Alvantor Campout Adventure Play Tent Review

Oh my gosh!! Cuteness overload here!! Wait until you see this play tent!!

First the Critter Camp Play Tent is easy to put up IF you pay attention to the shape of the poles. The PVC poles are attached together with rope. From the straight pieces to the corner pieces. Once you have the first set together you will notice that the front is wider than the back. Make sure you do the same for the top set of poles. It sounds more confusing than it is. I had the poles backwards so nothing fit!! Then I took a closer look at the base and everything really fell together after that.

With the help of 4-year-old Alice we had this tent assembled and together in under 15 minutes. You know that means set up would have probably been faster withOUT the help…. right??

I am amazed at how large the Alvantor Campout Adventure Play Tent is. Alice and I can play inside together easily. We laid out sleeping bags and watched a movie together!  There is no roof so adults can stand up easily too.

This is the cutest tent!! Alice has a BLAST inside!! Please take a listen for Alice’s Critter Camp animal call. This kid cracks me UP!!

The nylon design is super cute!! Fun cartoon type animals in bright colors. I promise you the pictures do not do this tent justice!

To take down the tent is even quicker and easier. Everything stores together in a nylon bag. I want to add that it isn’t a struggle to get everything back in the nylon bag either. Everything fits easily.

The tent is 59″ by 48″ by 35″ and weighs just 3 pounds!


Alice had so much fun in this tent!! It’s roomy, colorful and stores away easily!! This Critter Camp Play Tent is tons of fun!! And truly looks better in real life!



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