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This is my September Your Way Giveaway. I’ve thought long and hard about the two personal giveaways I do here on PBnWhine. The Diamond Candle giveaway has seemed to run out of steam. So, rather than two giveaways a month I’m going to combine the two and make it a $50 Your Way Giveaway. MAYBE around the holiday’s I will bring back the Diamond Candle Giveaway.  Let me know your thoughts. So, for the next few months anyway there will be just a single personal giveaway. My way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower!  Congratulations goes to M. Clark!! My August winner chose PayPal.

On to Septembers’s Giveaway, same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by.  This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements are always appreciated.

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402 thoughts on “$50 Your Way Giveaway!!

  1. The results of my biopsy came back inconclusive so now I have to go in for a general anaesthetic & try again. Feeling worried & I’ve got a b**** of a headache. Could have done without this on top of everything else.

  2. My day is just getting started so I’m hoping it goes well. I’m actually still really sleepy but that is nothing new. lol Thank you!!

  3. My day has been alright. Though there was no internet in the morning at work, it was not so difficult. The mighty internet is back now for the tasks to be completed.

  4. I’m having a great day! Just found out my adorable dog won a photo contest with a $50 Petsmart GC prize. Woohoo!

  5. I had a really productive day triggered by cleaning one kitchen window. My husband and I teamed up and cleaned the screen as well. From there I just powered through the kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer. I’m not bragging…this is part of the spring cleaning that I never did finish 🙂

  6. My day went O.K. The temperatures were finally cooler and it rained most of the day. It was cloudy all day, which actually is a nice break from all the sunshine.

  7. Today was pretty good! The sun was shining and it was nice and toasty warm in the sun, not bad for a Fall day!

  8. My day is going okay. It is my day off so that is good, but it was rainy so I could not go fishing. I’m also off this weekend, so I’m hoping i can go fishing then.

  9. I’m happy today because an ongoing craft project reached a really awesome milestone today. Praise the Lord Jesus!

    God bless,

  10. I am having a pretty okay day so far. The weather is great, in the 70’s. I’m looking forward to Fall.

  11. It’s been a rainy day here in KY. I wish I could say I got a lot don, but that would be a big lie! Oh, well, tomorrow is another day, lol.

  12. I’m having a good day! Well, except for the allergies *achoo* Otherwise, I have gotten a lot done and have some time to goof off on the Internet!

  13. My day is going really well. I got a free coffee at dunkin donuts since its national coffee day and I have been cleaning my house!

  14. My day’s going GREAT! Hubby agreed that we can work towards buying some land and starting a Yak farm. :D!! Woohoo!!

  15. Awesome because I actually slept through the night last night. I got up at 6:30 AM and I am pretty impressed.

  16. My day is going alright. I am trying to enter some contests before they expire at the end of the month.

  17. My 5 year old had a dentist appointment to get a small cavity fixed. That about sums up my day lol

  18. Stopped by Arby’s for my Bronco deal sandwich. When the Broncos score 3 touchdowns in a game it’s only $1 for it.

  19. My day could be going better. We couldn’t see the SuperMoon last night because of clouds, and today I am failing at being able to secure needed appointments. And last, I am not getting lucky at winning any giveaways. I could use ray of sunshine today

  20. Today has been a pretty nice day. I missed the blood moon last night (cloudy here) but at least I got more sleep than everybody else, lol.

  21. So far its been an kay day despite getting up at 4 with my 3 yr old. She’s in the night terror stage hoping we move out of it quickly. Chili is cooking away for supper, a dr’s appoint this afternoon, heres hoping its a quick one and I don’t have to wait so I can get my son off the school bus at 3:30 and my daughter to ballet by 4:15 followed by parent teacher night at 5. Looks like an early night tonight for me 🙂

  22. My day’s going ok. I had a cold all weekend and I’m still feeling the effects of it this morning. Caught the eclipse yesterday though, which was pretty cool!

  23. I’ve had a busy morning out and about & am sitting down for the first time since I got up. The kettle’s on & I’m looking forward to a nice mug of tea before I start on the house chores (ugh).

  24. I am still not doing so hot. I keep thinking this will get better for me and it hasn’t yet. Besides not sleeping well and being in pain I am in a pretty decent mood.

  25. Mostly quiet day. I put out my sciatic so I took it easy today for the most part and then made lasagna for dinner.

  26. What a day. I’ve had my fill of people with opinions on ‘how you should be living your life,’ lol. I’m not sure why I’ve seen so much of that today!

