Katazoom Vinyl Wall Graphic MAN CAVE!!!

Everyone that has been around my blog for awhile knows that I am addicted to wall graphics!  I LOVE the way they change the look of a wall. I have put a LOT of Vinyl Wall Graphic in my home, but the graphic from Katazoom is by far the EASIEST graphic I have put up. E-V-E-R!!!  Start with a clean wall. Okay, I cheated and just dusted my wall off. I’m very impatient. Katazoom recommends that you use an alcohol based cleaner, even rubbing alcohol will work.
Unroll the graphic, I rolled it back up the opposite way and the graphic laid flat. Rub over the entire graphic with a sturdy object like a credit card. I used a ruler and it worked perfectly. Next up, using painters tape position where you want the graphic. Mine was super easy because it fit the small header area over the kitchen. This graphic fit’s like it was CUSTOM designed for this area!!

Remove the backing paper (the white paper) from the transfer paper. Avoid touching the actual decal or graphic itself. Rub firmly all over the graphic. Peel slowly, if part of the graphic sticks to the transfer paper rub the transfer with your hand and then continue to peel the transfer paper. This truly went SO FAST!!! Absolutely none of the graphic stuck to the transfer paper, everything stuck to the wall PERFECTLY!!! It’s 100% PERFECT!!!

Okay, out of all the hundreds of Wall Graphics at Katazoom I saw ONE that really, REALLY spoke to me!!  When DH retired in 2012, he took over the cooking and add that to wanting a “Man Cave“…….. and well, LOOK AT WHAT I DID!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m a FUNNY GIRL!!! Okay, well, I like to think I’m very funny anyway!!

Thank you Katazoom!! This is so perfect!! It’s funny!! It made everyone laugh over Christmas! I couldn’t be more pleased!! This graphic is a million times over PERFECT!!!

I give Katazoom 2 very enthusiastic thumbs WAY, WAY UP, for selection, ease of use and most of all for making me even funnier!!!

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