Quest For The Perfect Craft Room Floor Lamp!

I am a HUGE fan of Brightech Products, so when I was offered a chance to review some of their floor lamps I JUMPED at the chance. I’ve been looking for a floor lamp for my craft room and these lamps are PERFECT!!

This first floor lamp is perfect for so many areas in the house. From the craft room to a reading lamp over your favorite comfy chair.

Lamp3Get caught up on your reading
Designed with a reader’s needs in mind, this LED lamp with a flexible head emits bright, crisp light that makes it easier to see fine print clearly. Contour the lamp head 360 degrees in any direction – until the words on the page look exactly right.

Let the light be soft or bright
This versatile floor lamp also features a rotary dimmer on a red electrical cord. Adjust the light to match the hour or the mood you’re in; the dimmer ranges between dusky zero and mega-bright 100.

LED efficiency saves $$$ on your power bill
Long-lasting LED light uses only 9 watts to achieve amazingly bright, warm light without overheating. Color temperature of 5,000-Kelvin optimizes the light’s sharpness – bringing your reading into tight focus.Sci-Fi sleek design
An ultra-slim, all-white long body connects a round base to an orb-like light source in this futuristically minimalist LED floor lamp. The perfect accouterments to science-fiction inspired home décor.

This lamp arrived very well packaged and was the easiest lamp to assemble. It’s sleek and stylish with a very clean simple design. This lamp is very sturdy with a nice broad base with a flexible neck which makes it AMAZING in a craft room!! I can slide the base under my desk and move the actual lamp close enough to work on even the most complex projects. This lamp would be perfect for reading in your favorite comfy chair it will illuminate what’s in your lap not over your head. Since the lamp is so flexible you can shine the light anywhere you need it. The lamp also has a clear plastic insert that hides the bulb.
The flexible neck is extremely sturdy and I don’t believe that it will ever lose it’s flexibility.
I love the fact that there is a dimmer switch (dial control) on the lamp. At its highest this lamp is VERY bright!
I’m not crazy about the cord for two reasons. The first being that the cord comes out of the middle of the lamp. I really thought that The Husband assembled the lamp incorrectly. (See?? I didn’t say wrong!) The second is the fact that the cord is bright red which looks weird next to the bright white lamp. While some folks may like that look, I’m not crazy about it. I think that’s a personal preference and definitely doesn’t take away from my favorite perks of the sturdy base, flexible neck and bright light! Red cord and all I love this floor lamp!!

Next up is the LightView PRO™ SuperBright Magnifier Floor Lamp with 60 LED’s – Extra-Large Lens & Adjustable Height. WOW! This one has some serious power!!


The best, largest magnifying lens & brightest lighting
We make our Magnifier lens of real diopter glass; lesser, cheaper units only paste plastic magnifying sheets onto ordinary glass. Brightech’s high-quality 3-inch diameter lens magnifies 1.75 times – making it possible for the elderly to read newspapers, magazines, and books again.

Possibly the best present you will ever give
Strongly recommended for anyone facing challenges due to macular degeneration. Grandmothers are thrilled with this product: the large magnifying glass brings an entire page into focus – no need to move the book around as they read. Brightech’s Magnifier Floor Lamp gives back the ability to see needlework and stitching close-up once more!

Extra weight on the base for greater stability
Lesser reading lamps lack a sufficiently strong base; Brightech’s design incorporates a much heavier steel base so that the top light won’t tip over and crash into things. The lamp’s slender shape means it doesn’t take up too much space in living rooms. Flexible neck bends and curves to reach your height comfort. Adjust the height from a range of 42 to 55 inches, making this Magnifier Floor Lamp easy to use on tables and other sturdy raised surfaces in addition to flooring.

This has to be the largest magnifying lens I’ve ever used add that to the brightest of lighting and WOW!! This lamp is absolutely a must have for anyone that is having a hard time reading or does close up work. I love that I can work hands free with this lamp!! As a cross stitcher this lamp is a blessing and a half! Some of those smaller canvases are a pill to work on.

This lamp also arrived very well packaged. Another lamp that was super easy to assemble. This lamp puts out a natural, white light. The lamp sports a gooseneck that is so flexible that I can have light anywhere I need it. The gooseneck also makes it super easy to adjust this lamp exactly where I need the light. I can adjust this lamp from 42″ to 55″ which is awesome! Even when I am working for long periods of time this lamp doesn’t get hot which is another great perk.

The lamp lens has a slight green tint to it but doesn’t really show on my projects. The on off switch on the top is an easy to use toggle switch.

I love that the base is slightly off-center so that I can slide it under the couch giving the lamp even more stability although the base is very sturdy on its own.

The lens is made of glass and has great optics and has no distortion at all, it’s crystal clear to use. The light is bright, full spectrum light that allows you to see true color.

The LightView is another amazing light!! Fantastic magnified area! A lamp that doesn’t get hot even after hours of use. Added bonus the base is very sturdy. Added perk I can position this lamp up and out-of-the-way when it’s not in use.

Lamp7This next lamp is the Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp. This lamp is another full spectrum light with a fully adjustable neck. Added bonus this lamp is dimmable.

This lamp is another super easy lamp to assemble.

Press a button… and let there be light!
As easy to operate as it is versatile, this LED floor lamp activates with the mere push of a button. Press the power spot a second time, and the light brightens to its maximum, then gradually dims to its lowest setting, and back again to its highest. When the dimming feature reaches a sweet spot, release the button to hold it there. Then curl up with a book, and read until you dream…

Soft on the eyes, easy on your wallet
LED light source uses only 12 watts; the light comes on instantly with no fluorescent “flicker” at all and no need to replace the bulb every couple of months. 6,000-Kelvin color temperature produces crisp, sharp light – all the better to read your favorite book or magazine by. The lamp’s sturdy base keeps it standing solid, as its flexible head ease-fully pivots up, down, and all around. The Litespan gives you every reason to upgrade from your old fluorescent lamps to this one!

A perfect partner for music hobbyists and professionals
With its adjustable neck, and the ability to dim the light at any point along the spectrum makes the Litespan Floor Lamp indispensable for any studio, home, or office and for any kind of reading material or documents.

This lamp may just be my favorite. This lamp has three main pieces so it was super easy to assemble. Screw the pole together and attach it to the base; DONE. The accordion style flexible neck on this lamp is so flexible and so easy to manipulate so that I can light anywhere I want AND it stays where I put it!! This lamp also has a very thick, weighted, sturdy base. The stem of the lamp is towards the back of the base for added stability. The base is a little too thick to fit under the couch but it fits easily under my desk.

This lamp is very modern looking and uses super efficient LED lights.  LED lights that are dimmable!! Turn the light on and hold down the button until the desired brightness is achieved. Added bonus is the fact that the switch is slightly illuminated so you can find it in the dark.

This is truly a perfect lamp! Plenty of bright white light that I can direct right where I need it. This doesn’t put off heat like incandescent bulbs which means it’s comfortable to leave on for hours.


These are great lamps. Perfect for bright white light! Any one of these lights would be perfect in the livingroom for reading or a craft room for projects. Excellent all the way around!!



  • Kristin Knudsen

    This is a beautiful lamp! I am not currently in the market for a new lamp. But, this would be a great choice for the next one! Soft LED lights are what I’d be looking for….plus, it’s easy to clean!

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This lamp sounds so nice. I love that it is LED and that it has a dimmer switch. This is perfect for so many things. Thank you so much for sharing


    I can see the magnifier lamp coming in useful for all sorts of things from sewing to applying your makeup or using tweezers. It’s very hard to pluck your eyebrows or that pesky stray hair when you haven’t got your glasses on!

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