Miggo Multi-functional Camera Strap Review

Y’all know I’m obsessed with my camera. If 3-year-old Alice didn’t continually yell at me to “PUT IT DOWN” my obsession would be a hundred times worse. I can’t help it! This baby is so dang CUTE!! But, my main reason for drooling over the miggo Strap & Wrap is Yosemite. I literally have my camera with me 99% of the time for our week of camping. The only time I’m not taking pictures is in the TENT! I have a Nikon D7000 it’s heavy. It’s really heavy. Hiking up those steep trails, carrying a backpack and occasionally that same bossy 3-year-old AND a camera bag? My back hurts just thinking about it.

So, check this out!! This is the miggo. It’s a multifunctional camera strap that morphs into a protective case!! First and foremost my camera is SAFE!! I really do love my camera! I want it secure! Second the miggo is really comfortable to wear with a wide padded strap. The strap is made with impact resistant neoprene foam with beautiful Lycra material in tons of different designs. AND to top it all off real metal details that hold you camera securely!! One of my favorite features is the pocket for my lens cap! THANK YOU for that miggo!!

All of the seams are cleanly sewn and the zipper opens and closes smoothly. There is a brochure included with the miggo that explains how to attach your camera to the strap with easy to follow step by step illustrations. Basically you connect your camera to the strap with the enclosed multipurpose nickel-coated steel screw that’s on the miggo strap. Use a coin to tighten.

The more detailed I tried to get with my helpful (not!) description the more confused I GOT! So, I am sure it would have not been the easiest post to follow. Thankfully, the folks at miggo have a video. First, funniest instructional video ever!! The way he looks at his camera is exactly how I look at mine!!!!


My camera is SO MUCH more comfortable to wear now!! I love, love, LOVE the option of being able to wear it as a cross body strap!! So much more comfortable!


If you prefer your camera to hang on your wrist, miggo also has a Grip & Wrap style which is designed to keep the camera hanging on your wrist. I’m going to need this one for the day-to-day camera stuff!


Not a single one!! The miggo Strap & Wrap is comfortable to wear. It protects my camera and allows me to just throw my camera in my day bag and not haul around my camera bag! This is a great camera accessory!! I can’t wait to get to Yosemite and really put it to the test!

To find which strap will work for your camera check the miggo 3 step fitting guide here.

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What about you? Which miggo would you pick?



  • DD

    I love this! That strap look so much more comfortable than the one I have now. I really like that it can also protect your camera when you put it in your bag. Both the Strap & Wrap and the Grip & Wrap would be very useful.

  • Christine A

    The padded strap looks very comfortable to wear. The camera bag I have now has a thin strap and it’s not padded. I also like the Grip & Wrap style.

  • Rosie

    I love the wide, padded strap! I have a camera that came with a very thin strap that is annoying and not reliable, so I keep the camera tucked away and then often miss being able to take a picture when I don’t have time to unpack it! It never occurred to me I could get a strap like this – wow!!!

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