Kite Hill Dairy Free Yogurt

I was recently contacted by Kite Hill to try their dairy free yogurt. Kite Hill shipped me a box of their yogurts; 4-year-old Alice and I headed off to the store to gather a few other yogurts so we could hold our own taste testing comparisons. Whole Foods has a great selection of vegan yogurts I might add. Since I am not vegetarian or lactose intolerant I truly was awestruck that there were so many dairy free choices!!
KiteThe reason I chose Alice to be a test tester is because this kid is a yogurt addict. I swear this child would eat yogurt 10 times a day if you let her, so I trust her opinion. The Husband and myself were the other two testers and here are the verdicts.
We pitted the same flavors of each of these yogurts against Kite Hill.
Silk Dairy Free Yogurt
Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative 
Almond Dream Non-Dairy Yogurt

Starting with Silk Dairy Free Yogurt; I have to say if I had tried a dairy free yogurt for the first time and picked up Silk; I would probably never try another dairy free. EVER. I did not like this yogurt at all. The consistency is thick but it’s overly sweet.

Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative.  I love Greek yogurt, I love the texture and the taste, Daiya was actually very close to real dairy yogurt. I liked this yogurt a lot. However Kite Hill still had that yogurt taste that I love. Not too sweet. Just good yogurt.

Almond Dream Non-Dairy Yogurt.Not a fan. Really, not a fan. I am so glad I had the Kite Hill!!
I love the taste, texture and look of all the Kite Hill Yogurt. Kite Hill tastes like REAL yogurt. These yogurts are not as sweet as most of the other dairy free yogurts which I really liked. With that said, I was NOT a fan of the plain yogurt, but then to be fair, I don’t like plain yogurt in ANY brand.

Kite Hill has five flavors of cultured Yogurt; plain, blueberry, peach, strawberry, and vanilla. I LOVE the vanilla! You can even see little specks of vanilla in the yogurt. YUM!! The peach has little chunks of fresh peaches. YUMMMMMM!! I can’t wait to try to freeze these for frozen summer treat.

Almond milk yogurt is made with live probiotic cultures including S. Thermophilus, L.Bulgaricus, L.Acidopholus, and Bifidobacteria. Kite Hill has no preservatives or artificial colors. I truly believe Kite Hill yogurt is the best dairy-free yogurt on the market. YUM!!!!! I even added one of our favorite Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurts in the mix and Kite Hill won there too!!

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  • Rosie

    These yogurts sound wonderful. I love the flavors, not all mixed up, but just perfect! I never tire of trying new yogurt, and I used to make my own, and now I appreciate store bought.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’m with Alice: I LOVE yogurt. I can be picky, though. I don’t usually care for the diet yogurts; the texture always seems too thin or gritty, even. I haven’t tried a dairy-free yet. But it sounds like this one might be a winner. I’ll look for it.

  • Patty R.

    Yogurt is good for you, but I just have not been able to find a flavor that I can handle more than a couple bites of. I just don’t know what it is about yogurt, but I just can’t handle it.


    I’ve given up on branded yoghurt & make my own (really easy!). Even those labelled ‘organic’ may have organic milk but so often contain other additives.

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