 Yup, I know…. I get the eye roll from a LOT of people.

A to Z Challenge: Blog everyday except Sunday (per the rules) with my theme being what makes me happy, what inspires me and what makes me ME!!!  So be prepared for more information about me than you ever wanted to know!!

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This one could be a pity vote for the insane girl? 



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