My Quick Lingerie Buying Guide!

Shopping for clothes is important, and often enjoyable, especially when you are looking for a special outfit or a present for someone. Sadly, buying underwear is nowhere near as much fun. But, it has to be done. Investing in good quality lingerie is important if you want to feel comfortable and look your best.
Bra Fitting Guide

You know yourself that you always look better in a dress if you are wearing a bra that offers plenty of level of support. Not to mention the fact that there is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing a pair of underwear that are too tight and cut into you in all the wrong places.

Get yourself measured

If you have not done so for a while, get yourself measured professionally. As we age, we all change size and shape. Usually, more than we realize. To stand any chance of buying a bra that looks nice, offers a good level of support and is comfortable, you need to know your bra size.

Now I know many of you will not be convinced that getting measured is really necessary. I probably fell into that category until I learned that up to 64% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. The fact that there were 10,000 participants involved in the study made me realize that getting measured regularly is a good idea for most of us.

If you do not really want someone in a shop measuring you, do not worry because you can easily do it yourself, at home. This short video shows you how to get it right, and work out what style of bras are most likely to work for you.

How you are planning to wear your lingerie

When buying lingerie you need to think about when you will wearing it. There is no point in buying a multi-strap bra for your holidays if you will be wearing the latest cold shoulder style of dress. For you, a multi-way or strapless bra would be a much better option.

It is also important to think about what activities you will be doing while wearing your new lingerie. Someone who has a highly physical job, like a nurse, would need a bra that she can rely on to stay in place and offer her a good level of support.

Buy good quality lingerie

Generally speaking, it is best to spend a little extra and buy good quality lingerie when you can afford to do so. It will look good for longer, and you will not have to go shopping for underwear as often.

Check the care label before you buy

Most of us lead busy lives, so do not really want to have to wash anything by hand. Lingerie is delicate, so it is especially important to check the care label before buying. You will be able to put most of what you find in the shops in the washing machine, but you should never just assume that this will be the case.


  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh boy, I do hate having to bye undies, lol. They are a pain to figure out the sizes online (every brand seems to have their own chart) and soooo expensive now.

  • Terri S.

    I’ve never been professionally measured to know if I’m wearing the right bra size. Thanks for the link to the video that showed me how to measure correctly at home.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I HATE having to buy underwear! Seriously, what happened to my hormones in my 40s? Suddenly I had big boobs & high-street/department store buys were a thing of the past.

  • CJ

    I try to buy better quality lingerie when I do go shopping for them. You do get what you pay for – and though you sometimes want to buy cheaper it’ll cost you more in the end because they fall apart quicker. Happened to me a couple of times.

  • Rosie

    I have to admit, I tend to shop for style then hope I can make it “fit.” I bought a few bras online that I hadn’t worn, tried the first one today, it is more snug than I would normally like, but no bringing it back – I got them last year! This is good info.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I don’t buy a lot of lingerie, lol, but I do buy bras, & I hate bras that just don’t fit well. You definitely should be measured!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, a bed jacket always makes me think of those wonderful old 1940s movies, with elegant actresses! I so want a bed jacket now!

  • michele

    My aunt always told me to buy good.. buy less but good.. then she took me to her lingerie shop in the West 40’s in Manhattan and bought me my first blue satin bed jacket…I was spoiled from then

  • CJ

    I can attest that that statistic is true. I was wearing the incorrect bra size for years, then I got properly measured, and now I look better and have more support.

  • Rosie

    I’ve read that most women do not wear the correct size bra. And nowadays with underpants often being some weird style, it is worth the time and attention to get things right! Esp now with ordering online, it is a hassle to return things, getting something not quite right isn’t worth it.

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