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Premium Bamboo Cutting Board Review

I LOVE being in the kitchen. Cooking is an art to me. That being said, I know the importance of having the right tools for the job. Knives need to be sharp… and cutting boards are essential. I use cutting boards to prep all my food, even if it’s just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I just got my hands on this Bamboo Cutting Board by Practico…and I love it.

Bamboo is durable and environmentally friendly. Easy to wash. And low maintenance to care for. This particular cutting board is a good size at 12″x 18″ with a 1/2″ moat running around the outer edge. I love the moat! It catches all of the juices of whatever goodness I’m preparing before they can make a mess on my counter top.

See it in action here! Imagine the mess you’ll save yourself when you cut up something like a watermelon; ll of the liquid runs into the groove around the cutting board.

I love that it’s wide enough to lay across my sink too! So I can cut on one side and scrape the peels and scraps into the sink. My kitchen is so small that I will often use this cutting board to expand the size of my counter. If I’m setting up a crock-pot dish, or making waffles with a waffle iron, I will set it over the sink on this cutting board, so that I don’t have to lose any of my counter space in the process.
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Not a single one! I am very happy with my Practico Bamboo Cutting Board . I can definitely recommend it to anyone that spends time in the kitchen. From chefs to the beginning cook. This cutting board would also make an awesome house warming gift! Just add a set of knives and maybe an apron!!


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    Great that it’s big enough to fit over the sink giving you more working space & I really like the idea of the ‘groovy’ edges! Probably designed by a woman!

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