Dreaming Of The Perfect Craft Room!!

I know that I keep teasing you with my new house pictures and one day I will do a full video walk-thru. But for now, when I have a review that works with my new house I’ll share individual rooms.

THIS is my new craft room! I have so many room idea’s pinned on Pinterest for inspiration. I truly can’t wait to get up there and start organizing, painting and CRAFTING!!! I can’t WAIT!!! craft room starting point

Now mind you, there will be carpet, painted walls and no couch. There WILL BE a COMFY, cozy, overstuffed chair in a corner though with a reading lamp!!
Craft room starting pointThings that I know I need are tables. SHELVES!! OH how I need shelves and tables. I’ve been looking at this craft table on Amazon. Yes, they deliver all the wayyyyyyyyyyy up to the Idaho panhandle!
Sewing and craft table. Foldable sides

Since the Hobby And Craft table will fold down and out of the way I think this will be the first thing I add. (After the big comfy overstuffed chair that is!)

This table has big enough work area that I can layout all my Cricut vinyls to weed. I can also put together my patterns. I love the large crafting space. It would fit my new ZERRO A2 Self Healing Cutting Mat as well. This mat has come in super handy already.

First, the mat is large with inches marked off 16″ by 22″  the mat itself is 17¾” by 23¾” long.

This mat really is self healing. I’ve used a rotary blade, scrapper, tweezers and a X-Acto knife as well. No gouges or nicks show up! The mat is thick at 3MM. I love all the markings that are on the mat. Easy to read!!

Self Healing Cutting Mat

Self healing craft mat

Self healing cutting mat

self healing craft mat

Someday, when I learn to quilt this is going to come in even more handy!!

I have rested my hot glue gun on this and the glue came off easily, quickly and did NOT take off any markings.

If you are wondering how I use tweezers on a craft mat; let me explain. When weeding vinyl and glitter vinyl some of those little tiny little cuts are the devil to get out. I found that using precision tweezers is the BEST THING EVER!!! I found this set of 7 to be an amazing fit!!!

precision tweezers Tools for weeding vinyl

Fine tipped tweezers

I couldn’t be more pleased!! Actually, I couldn’t be more excited to get into my new craft room!!! First decision….. what color to paint the room….

I’d love to know if you have any craft room ideas. Storage ideas?  Or things you wish that you could have in your space?  Or even a link to your Pinterest board with ideas!



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