Affordable outdoor living trends for 2013

Our outdoor spaces have long been seen as an extension of our homes, and consequently homeowners are pouring more effort and money into their gardens and patios to make them look their very best.
Transforming a space into a chic living area is not only incredibly satisfying, it’s also practical. Taking home comforts into the outdoors is an ideal way to create additional space, used for cooking, entertaining or relaxing.
There are plenty of ways to inject the latest trends into your outdoor space and here are just a few ideas.
Resin weave
The vastly popular resin weave – otherwise known as ‘all weather rattan’ – is making waves in the world of home improvement. Crafted from woven plastic material, resin weave is light, low maintenance and durable, meaning it can withstand whatever the elements might throw at it.
In addition to being practical, it’s also stylish and can transform your garden into a chic retreat. You can opt for all sorts of garden furniture from low sofa sets to sun loungers. Match your furniture with candles and hurricane lanterns to achieve an elegant outdoor living space that emanates sophistication.
Wood has been popular for centuries and remains a favourite with homeowners today for furniture both indoors and outdoors. Wood is timeless, bestows a rustic charm or sumptuous appeal depending on the type and shade you opt for. It also makes for stylish and cheap garden furniture whether you’re looking for tables, benches, arches or arbours.
Popular materials include oak, acacia, teak and eucalyptus, which can transform your garden in a huge number of ways. The seaside look is very much in this year and perfect for summer. It can easily be achieved with traditional deckchairs, wooden dining sets and parasols in coastal-inspired candy stripes.
Red, white and blue are bold maritime colours which can be incorporated into plants or accessories such as cushions and candles.
Metal furniture is not only strong and sturdy but also a great way to create an exotic look at home. A metal bistro table teamed with colourful cushions surrounded by bright red flowers will ensure your garden exudes a Mediterranean feel. Vintage print cushions and collections of terracotta pots will help fashion a timeless, romantic atmosphere.
Steel and aluminium are among the most popular materials when it comes to making a style statement. Metal garden furniture is incredibly versatile – it looks great on the patio, decking, lawns and gravelled areas – and is one of the fastest ways to add a style infusion to your outdoor space.



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