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GoPro Accessories Bundle Kit Review #ActionCameraKit

Go Pro’s are the new best way to record every cool thing you can with technology that goes ANYWHERE, handle bars of your bike, deck of a skateboard, suction cupped to the front of a SUP board, affixed to a chest strap on your dog. I bought my husband a GoPro last year for his birthday and a couple of accessories but it was hard to decide what accessories would be the best to start with. I bought the handlebar accessory and a head mount and throughout the year we would see videos or people with really cool accessories that we didn’t even know existed.

Like every other tech tool there are tons of accessories and when you accumulate piles of accessories you need some place to store them. Had I known a year ago that the 31 in 1 Sports Kit Accessories Bundle Kit for GoPro From ActionCameraKit existed I would have bypassed all of the anxiety of trying to choose one accessory over another and would have purchased this all-inclusive kit.

What it comes with and why you need it:

Floating grip (perfect for snorkeling) I rented one in Hawaii to record my scuba trip at the Molokini Crater, Maui

Selfie Pole – look to any teenager they seem to have these permanently attached to their hand. As embarrassing as I find these poles I have to admit they are really ingenious. As parents we often are forced to video or photograph the family minus one parent. Think of your childhood photos, how many are mom or dad absent from? Now there is no excuse! I can’t wait use this in Yosemite this spring!

Flexible tripod – gorilla tripod perfect for stabilizing your camera in an unstable terrain. I used one in Italy attached to a tree so I could photograph my tour group.

Bicycle Mount hooks to the handlebars for recording rides on trails, your kids first time riding a bicycle or recording a bear on a trail in Yosemite valley

Suction Mount ideal for attaching to the front of your surfboard or stand up paddle board

Head strap – ideal for hiking, for recording a sunrise from the top of Haleakala National Park in Maui. Its cold up there and being able to record and keep my hands in my pockets was awesome!

Chest Harness – want to see life from the perspective of your toddler? Kids love to wear the harness. We put one on a mentor dog during a puppy kindergarten class. It was adorable.

Wrist Strap – this one has me a little stumped but if my daughters current obsession with YouTube “unwrapped” videos has taught me anything it’s that bloggers use the strap to hold their camera while unwrapping Shopkins blind baskets or surprise eggs.

Other necessary accouterments included: 12 anti-fog inserts, 1 side mount, 2 adhesive mounts, 1 wrench, 2 curved adhesive mounts, 1 flat QuickClip, 1 vertical QuickClip, 1 locking plug and 1 8gb SD card.

All of this fits nicely into a hard case with foam inserts to protect your camera. Don’t have a GoPro? Don’t worry – the accessories work on any brand.

Of all the GoPrWedding16o accessories and kits this is by far my favorite! Let the adventures begin!!!
This post was written by my daughter Selena, a regular contributor here on PBnWhine. Learn more about Selena HERE


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  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve been seeing GoPros all over the internet & I admit I’ve been tempted to spring for one. I had no idea there were that many possible accessories, but I agree it would be better to go for this kit than try to pick & choose.

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