Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drop Give Away!!

Pine Brothers giveaway!! 8 pucks worth!! Well, I’m not sure which one came first …….. my dry cough or the Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops in my mailbox.  I’m just SO GLAD that I did have the Pine Brothers in my arsenal!!  You know that, middle of the night cough??  That one you can’t shake?  Water won’t cure it.  You can’t sleep .. because you can’t quit coughing??  I don’t have a cold. I just have a cough. Well, it arrived around the same time as my box of Pine Brothers did.  First, the drops are softish……. they are almost like a gummy but harder.  Number two… which should be number one with streamers and confetti……  They don’t have that ‘medicine’ taste. I am SO EXCITED about that!!!!!!  Pine Brothers Softish Throat drops taste GREAT!!!  We’re talking they taste AMAZING!!!!!!!  SO HAPPY and back to sleep I go!!

Pine Brothers giveaway!! 8 pucks worth!! Okay, I have to admit before I tried the Pine Brothers I truly believed that a throat drop/lozenge had to taste bad to be effect….. Pine Brothers proved that was a total myth.

So, after 15 years, Pine Brothers is back!! Pine Brothers was established in 1870!!  That’s 140 years of expertise.  BIG bonus…. Pine Brothers is made in the USA.

I love the refillable little puck, it fits nicely in my purse. SWEET!!!

I love love love the taste!!!  Being the first part of the year I’m trying another run at this whole weight loss thing, so I am thrilled that each drop is only 5 calories!!  WOOOO HOOOO!!!!

Pine Brothers is giving one extremely lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower an EIGHT pack of Pine Brother Pucks!! Your choice of Wild Cherry or Natural Honey (or a mix!)  Just in time for the cough season!!  You’ll be so glad you have Pine Brothers in your cabinet!  I promise!!

I have to share the blooper reel from Pine Brothers because as a blogger, sometimes I take 100+ pictures just to get one shot to share with my followers.  Sometimes my little models (And the older ones…) just don’t want to cooperate…..  This blooper reel cracked me UP!!!  Now…. see?? This is why I don’t do video reviews!!

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