America’s Best Organic Self Tanner

I’m a huge fan of Thermalabs! Their Glo2Go Self Tan Towelettes are amazing, not only convenient to carry with me but they work so well! The The Ultimate Tanning Applicator Mitt is perfect for applying tanner and or lotions!!  When Thermalabs offered me the opportunity to review their America’s Best Organic Self Tanner well, you know I jumped at that offer!!

Let’s pretend this is me!! Okay? OHHHHKAY!! (Seriously, I don’t know that my stomach was ever this flat! EVER!)


I’m outsidDSC_0445e a lot with the 4-year-old so I do have a little color, but I wanted my legs to be dark enough to make my legs look nice in a dress.  I also wanted to get rid of my swimsuit tan lines and I have to say with this self tanner you can’t tell where the SUN tan and the SUNLESS tan ends or begins. I know you’ve heard me moan, groan and whine about my sun damage; but it’s true!! I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self how stupid laying out in the sun is!! Now that I’m closer to 60 I know that sunscreen is your friend!!  Trust me, these wrinkles and age spots are NOT fun!!

Starting with the scent; Thermalabs America’s Best Organic Self Tanner does have that tanner scent but it’s very faint; actually the fresh scent is more noticeable than the tanning agents. By the next day you can’t smell it at all.

Build-able. I love that this self tanner is build-able. I can achieve the darkness I want by layering for several days. As long as you apply your self tanner with care you won’t have any streaking. Don’t forget to exfoliate before you apply your tanner.  I promise if you exfoliate you will achieve far better results than without!!  This self tanner is a thick, white cream so you will be able to see where your lotions is and see the spots you may have missed. It takes several minutes to work the lotion in. Let the tanner absorb for at least 10 minutes before you get dressed. I usually apply my tanner then do my nightly routine, brushing my teeth, my facial routine and so on; by then the tanner is dry and I’m ready for bed. I have not had any stained sheets or bed-clothes. I also want to mention that heels, knees and elbows pick up color quickly because the skin there is usually pretty dry. So apply one swipe and no more! I also take a slightly damp rag and wipe off those areas. I use a soft touch, but that works well for me.

Best of all I get a LONG lasting tan with Thermalabs Tanner. I can now apply this tanner every 4 days to maintain the color that I have. The most important thing I do to prolong my tan is moisturize!! I apply lotion morning and night.

Thermalabs self tanner gives me a perfect tan!!  My skin looks brown, a beautiful sun-kissed brown!! NOT even a hint of ORANGE!! NONE!!

I use my Thermalabs Tanning Applicator Mitt to apply my tanner which keeps my hands and nails from tanning. I you don’t have the mitt be sure to wash your hands really good! I mean really good!! Lots of soap for at least a minute.


This really is a natural, beautiful tan I have no complaints at all with this Self Tanner!! Just remember to EXFOLIATE! EXFOLIATE! EXFOLIATE before you tan. This tanner is not greasy, oily or smelly. My skin doesn’t feel sticky after applying. I just wake up with a nice tan! How easy is that?!

Added bonus Thermalabs includes their best-selling guide “Self Tan Secrets” that is packed with all the facts and secrets you need to know about the wonderful world of self-tanning! This 50 page guide was researched and written by Thermalabs formula technicians.

Even the bottle is pretty! Nope, not a single whine from me!!



  • Tamra Phelps

    This looks & sounds like a great tanner. I remember the dark days of the 70s, when self-tanning lotions were a yucky mess, lol. They left you sort of orange, they left residue on your clothes & your palms were four shades darker than any other body part. This new stuff sounds like heaven!

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