  27. My day is going great! It is just a lazy Sunday afternoon. Also, my beloved Philadelphia Eagles won and I got some cookies and Chinese food.

  28. Busy afternoon: survey place downtown to earn $75, stop at the grocery to get snacks for rehearsal, then rehearsal.

  29. We have not had rain in a while. So I just spent an hour and a half watering. I find this relaxing. Thanks for asking.

  30. I am having a good day. I have been snacking on peanut butter and pretzels and entering sweepstakes. I haven’t won anything in several weeks but I am staying positive and am hoping a win will come soon.

  31. Today is great. It is just a nice relaxing Sunday morning. I feel accomplished with housework done and being rid of excess paperwork.

  32. My post to your FB page says it all. I was convinced today was Saturday, AGH! I was in hospital on Friday just for a day procedure, slept most of yesterday and woke up convinced I had the weekend ahead of me to catch up on housework, laundry and gardening etc.”The best laid plans of mice and men …”

  33. I had a great party with friends today celebrating her 35th birthday. I also made tiramisu, my favorite dessert of all time.

  34. I am okay. I wanted to do more yesterday but it didn’t happen. I did make some good meals for me and Chris so that was cool.

  35. My day went well today. I got some housework and shopping done. I also fixed a nice dinner for my family and relaxed tonight with some computer time.

  36. Oh we had a busy day here…getting ready for a garage sale next week! Oh I am so tired! Alot of work, but feels good to clean out what we are not using anymore!

  37. Had a lovely massage this afternoon and got a call from a survey place for a $75 interview tomorrow.

  38. It’s only 2:45, but this seems like the longest day! It started at 7, listening to my niece & 2 nephews fuss with each other, lol. Yep, babysitting grumpy kids.

  39. I have had better days, but I really can’t complain. I love my life and I love my partner, he is my world and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

  40. My day’s going good. It’s Saturday so that’s awesome. 🙂 Heading down to visit a friend this afternoon and have a dog park play date. Should be a nice day!

  41. Today I slept in until some broke out the chain saw BOO. Wait the neighbor is cutting down that dead tree Yeah.

  42. It is a beautiful Saturday, and I’m lovin’ it! I got up early today 4:30 and got many chores done now I’m free as a bird!!

  43. I put my sciatic out so I’m having a really high pain day (the last couple days actually). Not the best day, but I’m sure the day will get better.

  44. It started out fairly frustrating, but has eased off with a little time. At least it is a very nice day outside–fall can be lovely!

  45. It’s only 1pm here and so far my day has been going pretty well, well, nothing to complain about anyway! Oh, unless you count the electric coal-effect heater in the ‘good’ room. I pulled it out of the grate to investigate why one of the elements wasn’t working & found a maggoty starling & nest had fallen down the chimney. The kitten was delighted, I was not!

  46. I am still not sleeping good and I am thinking I will have to go to the doctor about this which I hate. Bleh. Besides that my mood is good and that is always awesome!

  47. My day has been alright so far. I made tom yum Thai soup for lunch and now making swiss roll. I’ll be shopping a bit later today for a friend’s birthday party tomorrow.

  48. Had a fun time volunteering at the Plant sale. Bought a new little fern to keep my other one company.

  49. How is my day going? Fair. My allergies are driving me crazy today and work was rather challenging today.

  50. I’m having an okay day, I had to clean my daughters bedroom today, I got sick of waiting for her to clean it.

  51. I am having an okay day so far since I finally got to sleep. Nothing helped last night and I think I finally fell asleep because I passed out.

  52. I am spending the last big of the month having my house sanded, stripped and painted. It has been rather noisy and a bit of a headache in other ways as well. I can’t wait to see it finished. It will have been worth it.

  53. What a beautiful day with bright sunshine and moderate temperature! Went out early to have car serviced.

  54. I’m pretty sure it’s going to rain today, but I don’t have to go anywhere, so let it rain. I’m also trying to drop some weight, so I’m ready to scream, lol.

  55. I had a tough day today. After Mum’s cancer diagnosis & because I’ve had some issues in the same are today I underwent a barrage of tests & biopsies. Thay did find a lump but think (I hope) that it’s benign. Now comes the hard part: the waiting for results to come.

  56. My day’s going ok. Super stuffed up on top of being achy, so we’ll see if it turns into a full blown cold. Hope not! Happy it’s Friday though! Woohoo!

  57. I am doing ok today considering that I am still fighting a cold. But I feel better than yesterday, so that’s something!

