Handheld Magnifier Review

Ya know sometimes I don’t think things through all the way!! For instance, I was recently approached by Ken over at DealBasic, one of the Co-Founders of DealBasic. He asked if I would be interested in reviewing their Handheld Magnifier; so what did I do? I basically yelled at him for not asking me sooner!! Thankfully Ken has a great sense of humor and still sent me the magnifier along with his apology for not reaching out sooner. Am I spoiled or WHAT?!?!

Writing reviews is some times a challenge. I want to give you as much information about a product as I can. But, seriously some of these labels are so tiny I try to go from room to room for more light, I try using my magnifier which really doesn’t give me any help at all. Eventually, I give up and ask DH to try to read the label and we start the process all over again!

I’m GIDDY over this 3.4″ diameter magnifier with 8 LED functions!! OH MAMA!! This is one sweet Handheld Magnifier!!

This magnifier has a small area that has 20x magnification power. I do wish that area was a little bigger, but the fact that this magnifier lights up with LED lights, I’m not complaining!! I can see everything I need too. I am thrilled with the clear, crisp, un-distorted text, image or whatever I choose to magnify.

The primary lens provides a 10x magnification. This magnifier is very lightweight and it’s very comfortable to hold; with a skid-proof rubber padded handle.

I’ve very EASILY been able to read the smallest texts in part thanks to the eight white LED lights that add the perfect amount of light, right where I need it!! I’m THRILLED!!

I’m also thrilled that the batteries last a long time even using this magnifier as much as I do.

The magnifier lights are even bright enough to use in a dark room!!

BONUS!! This Handheld Magnifier has a violet light that illuminates and makes holograms on money more conspicuous. This would be a PERFECT tool for businesses to detect counterfeit money and checking legal documents.

For optimal image magnification, shadow-free and clearer view; the whole lens’ rim is dotted with eight bright white LED lights. This makes it absolutely usable in the dark. Furthermore, this magnifier comes with a counterfeit money detection violet light that is cleverly situated on the top of the handle. These long-lasting and energy-efficient LED lights are easily switched on/off with a conveniently accessible depressed power button situated on the handle and are powered by three AAA batteries.


NOT a single ONE!! This is a very versatile magnifier!! Added bonus, this magnifier arrives with a carrying bag so I can take it with me wherever I go. Take that you little labels!! I WIN!!! Thank you to DealBasic and I forgive you for waiting so long to choose me to write this review.



  • Tamra Phelps

    I need this. My vision keeps getting worse, lol, & the magnifier I have is just a card type thing, & it can make the print a little distorted.

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