Plasty Craft Moldable Plastic Pellets Review

I am GIDDY over Plasty Craft; a moldable plastic!! The Grandkids and I were thrilled to be given a jar of these amazing, magical little pellets to review. We had so much fun!! Plasty Craft is so cool to work with!!

Plasty Craft is a moldable plastic that you heat up in hot water for 2 minutes; the pellets go from opaque white to clear. Remove the Plasty Craft from the water and give it a second or two to cool off. Then play! Even as young as 4 year old Alice had fun!! Alice did pretty darn great as she crafted a dog.  The NaNa I wanted to make a gingerbread type man. Ummmm remember I am not that talented in the molding and painting area. BUT, we had a great time!!
Once the Plasty Craft cools off it returns to the opaque white and it’s hard. It’s hard as a ROCK!! Notice we even had 42 pound Alice stand on my creation and nothing. Not a dent or mark on it.

Wouldn’t you know that the day after we made our first molds I received some Lego looking silicone molds. I can’t wait to make some of those with our Plasty Craft, so be sure to watch for those photo’s. The things you can make freehand or with molds is endless. If you are really creative you could go crazy with this stuff.

You’ll want to be sure NOT to heat Plasty Craft over 140 degrees or it’s just too sticky to work with. Also, make sure that your container can handle the 140 degree heat.

This plastic is amazing; if you want to build something complex all you have to do is work with the individual pieces, then heat the pieces for a second or two to bond the pieces together. Everything bonds together easily once you reheat them. There is NO limit to the number of times you can reheat your plastic. AMAZING!!

This large jar of Plasty Craft is a full 17.8 ounces; you can not just create products but you can fix things! Use the Plasty Craft for modeling, repairs or crafts.

Since Plasty Craft is non-toxic I wasn’t worried about the Grandkids playing with this. We made, melted, made, melted all afternoon. The kids (okay me too!) had a BLAST!!

Plasty Craft is so STRONG you can cut it, DRILL it, sand it, paint it YOU can DRIVE over it with your car and you won’t destroy it!!
This is by far the strongest plastic I’ve ever encountered.

You only need a small amount of this moldable plastic so this jar will easily last us all summer long. I have so many ideas in my head!! First I need to make a bracelet, Alice wants to make a Princess crown.

I can’t wait to pull out my candy molds!! I’m thinking we could make some absolutely perfect photo frame embellishments!! Christmas ornaments, play food for the kids playhouse. My mind is going a million miles an hour with the possibilities for this moldable plastic!!


Are you kidding?! This stuff is AMAZING!! The Grandkid and I have a date next Thursday for a Plasty Craft party. We are making jewelry! I’ll bet you’re jealous huh??


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  • Linda Manns Linneman

    I have never heard of this before. You could make so many things. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for sharing. I will have fun doing this with the grandkids.

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