Mayan iPad Air Case Review


If you’ve been around Peanut Butter and Whine awhile you already know that I am addicted to well, a LOT of stuff and top on the list is iPad cases! My goal is to be able to have a coordinating case for every outfit. (I wish I were kidding. Sadly, I am NOT!)

I absolutely love the colors and material of my new Mayan iPad Air 2 Case.

This Mayan case is made with woven Mayan fabric. This fabric woven on wooden looms using techniques that have been passed down for generations; ever since Mayans ruled Latin America.

Did you know that the patterns on the Mayan Fabric is an indication as to what tribe you belong too? It also indicates if you are married, what our social status is as well.

This case beautiful to look at. The main color is a deep read with streaks of orange, black with small accents of white. The lower quarter of the case is a brown suede leather with an embossed Mayan Case logo. I couldn’t be more pleased with the look and the feel of this iPad Air 2 cover.  Inside has the look of ostrich leather. There are two pockets that can hold cards or a note pad. My iPad is inside a well-fitting base. I don’t have any worries that my iPad will fall out.

I can position my iPad in several different orientations in landscape mode. The iPad doesn’t slip or fall. The case doesn’t allow for vertical viewing.


I do have a couple of whines. First the camera hole is partially covered and creates a shadow in my photos. This doesn’t pose a problem for me because I hardly ever use my Air for photos. The second whine would be an odd lump on the cover. This might get fixed by weighing the cover down for a couple of days. The last whine I have is the magnetic tab that closes the case, I wish there was a magnet on the back side to hold the tab away from the screen, it’s only annoying when I’m binge watching Downton Abbey. These are all minor whines. Overall the case protects my iPad Air 2 and looks gorgeous too.

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