How to Beat These Common Exercise Excuses!

wh-commercial-workout-curtsy-squatExcuses for not going to the gym are hardly ever legitimate. It’s easy to use excuses as a get-out-of-jail-free-card for not getting in an exercise session. Just about everyone who exercises regularly have at one point or another skipped a training session due to an excuse. Find out why the following common excuses don’t hold water.

Excuse #1: I’m strapped for Time

Can you wake up half an hour earlier every morning? If you absolutely need your shuteye, can you give up some of your TV, Internet surfing, or social media time? Yes, making time for exercise does require some sacrifice, but the rewards are well worth it. Also keep in mind that exercise doesn’t have to make up a single session. You can divide it into several mini sessions completed throughout the day. When you’re on your lunch break, do a set of deep knee bends in your office, or complete a set of push-ups during a television commercial break.

Exercise #2: Exercise Is Boring

If exercise feels repetitious, or you’re simply unmotivated, then find a mode of workout that interests you. Remember, exercise doesn’t solely entail lifting iron or going for a run. If you enjoy sports, for example, a game of basketball, soccer, or other high intensity sport constitutes as a workout. Listening to music or watching television during exercise may also stave off boredom.

Exercise #3: I Have Kids to Tend To

Your little rascals can indeed be a handful. However, why not incorporate them into your exercise? Kid-friendly exercise includes group bike rides, family runs, or sports like badminton or even Wii Sports. Many gyms allow kids and some even have a daycare center or a kids club. These usually include a supervised room complete with toys, indoor playgrounds, and a free-roaming environment. Gyms that allow kids can be found in most workout facilities especially since the fitness industry caters to parents as one of its primary demographics. Should add here that I have a lazy spouse?

Exercise #4: I’ve Exercised Before With Dismal Results

If you did not achieve your fitness goals previously, then reevaluate your ambitions. Are your goals realistic? In other words, if you expect to look like Mr. Olympia or a swimsuit model within a month’s time, then you already set yourself up for failure. Break your goals into smaller sub-goals that can be achieved within a reasonable time frame.

Excuses Are for Looking for a Way Out

Having an exercise routine and sticking to it isn’t easy, but that’s no reason to make up an excuse to wiggle your way out of a commitment to stay lean and healthy. If you’re dedicated enough, you will always find a way to get your exercise in.



    I think my excuse is that I’m just plain lazy! But like most things with me, once I start I actually enjoy it. I won’t be able to walk for the next couple of months after my op next week, but the last time that happened I actually got fit AND lost weight by pushing myself around the garden. My w/chair is a push-only so I use my good leg to propel myself forwards & backwards. I work with some people who use w/chairs & have learnt a couple of tips from them! I can’t wait to get swimming & hill walking again.

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