The Brightech Remix5 Bluetooth Speaker Review!

I’m getting myself into camping mode. Yosemite camping is one of my ALL time favorite places in California. If you ever have the opportunity to go you will be blown away at the beauty! So, this year’s camping trip will have music! I am so excited about this unique speaker from Brightech! This is the Brightech Remix5!

This unique portable Bluetooth speaker is 3″ by 3″ and heavily rubberized all around. So innovative!! SO durable!! This speaker is so durable it’s 3 year old kid proof!! Meaning the Brightech Remix5 has already been dropped several times and it still sounds awesome!

I’m looking forward to taking this camping and especially hiking!! The Remix5 is water resistant, not water proof, so it will work if it gets rained on but not so much if it’s dropped in the lake or ocean!

The Remix5 has output of 5W which is perfect for me, I’m happy with the clear sound, distinct bass and all around great sound.

The bottom  of the Remix5 has a small black on and off switch, a micro-USB input for charging, a tiny microphone hole and a small bright blue LED light that lights up when the power is on.

Turn on the Remix5 there are five ascending beeps that verify it’s ready to pair and pairing is super fast and easy!! Seriously it pairs faster and easier than some of my other speakers! About 10 seconds and the Remix5 speaker was paired with my iPad.

BONUS!! There is a hinge flap that folds over this compartment space to cover and protect it from the elements. PERFECT for camping and trips to the beach.  The speaker itself is covered with a bright red screen for great protection.

On the outer corner of the Remix5 flush with the black rubber coating are three buttons; play, plus and minus; press the forward button for the next song and minus for the previous song.

What’s in the box; The Remix5 speaker, a charging cord with the Micro-USB port on one end that splits into two cords; one the USB port for charging and the other a 3.5mm cord for accessing music from another source than Bluetooth. Brighttech also includes a thick rubber wrist strap that can be attached to the device.


NOT a single one!! I have wonderful sound in a very portable, very durable, very easy to pair and cute as all get out!! I LOVE this little speaker for music and hands-free calling too!!




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