AaaLoooone!!!! Alone!!! Aaaaaloonnnnnee!!

DH’s boss came to our house today to give him his yearly job review/evaluation.  DH got gold stars and a raise.  DH is THE man!!!!  I guess him being out since January 14th drove home the “WOW we really need him! He really is an asset we can’t afford loose”  Personally, I thought the whole having a heart attack was kinda a dramatic way to go about it… but hey, that’s just me. 
Soooooooooo when the boss called and said “I’ll need a couple of hours with you, when would be a good time?”  My first thought was “I’m okay with right NOW?”  But since the plant is an hour away they agreed on today.  Okay okay fine… that works too.  (Now a normal person would freak out…A COUPLE OF HOURS!?!?!!! A normal person would think WTF?! Why is a yearly job review going to take a couple of hours??)  But ya all know I’m not the most normal person on the block.  I was thinking I will HAVE A COUPLE OF HOURS aloooone time….. I can do what ever I want!!!  I CAN leave the house ALONE!!!!!
I was so excited by promise of alone time I was wide awake at 1:25 this morning. 11:00am as promised the door bell rang and I’m pretty sure I saw the bosses head do a cartoon whirl around as I passed him in the doorway.  SEEEEEEEE YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!  You’re in charge… don’t leave him alone …. I’ll be back. At the 2 hour mark I was here… they weren’t done. I even had time to go to the library!! I had 4 HOURS of recharge time!!

I came home more relaxed than drinking a whole bottle of wine. (FYI it was hard to find something around the house that said ‘relaxed’ so I chose a bottle of wine…. then set it in front of my orchids… that was a cheap way of saying HEY!! LOOK AT MY ORCHIDS!!!  I have so many blossoms on them both!!! Look at me with my mad gardening skills!! Even my poinsettia’s are still alive!! It’s February 24!!! Yup…I rock too!!

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