Alexa Ranking…. I’m at it again

Seriously!!  Can anyone help me understand Alexa Ranking?  I really am about to remove the toolbar and just forget the whole thing!!!  I’m so frustrated!!!

In September  I started really trying to lower my score.  I posted a whole list of things I was going to do.  AND DID!!!!!!  This was my starting score.  (Remember lower is better for Alexa…. everything else higher is better)

Alexa Rank Sept 2012

I was determined to fix! I asked the ever knowing google “What Happened to my Alexa Ranking?” pages and pages of people asking the same thing. Truthfully, I found as many different idea’s of getting a lower Alexa Ranking as there is getting a better Google rank!  Every site had a different theory. So, I picked 9 steps and these are the things I plan to do, have done, will continue to do. I’ll update you in, let’s say 30 days! 

#1. Every site agrees the most important step is having the Alexa toolbar installed (DUH! That’s a given!). I’ve had mine installed for sometime now. 

#2  Write……. a lot…… I do!! I DO!!  I write every single day.  (If you write they will come! They’ll come back just to see if your promise, of ‘there will BE SOMETHING HERE EVERY DAY’ is still true)

#3  Self promote…. hummm. Okay, maybe I don’t do that enough?  I tweet a lot. My own kids have blocked me from their facebook pages. But, I will try and find more places to promote myself. 

#4  Better post titles/headlines.  Writing a catchy title can help, because, face it….. you want more  traffic.So be prepared for some ‘creative’ titles headed your way. (I can do that right??)
#5 Part B One of my wonderful readers wrote this comment: So I decided to update the post and 
delete number 5. Thank you Shauna!!

#6  Graphics.  HELLO?? I don’t have many blog posts without graphics. 

#7  A tip I saw on several sites that surprised me, is tweaking/refreshing some of your old content     and re-posting them as new. Ohhh wait… I probably shouldn’t have told you I’m going to do that…  erase erase… forget I said anything about that one. We’ll just call it de-ja-vue! 

#8  Guest posts!!  Okay, that’s one I haven’t done.I guess it’s time! So who’s gonna volunteer to be first?

#9  Asking for an Alexa review from my visitors. I usually put that in my giveaways but, I haven’t come right out and begged asked WHINED for a review.  I did that!!  Now I have 84 reviews and my score is…….. worse now THAN EVER!!!!!!!!  This is today’s January 6th 2013

Alexa Rank January 2013
Now what makes this entire thing more frustrating and irritating??   In October my score was: 
Alexa Rank October 2012
So……. my question to you is…….. have you gotten off the Alexa roller coaster?  I’m thinking it would be a lot less stress……. probably less work headed my way too…….  BUT I could also concentrate on my Google Score. 
So??  Thoughts???  
BTW my Alexa score jumped the highest after I paid and upgraded to basic $9.99 plan.  With the free plan my score was lowering!!  WHAT?!??!  
Help!?  Anyone?  Thoughts?  What’s worked for you?? 


  • AdriLisa

    Wait a little while – don’t panic – You’ll probably hit Rank 3 very soon and everything will fall into place, well, I certainly wish it for you.

  • Diane K.Brimmer

    I have a hard time with Alexa as well. Hard to get it set up to write a review on great bloggers like yourself. You are doing an awesome job! Thank you! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a scam to me. Who cares what Alexa thinks anyway, I’ve never even heard of them. I say focus on Google. 🙂 -Fro.

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