Amazing Tips How To Choose Everyday Jewellery

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Jewellery is an amazing outfit addition, which shouldn’t be neglected, especially if you want9 to look stylish. However, choosing the right type of jewellery can be a bit tricky, which is why it’s important to take your time to pick piece(s) that will work with the rest of your look. Therefore, here are some cool tips that will help you choose your everyday jewellery.

Think of the occasion

There are different pieces of jewellery on the market, so before you decide to make a final choice, make sure to think of the occasions that might suit this type of jewellery. Why? Well, first, if you’re going for brunch with your friends then it’s better to wear subtle and minimalist pieces that will add a dash of glamour to your look without dominating the entire outfit. Similarly, if you’re planning to attend a more upscale event where elegant attire is the norm, feel free to wear a more flashy statement piece of jewellery. Knowing which pieces work for the occasion is the best way to know what to choose.

Also, keep things aligned with your personal style

Your personal style should play a huge role when choosing everyday jewellery. If you love a bit preppy, business style, then it’s recommended to opt for minimalist and cute necklaces and rings that will complement your outfit without drawing any unnecessary attention. A subtle heart-shaped necklace or another monogram that you’d enjoy wearing. Being more subtle with your jewellery is always a better option, especially if you plan to be active or go from one place to another that day.

Your mood matters as well 

Some jewellery is perfect for fancy events such as wedding parties, while others are more suitable for the office or business environment. However, there’s another aspect that matters a huge deal: your mood at a certain moment. If you feel a bit sentimental, then feel free to go for something that you have a deep connection with. But, if you have a statement locket necklace, then it would be nice if you could balance it with a more minimalist and shorter necklace. Some brands are excellent at offering both, so feel free to learn more about MoonMagic and their exquisite range. So, next time you need to pick jewellery, make sure to consider your mood and preferences at the moment, so you’ll be able to make the perfect pick.

Check out the latest trends

This could be of great help, even if you’re not someone who enjoys browsing fashion and style magazines. But, knowing which pieces are in vogue can help you make the best choice, and therefore, look very fashionable. For example, a few years ago, choker necklaces were all the rage, but now, not so much. So, if you want to carefully select every bit of your outfit, including jewellery, then checking out the latest trends is the right thing to do.

Know the balance

There’s this phrase called “less is more”, and usually, it makes sense, even when it comes to jewellery. But, if you’re wearing minimalist and subtle pieces, then feel free to go a bit overboard, and in that case, you shouldn’t really add anything flashier as it won’t be a great look. And if you plan to adorn yourself with something bigger and flashier, such as statement dangling earrings, then it’s best to pair such a piece of jewellery with a monochrome outfit, in order to create a balanced and elegant look. 


Choosing jewellery is usually the most fun part of planning the outfit, so rather than worrying, it’s best to have fun and experiment with different pieces. Just make sure to keep things elegant and well-balanced, as that’s the way to look stylish and trendy. 


  • Kate Sarsfield

    It’s a long weekend leading into school’s half-term so I’ve decided I’m going to take it easy today. Going to listen to a couple of plays on BBC Radio 4 while plucking my eyebrows, applying a face pack, a foot peel and doing a bit of sewing/mending.

  • Rosie

    I really want more, but I have many pieces I never wear. I have to admit I did get a cute necklace from Etsy, though. I often wear a single strand of pearls that goes with everything it seems. I need more occasions to wear things, a trip to the laundry room isn’t quite it, but wait for Covid to be past us for sure!! Til then, I’m content to hang in there.

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