  58. I had a great day! Went shopping for the kids, got a couple halloween costumes and winter jackets and other odds and ends. Had a relaxing afternoon, and made an awesome dinner of corn chowder and bacon cheese muffins.

  59. I had a great day! I spent it having a garage sale with my daughter in-law and grand daughter (1 month old-so precious). We didn’t sell lots but I enjoyed the company I was in and am doing it tomorrow too. Hope your day was great also and tomorrow too!

  60. Right now, I am feeling glad that the BTS craziness is over and that our weather has held so far. We have had a rough year in terms of poor weather so it is nice to have a few days of warmth to enjoy.

  61. Quiet day at home, except for the UPS guy who brought me the Verilux light and wand that I won from you! And two other winning emails:
    Congratulations you won the Krystal Vidalia Onion Prize Pack!
    Congratulations!!! You have won the giveaway on the Two Classy Chics Blog for the Persil Laundry Detergent

  62. Today has been a little chaotic. At some point my niece & both nephews (ages 11, 10 & 6) have been here, so it was noisy, lol.

  63. My day was a good one so far. Got clothes washed and out on the line. Made chow chow out of my green tomatoes and I have a cabbage stew on for supper.

  64. My day’s not starting out awesome, woke up with a pinched muscle that’s wrapping pain around my front and ribs. Ugh! Luckily I don’t have much to do today so I can just chill and hang out with a hot pack on my back. 🙂

  65. Up at what seemed like the crack of dawn this morning to get Mum to Dublin for a checkup – ALL CLEAR! Great news & now we want to just sip champagne all afternoon!

  66. I am doing okay I suppose. I am wanting to get on a more normal sleep cycle however it just isn’t happening. Thank you for asking.

  67. My day is going quite alright. There’s a construction work going on inside the office so it’s a bit loud but otherwise, the door can shut the noise OK.

  68. I’m having a good day for a Wednesday, but I didn’t sleep well last night so I’m a little tired today!

  69. Was bummed out when I got the call that our pool had mechanical problems and would be closed today. Went to other pool and ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while so it worked out fine.

  70. today i had a meeting at the school to discuss a plan for my son who has selective mutism and Intermittent Explosive Disorder. The meeting went well I think.

  71. It’s been a mixed day, lol. I had a good laugh (thank you, Facebook) but some blech news, too (I need to make a doctor’s appt.–nothing bad, just another chore, though.)

  72. Busy, busy day so far. Up early & drove into town for my flu shot, then did what I haven’t done in ages, wandered around some shops & bought a couple of crossword books for Mum, collected her prescription & headed to the chemist for all her supplies, drove home & put some beautiful roses on Dad’s grave, then prepped an Indian meal for Mum & me for this evening’s meal!

  73. My day’s going great. Woke up to emails that I’d won a couple gift cards. Woohoo! 🙂 The weather is once again perfect today too. Yay!

  74. this day is going great – the first day of fall, it is sooo nice out! I wish it would stay this nice, I’m dreading winter.

  75. Well I am feeling a bit better than I was. I am glad because I would like to cook my own meals which are always better than any out food around here.

  76. So far, my day is going nicely. I just found out that one of my niece’s has just gotten engaged. Her boyfriend is a nice, smart young man. This makes me happy.

  77. Honestly I am doing terrible today. Both sides are hurting bad and because of this even though I have a nice soft bed I couldn’t get restful sleep. I am hoping that I will feel better soon.

  78. Great day, as always! Had my morning coffee & made bread! I work from home so lucky enough to be able to get a few things done!

  79. So far, today has been pretty good. I’m still tired, though, for no good reason! You know those days when you just yawn all day?

  80. My day is frustrating. I’m changed computers and installing everything back in and learning Windows 8.1 is not fun.

  81. My day’s going decent. Dealing with insurance again this morning, ugh! Perfect fall weather today and no big plans so I’m mostly happy. 🙂

  82. I’m having a good day – running errands all day 🙂 Excited to be off work today!!

  83. Well, so much for my birthday: I made a special dinner for Mum & I & popped it in the oven, answered some emails (thank you Connie) then played with the kitten on my duvet, next thing I knew I was 10.30pm, Mum had helped herself to the dinner but forgot to switch the oven off so mine was burnt! Ah well, must have needed the beauty sleep, I suppose and I still got 7 hours last night.

  84. Not a great day. My husband injured his hand so he might be out of work for awhile, and we are a one income family.

  85. 2 coffee cups have made me a bit saner for today’s busy schedule. I bought a pair of shoes from a store 400km away from where I live and now I need to post them here.

