Monstrous Maud: Big Fright By A.B. Saddlewick

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Its happened, the grownups have had vampire lit for ages, over the last decade or so the young reader authors  revolutionized the genre and finally its trickled its way down to the wee ones.

Monstrous Maud: Big Fright By A.B. Saddlewick

Think Casper and  Scooby Doo meets Twilight .Monstrous Maud

My daughters generation has a whole slew of really fun stories like Monstrous Maud, a normal girl trying to fit in to a monstrous crowd.

A fun way to address fitting in and finding our place in the world.

There are fun sketches through the book so it breaks up the monotony for really young readers transitioning from picture books.

Here is an excerpt of this engaging read!

Monstrous Maud Exert


How can a book called Monstrous Maud be anything but funny? AND a great book for the month of October! And again, books GOOD!!! Books that make great bedtime stories for 6-year-old Alice even BETTER!!!

You can find Monstrous Maud: Big Fright on Sky Pony Press ♥ Amazon ♥ Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores.

A. B. Saddlewick is the pseudonym for Tim Collins, the award-winning author of Notes from a Totally Lame Vampireand Prince of Dorkness. He is originally from Manchester and now lives near London.

Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Author: A.B. Saddlewick
Publication Date: August 22, 2017
Number of Pages: 128 Pages
Book Type: Paperback
Size: 5″ by 7.75″

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This post was written by my darling daughter Selena.


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