Zedity A WordPress Plugin Review

I have an interesting WordPress plugin to tell you about today. Zedity is a premium plugin that let’s you create interesting unique blog posts with ease. So, what exactly does the Zedity plug-in do?  Well, basically it helps make a more interesting blog post for one.

I love that I can arrange the pictures to overlay if I want. I love that option.

Quickly create different text effects. I can drop in documents and videos. I can move, align, shift and so much more.

Once you download and install the plugin, an icon will show up on your editing bar. Clicking on the Fancy Z will open a pop-up screen that allows you to create your page. Saving will automatically place your work directly into your WordPress post.

I love that I can do small bits of my post OR the entire post. Once your Zedity objects are inserted you can easily move them around. Everything is saved as an object; so be sure to adjust your size by dragging the edges up or down to your desired size.

Zedity allows me to add even more fonts.

You can also remove the Zedity Logo if you would like simply by heading over to the setting page which is found on your blogs side menu.

Anytime you aren’t happy with what you’ve added to your post just click on the Z button on that particular object to return the editor. Super easy! If you decide you don’t want that particular object there is also a delete button on each object.

Zedity Editor plugin for WordPress
Zedity does have a learning curve but overall, I’m catching on fairly quickly.  I’ve found Zedity useful and fun to use.  I have not found that Zedity slows my computer down at all. I personally haven’t had any issues with this plugin.

What to try it out to see some of what Zedity can do??  Download the free version.  The premium version starts at $39 for a personal license; premium gives you a year of free updates, standard support and all of the premium features.


None. I like the creative freedom that Zedity gives me. The more I learn the more I’m impressed.


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