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Acquapura Personal Water Filter Review

When you live in Southern California like I do, an earthquake preparedness kit is a MUST have! Not just a good idea… A MUST HAVE!! Check out this earthquake map from FEMA. (WOW California is RED!! That is really red isn’t it!?)

The first thing you need is a plan! What to do in an emergency. Who to contact. Where will you meet?

The next thing you need is a preparedness kit!  Water is the most important aspect! Plan on at least 3 days of no water. Have a gallon of water per person. That’s a lot of water for a state that seems to be OUT of water!

I am giddy that I have just added my Acquapura Personal Water Filter to my Emergency Kit.

My Acquapura is a small handheld device that includes a Triple Layer Filtration System which makes water 100% safe to drink!!  The Acquapura also softens water and eliminates water odor! Even without a water shortage California’s water tastes bad!

The Acquapura filters out 99.999% of waterborne bacteria greater than .01 microns. A unique cap with a dust free design protects you from the secondary pollution on the mouthpiece. There is even an antibacterial GAC “Damping System” with UF Membrane Ensures that Raw Water is Completely Filtrated.

The Acquapura is compact and very light weight weighing in at 2.12 ounces!

Using the Acquapura is super easy to operate. Water passes freely through just like using a straw. Simply open the cap that covers the mouth piece and drink away. You can attach the Acquapura to a water bottle or drink straight from a water source.

The Acquapura is Certified By the WQA and the TUV-SUD; the Most Respected Ranking Organizations for These Types of Products.


Other than the fact I live in a bright red earthquake zone, oh wait that’s a California whine. I don’t have a single whine about the Acquapura Personal Water Filter. It’s small, it’s easy to use and the water tastes delicious!


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    I complain about the weather all the time (don’t we all) but at least there’s no shortage of drinking water here in Ireland! We have our own well that I change the filters on every couple of months (thanks for teaching me Dad!) & I test the quality as well. It does have a taste all it’s own though – could it be something to do with the fact that we live downhill from the cemetary? Ha ha!

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