Polanfo Portable Power Bank Review

How many times have you heard me tell you about my electronics addiction? TONS right? I can’t imagine going a day without using my electronics. Okay as I write that I even had to laugh, a day? Let’s be truthful, I can’t go 10 minutes without at least checking my phone.
I love my mobile phone. I can do everything and anything on it. Fix blog posts, take pictures, check emails, play games, text, listen to music. It does it all. However, the Samsung Galaxy S4 sucks up the battery very FAST!! I can’t get a whole day out of my battery, actually I can’t get a half day. I really hate having to be stuck to a wall outlet.

Check out my new portable power bank; one that let’s me use my phone all day!! Actually I can get 5 FULL charges for my phone out of one fully charged power bank. HOW awesome is that?!!

This is a super slim power bank; 3″ across by 5¾” long and approximately ½” thick.  This little guy fits in even my smallest purse easily. This portable power bankis very sleek-looking. The case has a leather look and feel too it but it’s actually a textured vinyl. The edges are etched chrome. Even being tossed in my purse (a very dangerous place!) this case is really scratch resistant.

12000mAh capacity, with dual charge ports, so that I can charge two device simultaneously on full speed. There is a 2.1A port, one 1A port, charging via micro USB port.

There are 4 LED indicators that show the power status. Added bonus hold the power bank vertically with the lights toward the sky and shake, the LED lights will come on showing you how much power is still let in the bank. That’s a BRILLIANT addition to a power bank.

Charge the power bank with the included Micro USB cable in either your computer or a wall charger. The power bank arrived partially charged which was nice.

This power bank easily charges my iPad Air, iPad mini and Galaxy S4.  It’s also compatible with most phones and tablets.


Not a single one. This is a sleek looking; powerful portable power bank!!



  • Kristin Knudsen

    This sounds like a great product! Does it work with any Samsung phone? Have you seen the wireless charging pad, offered by Samsung? You need to buy the appropriate back side for your phone, but I’m sure it’s worth the money!!!

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This sounds great. I need one of these for myself and my family. Thank you so much for sharing this


    I stopped using my Samsung Galaxy for that very reason AND I only used it for calls & texts (everything else was disabled on it). I don’t have the patience to be faffing about with extra pieces of kit when all I want is a phone that works. I suppose I would really appreciate somehing like this if I was out & about but I’m not. Just me & my pc stuck at home while the world goes on without me, boo hoo! There, that little ‘pity me’ moment has passed – I’m just tired I guess.

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