Five Great Reasons You Need To Carry A Scarf!

With all the talk about our impending very wet winter I’ve been stockpiling scarves to my winter wardrobe. No matter where you live, what your weather is like, I have five great reasons that scarves are multi-purpose item you should have.

# 1 Warmth. You can wrap a scarf around your head, around your neck, around your shoulders.
Check out this Checked Tartan Large Scarf Long Shawl Wrap. This wrap is 100% Acrylic, it’s super soft and cuddly! The scarf is 71” long and 26” wide. This scarf is so pretty.

Scarf2# 2 Picnic Blanket.  Large scarfs can provide an emergency picnic blanket. Although I would hate to do it, this Plaid Checked Tartan Scarf is large enough at 73” long and 25.6” wide.  This scarf has the exact look I wanted. Reds, black and white.  Another warm stylish wrap.


# 3 Blanket. Especially on an airplane! I always get cold on plane rides. A large wrap works perfectly as a lap blanket.

# 4 Fashion. A scarf can add that special TOUCH to any outfit. Especially now with the Holiday’s. Scarves are very stylish! You have to see this 79″ long Christmas Snowflake Long Pashmina Scarf. This scarf is the perfect touch to your Holiday outfit. It would also be an awesome gift!!

# 5 Safety. Follow my line of thinking here; one of the travel tips that I’ve learned over the years is ‘Try NOT to look like a tourist!” That’s not easy! I carry a big camera. I take a LOT of pictures. When I’m not taking pictures I use my scarf to cover my camera.

These scarves are all warm, soft and so reasonably priced at under $10 each!!


One minor whine, the scarf that I highlighted in #2, did have a couple of snags in it. Since the other two scarves had absolutely no flaws I do think this was a fluke, but I did want to mention it. Overall, I’m very pleased with all three of my new scarves. They are each soft and stylish! You really can’t beat the price!!
I also want to mention these scarves come from China so they require a LOT of extra shipping time.



  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve always wanted to be one of those elegant women who could casually toss a scarf around my neck, lol. But I stink at tying scarves! I think I need a tutorial in scarf tying!


    Great tip about covering your camera with a scarf! Every little helps to stop you standing out from the crowd when in a strange city.

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