Nikon D7000 Glass Screen Protector

I have a glass screen protector on all my electronics. It’s the smartest thing I add to them! Honestly! My Samsung Galaxy S4 crashed to the cement 2 weeks ago and shattered the screen. I do mean SHATTERED, the glass screen protector kept everything in one piece. Now I am even more sold on the protectors. With all that said I have to admit I never even thought about protecting the screen on my Nikon.

The viewing screen on my Nikon D7000 is large and protected by a plastic screen. Which is great sorta, over the years this plastic screen has been scratched and gone cloudy. The screen has definitely protected my screen from damage. However, the screen isn’t easy to see through anymore.

I am thrilled with the Mystery Nikon Glass Protector Film; the Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass HD Screen Protector. This protector is way stronger than the plastic protector that use to be on my camera. This has an Optical 9H Hardness and yet it is super thin! 0.33mm ultra-thin!!

Installation is amazing. The tempered glass film literally melts on the camera in just a few easy steps. I think the most important step is getting all the dust off your screen. So, go somewhere that is as dust free as you can and thoroughly clean your screen. Mystery includes a wet wipe and a dry lint free wipe. Also included is a small sticky lint collector that grabs any microscopic dust or debris.

Remove the protective film and starting at the lower corner of the camera screen lay the glass down and watch it melt on the screen!

I have no bubbles at ALL on the screen.

The glass protector is crystal clear. CRYSTAL clear!! My camera screen is as clear as the day I took it out of the box!  You would never guess that the film has 6 layers. WOW!! That thin, that clear, with 6 layers!

Package includes:
* 1 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector
* 2 x Cleaning Wipe
* 3x Guide Sticker
* 1 x Dust absorber
* 1 x Install Guide

The Tempered Glass HD Screen Protector Cover works for several camera’s from the Nikon D7100/ D7000/ D3300 / D5200/ D5100/ L820/ P520/ P510/ D7200/ Canon 450D/ 500D

Added bonus, the cardboard case that comes with the screen protector is a door sign. Welcome or Do-Not Disturb. Very cute.


Nope, no whines here. This was easy to apply but more importantly the screen is CRYSTAL CLEAR!! Do you see how much better my camera looks??  Seriously, don’t even hesitate, just purchase this one! You will be thrilled with this one!!



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