  86. It started a little uneasy this morning. I woke up by my daughter calling me crying. She is stressed over starting a new job, buying a car and taking her CPA course.

  87. My day’s not going great. Woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept all night and feel achy and sick. Hopefully it goes away soon and isn’t the start of a bug!

  88. Today looks pretty nice! Temperatures in the high 60s right now in KY, no rain, so looking good!

  89. Today’s my birthday so I woke up feeling whoop-de-do!. I have now just changed Mum’s colostomy bag & cleaned up the kitchen floor after the kitten smashed a milk jug and I am now back to reality with a proverbial bump!

  90. Today’s my birthday so I woke up feeling whoop-de-do!. I have now just changed Mum’s colostomy bag & cleaned up the kitchen floor after the kitten smashed a milk jug and I am now back to reality with the proverbial bump!

    1. Today’s my birthday so I woke up feeling whoop-de-do!. I have now just changed Mum’s colostomy bag & cleaned up the kitchen floor after the kitten smashed a milk jug and I am now back to reality with a proverbial bump!

      Don’t know how I managed to replicate – sorry!

  91. I had a great day with my kids. We were on a road trip for the weekend and came home today, had some supper and went to swimming lessons.

  92. It’s again Monday so I feel the blue spreading all over. I wish this week won’t be so packed with works. Anh hopefully we will enjoy some night out drinking.

  93. I has a good day today. I got to see one of my beasties and hang out with her today. We’ve been friends for over 20 years and although I don’t get to see her often, she is one of those rare friends that we just pick up where we left off just like we saw each other the day before. She’s like the little sister I never had.

  94. Today has been wonderful! I am ready for some cooler temperatures though, it’s still a little warm here. Sundays are always nice and relaxing!


  95. Had a fantastic birthday night out for my mom! Enjoyed a dinner theatre, wine, prime rib, & many smiles. I love fun weekends!

  96. The weatherman said ‘glorious Autumnal weather all weekend’. Well, I’m still waiting & it’s 11am on a chilly, overcast Sunday morning. I’m shivering and I do not want to go into town to do the weekly shop!

  97. It’s a quiet Sunday for me. I’m home alone so I started cleaning early. Now I’m just browsing the internet waiting for mom to get online so we could chat.

  98. I have been sleeping a lot today. Doing pretty good. I cooked a lot today when I wasn’t sleeping and I have items stocked up for a while.

  99. My day has been very relaxing today. We went to a couple garage sales and walmart this morning. Now to just enjoy the rest of the day!

  100. How is my day going? So far, I went to a pancake breakfast sponsored by a charity to raise money for scholarships. Pancakes were great tasting. Then I had a nice, healthy lunch. Day is going nicely so far.

  101. My day’s going ok, it’s Saturday so that’s awesome! Achy today so that’s a bummer but I don’t NEED to do anything today so I guess I’ll just lounge! 🙂

  102. I am excited because we leave for our vacation in a few days! We packed our bags last night because I still need to work Sunday and both my husband and I work Monday and we have a red eye that leaves Monday night for Copenhagen. I have been going over itineraries for our British Isles ports and I cannot wait to be there exploring already!

  103. Too early to tell what kind of day it’s going to be but so far it’s been busy! My sister’s car wouldn’t start so she rang me. Jump leads in hand I headed to her house & got her started. That was at 7am ON A SATURDAY! Goodbye lie-in!

  104. I’ll be heading to work in 30 minutes and it feels awful already. I wish there’d not be many customers today. The boyfriend is out of town so I spend this weekend all for myself.

  105. Today hasn’t been any better than the last few days. Not only am I still sick, now my husband is sick! I’m so glad we don’t have any plans this weekend so we can just sit around and be miserable together!

  106. My day was going along nicely and then I remembered that I have 4 people coming over for the weekend. So I had to quickly vacuum, dust, and then make something quick and easy for dinner tonight.

  107. Well I am a little bit tired today. Besides that I am doing pretty good. My sewing machine part is here and I just need to make sure it fits.

  108. My day’s going decent. Woke up with a headache but checked my emails and saw Zaycon has their ground beef back. Woohoo! I’ve been upset about buying 100% conventional beef from the grocery store. I’m excited to get grass fed, grain finished and antibiotic and hormone free beef for the same price!

  109. I haven’t actually done a whole lot today! Although I have downloaded a load of forms that Mum needs to fill in about wills & probate law etc. It begs the question what happens to other 82-year old people when their husband/wife/partner dies? Who tells them what to do & how to do it so that they can claim their rightful pensions, benefits, grants etc.

