Win a Diamond Candle OR $25 PayPal. Single blog!! GIVEAWAY!!

Congratulations to Robin A!!  Robin I hope you’ll send me a photo of your ring so I can show everyone!!  I really hope there is a $5000 ring inside!! Please send a photo!! I love seeing the prizes!!

I guess you guys aren’t bored with this giveaway yet. So, let’s do it AGAIN!!! Good LUCK!!!!

The PayPal part of this giveaway is open World Wide. The candle will have to be a USA winner. Sorry!

As a reminder I am paying for this giveaway out of my pocket sooooo……. all of the entries are about me. Me, me, oh and did I mention……… ME! If you have been following Peanut Butter and Whine for awhile you can breeze through these entries they are the same month after month!! Or do a couple every visit! You know… when you come back to tweet and vote for me!! Maybe click a link or two….. I am all about the subtle hints!!

The giveaway is my way of thanking each and every one of you for coming back! Clicking links, checking out my sponsors is a way to thank ME for the giveaways. The more pages you click the better my numbers, the more giveaways I can afford to hold on my own. It’s a WIN WIN!!

Soooo….. y’all come back now, ya here?? GOOD LUCK!!! I hope that my winners will send me a picture of their ring if they choose the Diamond Candle over the cash.

Good LUCK!! In case you want one now follow this link for 20% off!! Especially with Mother’s Day coming May 11th!


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  • Jamie

    I am sooo glad you are offering this giveaway!! I will be so excited to get a diamond candle we had a classic candle and i loved it so much!!!We look forward to getting a diamond candle!!

  • Sarah Oswald

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a butterfly pin that my mother gave me when I was in my teens. Since my mom is not around anymore I wear it when I dreass up even though Im not a person that is one to wear pins. It makes me think of her every time I see or wear it.

  • Pam Mc

    When my hubbby and I were dating he bought me my birth stone ring an emerald and, ever since then (35 years) I have wanted a pair of emerald earings so for my birthday which happened to on Mother’s day he suprised me an too me to a jewlery store and let pick out a pair of my own.

  • Tara Woods

    My favorite jewelry is a pair of silver hoop earrings. I saw a them on QVC many years ago and they are still my favorite.

  • Erin M

    I just started getting more into jewelry. When I was younger, it was never really my “thing”. I love my great-grandmother’s pearl earrings (I wear them all of the time!) I also love my Catherine Popesco Bracelets!

  • stacy

    I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, so most of what I have is really special. But my favorite piece of jewelry would have to be the ring my husband got me for our tenth anniversary last year. Not only is it big and shiny, it is a reminder of how much we still love each other.

  • Judy Thomas

    I have a glass pendant that my Aunt made with Japanese writing on it and the translation to English is “Dream”.I love it so much and don’t take it off even in the shower. It is very special to me 🙂

  • Kortney Picker

    My favorite jewelry is my wedding ring, it is really the only thing I own that is real. I don’t own any other jewelry that has real stones or gold.

  • Tamra Phelps

    This may sound nuts, but the best piece of jewelry I ever got was a little fish necklace that came from a bubble gum machine & cost a quarter. It came from my 4 or 5 year old cousin & I knew that was his only quarter! So sweet!

  • clynsg

    I have an opal ring that I bought just because I liked it. Apparently a lot of other people also like it, because I have received more compliments on it than on virtually anything else.

  • Anne Marie Carter

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace that my husband made for me years ago.. He cut a heart out of sheet metal, and polished it. He then strung various amber colored beads on to the necklace.

  • Roxanne Carson

    I am a huge Candle and Jewelry Lover. My favorite Jewelry gift I like to find in Candles or receive are the rings. They dont have to be real, I just like to accessorize with them I love giving Necklaces and Bracelets that have a special meaning behind them. Jewelry and candles are a girls best friend..

  • alesha ol

    my most important pieces of jewelry are my engagement rings, wedding bands and class rings,none of which I can wear now,as they are too big, as I have lost quite a bit of weight-makes my dh mad, but they can’t be resized, due to the metal and engraving,sooo..they are put up, and now it is onto 20th anniversary,haha in hopes of winning the lotto for something to replace

  • Tammy Schweitzer

    My favorite of jewelry is the first major one was my class ring I even paid for more then 1/2 the ring back then ring were not that cheap

  • Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    The best piece of jewelry I ever received was my engagement ring and my wedding ring. My husband got down on one knee to ask me to marry him in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

  • Melissa S

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my mother’s ring. I have been wearing it every day for 17 years, and I still smile every time I look at it.

