Airtech Backpack From Airbac

The countdown to Yosemite Camping Trip 13 days. ACKKK!! So much more to do!! Thankfully, I have found my backpack!! The folks over at AIRBAC graciously sent me the AirTech Backpack. Wait until you see this gem!!

When the bag arrived I thought perhaps it was going to be a little too big for day hikes. That is not the case!! This will hold everything we need from lunch, to cameras and everything in between. All in a very organized fashion!!

So, what’s so special about the Airtech Backpack?? A LOT actually; starting with the fact that the bag has air cushioned padding inside; which is refillable using a bike pump!! Check the above pictures; the first photograph shows you the cushion that rests at your lower back. Second and third photos show you the valve with and without the cap. The padding isn’t just to protect your electronic devices like laptops and tablets, but it actually makes the load feel LIGHTER!! I’m thoroughly impressed!! This backpack feels lighter than any other backpack I’ve used.

Through out this bag are cushioned pockets along with padding on the bottom of the bag which makes me confident that this bag will withstand rugged hikes and grandkids that are none to gentle in tossing the NaNa’s backpack around looking for the goodies I’ve brought!!

I’m just plain giddy over the many pockets and compartments! Seriously room for everything!! Check out the cute little cell phone button! I love that little touch; it just makes me smile! Also attached in the front zippered compartment is a clip for my keys. No digging around hunting for my keys!! I LOVE that!!! Big net pockets that easily hold my smaller camera, flashlight and small first aid kit.

There are two side pockets that will easily carry water bottles.

The Airtech has some major padding on the shoulder straps that make this backpack so comfortable to wear. There is a sternum strap to keep the bag from sliding off your shoulders. However there isn’t a waist belt which I do miss.

While I won’t be taking my laptop with me to Yosemite it’s great to know that it would fit in my AirTech and be fully protected. It will however hold everything we take on our hikes with room to spare.

The AirTech is a multi-functional backpack, ideal for middle- schoolers to adults. This best-selling option can be used for a variety of activities including school, travel and outdoor recreation.


Other than no waist belt, I haven’t got a single whine!! This is a comfortable backpack to wear. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color combination of black with orange accents. So many compartments and pockets I am giddy. THIS is a fantastic backpack!!!



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