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Being a blogger I am blessed to be given the opportunity to share with you different products and give you my impressions. Today I want to tell you about AlureVe, this is a direct sales skincare company that just launched in Sept 2015. I was given a 3 day supply AlureVe products; AlureVe Day & Night Syndergy Serum and AlureVe Day & Night Invisipatch Night Cream.

The sample packets are small, so that really hit home that you don’t need a lot of product for your entire face and decolletage. I love that! Both the Serum and the Night Cream spread easily around my skin.

Next thing I truly loved was the fact that they absorbed so quickly and completely. I was not left with sticky or greasy feeling skin. The next day my skin felt amazing!! Smooth and very soft. As someone who has oily skin I’m very impressed how my skin feels right after application and hours later.

Discover the power of a completely new advancement in skin care science with AlureVé. This 4.5 minute video walks you through this powerful skin care line that is creating amazing results on people’s skin.

1. Our inventor Dr. Danyi Quan.  Have you heard of the patch?  You know, like a pain patch, hormone patch, nicotine patch, etc… Well, Dr. Danyi Quan is the world expert behind these technologies. She is THE AUTHORITY in Transdermal Patch Delivery Systems. So, if you’ve used a patch before, you’ve already experienced her technology. Dr. Quan has utilize her expertise to create a targeted treatment patch for ANTI-AGING.  Dr. Danyi Quan is the owner of 27 patents, and the first and only Dermatological Pharmmaceutical inventor  working exclusively in Pharmaceuticals for 30 yrs to bring a product to the over the counter worldOTC.

2- Delivery– With 25 years of research and development Dr. Quan uses her Time-Released Pharmaceutical Delivery System technology to deliver AlureVé evenly THROUGH the layers of skin to the epidermis where it works on a cellular level; most OTC products deliver a small portion of ingredients unevely into your sporadically placed pores only while the rest of the product is evaporatesed.

3-Ingredients- All of our ingredients are Pharmaceutical-Grade (99.9% pure and meets FDA regulations); most OTC products are only Cosmetic-Grade (70% pure and FDA allows 30% bacteria in products).

4-Potency- Dr. Quan uses Cold Processing so all products are 100% potent; mostOTC products heat (and even boil) ingredients to bind, which reduces vital potency.

5-Proof- Clinical studies prove AlureVé patches deliver up to 5500% more ingredient into the skin than standard skin care. Dr. Quan owns patents on Full-Formula DNA Genomic Testing and can prove to the DNA level that AlureVé is working to make your skin behave like young skin cells.

I am really impressed with the before and after pictures! Check it OUT and be prepared to say WOW!



What a great product! Absorbs quickly and thoroughly. Makes my skin feel amazing! I have to admit my 57 year old skin looks pretty good right now too!



  • Kelly O

    Wow, those photos are amazing. I think that good moisturizer/face serum is so important. Not just to stay young looking, but to keep the skin from getting dry and damaged.

  • Pamela Gurganus

    These products sound amazing! The before and after pictures are great too. These products sound like they’d be good for me because I have oily skin too and need something that doesn’t leave my skin greasier than it is. Thanks for sharing this information.


    If you like this then try to get your hands on a sample of Vichy’s Sleep serum – it’s brilliant! Just the tiniest amount soaks into your face etc overnight & next morning my face looks awake, alive & glowing! The rest of me might be achy and worn out but you wouldn’t know it to look at me. I was so impressed that I went out & bought a pot of the stuff to give to myself at Chriatmas!

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