  • Dawn Monzu

    My favorite piece of jewelry is and will probably always be my wedding ring. I’m not married anymore, but it meant so much to me at the time, I can’t imagine anything else meaning as much.

  • April Chasteen

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my Mother’s necklace with my daughter’s names and birthstones. I also love my Pandora bracelet! Any type of jewelry that has meaning to it or is personalized is my favorite of all time! 🙂

  • Danielle Budka

    Although I lost it I love the necklace set my boyfriend got me a while ago for our anniversary. It said He Who Holds the Key to My Heart on my necklace, while his was a perfect fit key. I wish I wouldn’t have lost it, I guess that is what I get for being clumsy 😡 Thanks so much! I have wanted to try Diamond Candles forever now 🙂

  • Mary Jenkins

    I probably should say my wedding set, but I have a little silver bracelet my first boyfriend gave me when I was 17. It’s not precious to me because of him, but because it’s proof I used to be 17. lol

  • Rhonda Martin

    My wedding set is my favorite piece of jewelry. It white gold which is what I like. I never wear gold. It’s sterling silver or white gold for me. The set I have is actually an antique set. It is very exotic which is what I love about it. Thanks for sharing this review and giveaway!

  • Ann Fantom

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a gold bracelet I got in the Bahamas on my honeymoon.
    Everytime I wear it, it reminds me of that trip.

  • Peter Jones

    My first jewelry gift was an onyx ring from my father.The most memorable was a Bulova watch from my wife still as good as new today

  • Sonya Sparks

    I’m a watch lover. I’m practically an addict. I have so many of them. My favorite is a wrap around watch that looks like a bracelet. I get so many compliments on it. It is my absolute favorite piece of jewelry!

  • Maegan Morin

    My favorite piece of jewelery is a this giant oval shaped lapis lazuli set in silver. Its simple but it really jumps out at you. I really love it.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I have a beautiful necklace my fiance’ created for me.I think what made it so special is that he put alot of thought into the charms he selected.

  • Jennifer Hiles

    Such a great giveaway! I think my favorite piece of jewelry would have to be my engagement ring. My husband picked it out himself and it is perfect 🙂

  • Kelly O'M

    My favorite piece of jewelry is gold locket that has two photos of my dad in it. I was given it after my father passed away. Although I never wear it, it means quite a bit to me 🙂

  • Natalie Brown

    Hello! My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. It’s a 2 ct marquis cut surrounded by .75 ct of smaller marquis diamonds. I love it!! Thank-you

  • Natalie

    My favorite piece of jewelry is the cross necklace my mom gave me this year. It has “faith” inscribed in it and means a lot to me!

  • Olesia Flegka

    I love bracelets, because I can change them according to outfit colors, add them to an arm candy, toy and have lots of fun))

  • Lynne

    I gave my sister a stamped washer necklace for Christmas last year. It had her intial in the center, and the names of her kids around the edge. One of her girls has an unusual name, so it is difficult to find – having a piece stamped especially for her was a great gift.

  • Robin Abrams

    My favorite piece of Jewelry is my Sapphire and diamond ring. I also have a matching necklace very pretty set

  • Cathy French

    my favorite piece of jewelry is my blue topaz ring. It was my mothers and I think of her everytime I wear it.

  • Cathy French

    my favorite piece of jewelry is a blue topaz ring. It was my mothers and I think of her everytime I wear it.

  • Addie F.

    My favorite piece of jewelry is probably the 14k gold charm bracelet that was my mom’s, which she gave to me on my 21st birthday. It has so much history and it’s gorgeous and reminds me of her every time I wear it!

  • Kathleen

    I love my wedding set that my husband surprised me with on our 10th anniversary. My original set is pretty small and inexpensive because that’s what we could afford at the time…

  • nancyfancypink

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a pair of earrings I have. They have channeled diamonds in white gold. They were a birthday gift from my husband when we were just dating. So, not only are they pretty, but they are special to me.

  • ginette4

    My favourite piece of jewelry is my wedding set, my husband had it custom made and it’s gorgeous, it’s over 25 years old now.. 🙂

  • Birgit

    My fave piece are white gold diamond studs which I received from my Mom when I graduated from University. I practically wear them all the time, because they are so timeless and beautiful, plus they go with pretty much everything.

  • Mai Tran

    My favorite jewel piece is Bridal Necklace, Vintage Wedding Jewelry, Rhinestone Bridal Necklace, Silver Leaf Wedding Necklace, EDEN from luxedeluxe etsy shop. Thanks for the giveaway!

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