How to Add Ethnic Chic Style to Your Living Room

Stylish livingroom

Do you want to add some chill, exotic and cozy vibes to your living room? Look no further than incorporating ethnic chic elements in your style. If you just combine a few ethnic pieces to your space, you can achieve a unique modern twist. Sounds attractive to you? Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your ethnic chic-inspired living room for a huge impression. 

Find the right colors

When you think of ethnic colors, you probably instantly imagine something warm like burnt oranges, sunny yellows and deep reds that remind you of African sunsets, Australian dust and South American pottery. So make space for these colors in your home to achieve that well-known warm and hospitable vibe. 

Invest in a carved daybed

A gorgeous divan or daybed will evoke a scene of endless siestas in the sun and sherbet-scented evenings in the summer breeze. You can find these carved furniture pieces at antique stores or opt for a replica if you’re trying to stay on a budget. If you surround your daybed with little pieces inspired by your favorite oriental country (for instance, intricate pillar tables, marble columns with capitals and ornate stone sculptures are all little pieces of India) you will complete the image and make the daybed feel perfectly at home. 

Upholster your old furniture piece

Do you have an old piece of furniture that’s begging for a new dress? Hit a store that sells locally crafted fabrics, patchworks and hand-embroidered cloth, pick the material you like, and your newly reupholstered furniture will have a new and chic life. And even if you have only one piece of ethnic furniture in your modern space, you can still inject a lot of tribal flavor into your home. 

Tile the ceiling

If you want to further highlight the boundless vibrancy of ethnic design in your living space, consider adding tiles to your ceiling. With an intricately tiled ceiling tray, you will create a unique centerpiece in any room. If you’re lucky to come across some medallion-like patterned tiles, you can create something truly majestic. 

Decorate for the win

When it comes to tribal décor, this is how you can truly express your tastes and impress anyone who steps into your home. Make sure to choose statement pieces for your space, no matter if you choose tribal sculptures of Africa or wicker plates of Asia, and go big with these star decoration pieces. If you want to go a little bit darker and macabre, you can even let hand-carved ram skulls take the central stage in your home. When you surround them with some candles and various other relaxing decorations, you will achieve a perfect balance in your space. 

Layer some carpets

If your space is too stark, add a tribal carpet or two to it and you’ll instantly achieve warmth. A large Kashmiri carpet can turn a boring empty room into an opulent chamber of relaxation in a second. Rooms that buzz with activity are better left with one flat-weave carpet, while other rooms might benefit from layered rugs of different textures and tribal patterns for that chic and bold look. 

Frame a fabric

Hit your local bazaar and look for some interesting printed fabrics that match your interior style and colors. Once you grab a big piece, order a custom frame for it and have it mounted on your wall for an instant focal point of any space. No matter if you go with geometric Aztec prints, African Wax flowers or Suzani sun and moon discs, you will add a touch of gorgeous ethnic look to your space. 

It’s very easy to add some ethnic style to your living room, you just need to search a few antique stores and check out a few bazaars. The pieces you find will perfectly fit in your home and give it that warm and chic look. 


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