Couture Gel Nail Polish Giveaway!!

Wait till you see what I have today!! Couture Gel Nail Polish! If you’re like me you spend too much time and WAY too much money at the nail salon! I love pretty toes and having my nails done is one of those guilty pleasures that I adore!! With that said, since I quit work to babysit my Granddaughter Alice and then DH retired… well, that is luxury that I can’t really justify anymore. It’s not like Alice really cares if NaNa’s fingers or toes are painted.

I’m so excited about today’s review!! I’m giving MYSELF a salon style manicure and pedicure!! With America’s #1 Selling Gel Nail Polish!
Yup, you read that right. #1!! People like Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Bell, Queen Latifah, Oprah and so many more are sporting this Gel Nail Polish!!

I was able to choose from over 100 Bold And Beautiful Colors. But, the best part is the fact that everything you need for a rockin’ manicure/pedicure comes with your kit! Starting with the Base Coat, 1 Bottle of Couture Gel Nail Polish Color, Super Shine Top Coat. Salon quality manicure tools like a cuticle stick, file, block file, toe separators, LED Espree Salon Lamp with 30 second to 30 minute dry time options. To top the kit off there is an adorable black and white, with pink accents, cloth case. This case holds everything together!! Even the LED lamp!! Next girls night all I have to do is grab my bag and go!!  Everything is always together!!

Choosing my color was hard!! There are over 100 colors to choose from!! I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go with a reddish pink. It’s bold and bright and so very SPRING!! Wait till you see!!

First, I gave myself a manicure. Shaped my nails, pushed back my cuticles and then lightly sanded my nails with the buffing square. Then wiped off my nails with rubbing alcohol. Once my nails were clean and ready to go I added one very light coat of Base Coat. 30 seconds in the LED Espree Salon Lamp. I opted for 3 coats of polish for the look I wanted. After each coat your fingers go back into the lamp for 30 seconds. Next add your Super Shine Top Coat. This is one very cool top coat!! My nails have a diamond like finish to them! With the top coat and base coat as well, less is more! You DO NOT need a lot of this!! Then, you guessed it, back to the lamp for 30 seconds. Last step is to wipe off your nails with a cotton pad to get any residue or stickiness from the top coat. This will NOT hurt your manicure it’s just the final curing of the polish. You don’t have to worry about mussing your polish because it’s dry. It’s set. It’s full of shine!! It’s PERFECT for up to 3 weeks!! I want to add that to ensure you get your three weeks of wear be sure to polish the edges of your nails!! You don’t want to let any moisture in between the polish and your nails.

Your nails will shine like crazy!! I cant’ stop staring at my nails!!

I made a video. Although, it’s not the best it does give you an idea how easy Couture Gel Nail Polish application is!


Couture Gel Nail Polish has no harmful chemicals. The polishes and other products are never tested on animals. Another awesome feature is the color match!! Couture Gel Nail Polish has a sure-fire system to find the best color for YOUR skin tone!!

Made in the USA


I did my OWN gel manicure! The process is easy! My nails are thoroughly and completely DRY when I am finished. The color screams SPRING!! I haven’t got a single whine!! I love this kit!! I NEED more colors!!

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