PowerSkin, Extended Battery Case Galaxy S4!

I love my mobile phone. I am lost without it. We are talking serious withdrawals when the battery is dead. Unfortunately, as great as my Galaxy S4 is the battery life is HORRIBLE! With just using the phone feature I’m lucky to last 5 hours. Add radio? Faaagetaboutit.

Adding the PowerSkin Extended Battery Case made specifically for the S4, has not only made my battery last all day (and I do mean ALL DAY) but it protects my phone with the silicone case. Unfortunately, my phone has been dropped several times; yes, I’m blaming the 4-year-old. I’m pleased to report that my phone has survived unscathed; no dents, scratches or cracks.

The PowerSkin Extended Battery Case feels great in my hand. The silicone outer layer is not just soft but durable too.

The PowerSkin has a 1600mAh integrated battery. The case is longer than the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone itself because the battery is built-in to the case. Adding the PowerSkin gives me an additional four and half hours of talk time. Not just the extra talk time, but days where I don’t use my phone much I have an additional 100 HOURS of standby time. This is truly a smart case. The smart case uses my Galaxy S4’s battery first, once that is depleted I can switch over to my case battery. There is no having to plug it in anywhere for power.

Once you insert your phone into the charged case there are 4 LED status lights which you can check by pushing the button on the case, this will let you know how much battery is left in the case. What an awesome feature that is. The LED lights on the case will also flash when the case is being charged. I want to note that the case doesn’t include a USB cable. You will need a micro USB cable to charge your case.

The case also looks nice in the shiny black, the case doesn’t obscure the camera window and doesn’t interfere with the control buttons. The case also doesn’t add any bulk to the phone either; the slimness of the phone is what drew me to the S4 anyway so I would hate to lose that. The case does all that with just a little added length.

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Nope, not a single whine from me. Thanks to the XPAL Power battery technology my new case will last me for thousands of recharges without losing capacity. Adding the PowerSkin to my S4 has me loving my phone again.



  • Sarah L

    First I’d have to get a smartphone, but I am looking seriously for a good phone/plan. It’s the monthly $$ that’s kept me away.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I had no idea something like this could add so much time. 4 & a 1/2 hours is pretty good added time. I’d definitely spring for this!


    At last Connie, a techy post that I actually know what you’re going on about! I have the same Samsung & gave up on it. Like you say, just using the phone with everything else turned off, I only get a couple of hours battery time. Not good enough when you’re a woman driving on your own especially at night. I popped my sim card into Dad’s old Alcatel & put the Samsung in a drawer to be forgotten about till I read this!

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