  110. Great day, it’s Friday, the sun is shining and it’s going to be in the 30’s Celsius. That hot for East Coast Canada in the middle of September! We had record breaking temperatures yesterday for the province, I’m sure we’ll do it again today 🙂

  111. What a bad start for the day today! The traffic workers are on strike due to a change in salary law and I waited an hour for a bus to work.

  112. Got a much needed haircut today. Been going to the same lady for 15 years and love how she does my hair.

  113. It’s going great so far today, I can’t wait to watch both football and baseball tonight. Go Royals, go Chiefs.

  114. It has been a very slow day at work so I am getting tired. But I am happy because this injury I have been recovering from is getting better.

  115. Oh, boy, today would be better if we hadn’t received a ton of papers to fill out for my Mom’s next doctor’s appointment! Same questions over & over, it seems!

  116. My day’s going terrible. Dealing with insurance crud all morning and that doesn’t do anyone any good!

  117. It’s mid-day here in Ireland and I’m tired already! I don’t know what’s going on but lately I could sleep all day AND night. Might just be this cold that doesn’t seem to want to budge but my body is definitely sending me messagees – time to start listening!

  118. Well yesterday was okay. I am kind of mad since my part for my sewing machine isn’t here yet and I hate not being able to sew. I hope that it gets here today….

  119. I went to the bank to ask for a credit card and they turned me down with the reason that I do not have a permanent contract with the company. What a shame! I hope I win this giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  120. My day has been okay. Nothing spectacular but not terrible either? LOL, and thank you for asking me 🙂

  121. My regular pool is closed for cleaning so I went to a new class at another pool. Very good workout. And I got email that I won $10 Paypal.

  122. I’m not having a very good day again today. I’m feeling worse than I was yesterday, so I’m still lying low.

  123. My day’s going great. Went to the dentist and my teeth are perfect. Woohoo! I haven’t had a cavity in a couple years but I still get paranoid that I have like 10 before I go in. 😛

  124. My day is going great so far, the weather here is sunny and cool. I am just waiting for my lunch break in 1 hour. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day too. Thank you for this giveaway good luck all.

  125. I was feeling miserable but then the new rescue kitten started suckling on my ear lobe! How could I be down in the dumps with that going on!

  126. Just got up an hour ago but my day has been funny. I’ve been playing around and sending pictures with the new feature on snapchat. lol

  127. My day was good. My parents took me out to lunch for my birthday, which was really cool. Then I had to go to work, but that was okay. I have to get some sleep and go to the dentist tomorrow, ugh! I never seem to stop being afraid of the dentist!

  128. It’s again very gloomy day today. I’ve got lots of work to do and my wallet is broken from falling off a ladder. I never thought I’d say that sentence one day. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope I win.

  129. My day was great! The weather was beautiful — 85 and sunny. I’m thrilled to get another day outside and to use our pool before we have to close it for winter.

  130. My day is going about the same as every Tuesday as I do physical therapy in the pool which always makes me feel better although a bit tired.

  131. My day is going great. I spent the day at work, made some dinner, and now am relaxing at home with my hubby and pets. 🙂

  132. Another busy day with morning tied up with computers. Having a coffee with a friend after lunch. Back home and working on the computer again.

  133. Today has been kind of chaotic. It usually is when both my nephews (6 & 10) & my niece (11) are here at the same time, lol.

  134. Today’s been a kind of nothing-to-show-for-it day. Achieved quite a lot (mostly to do with closing some of Dad’s online accounts) but because there’s no paper involved I don’t feel like I’ve done much – guess I’m just old fashioned!

  135. My day is going just O.K. today. I woke up with a terrible headache and very congested. I’m chalking it up to a good ole summer cold. So, just going to take it easy today and sip on some hot tea.

  136. It’s a beautiful fall-like day and I’m happy to see the sunshine and the cooler temperatures outside. I love this weather; won’t be long the leaves will be changing colors. So fun!

  137. My day went pretty well. I caught up on my rest on Sunday, so I woke up with extra energy and cleaned the house before work. It’s bedtime now, and it’s past midnight, so technically it’s my birthday!

  138. Today… lets just say I’m really glad the day is over and I’ll be going to bed soon! Tomorrow is another (and hopefully much better) day!

  139. It’s a nice weather Tuesday and I put on my favorite collar shirt to work so I suppose it’s been nice so far. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope I win.

  140. It’s been a good nice. Perfect weather and lots to stuff to do and I bought a few lotteries as well.

  141. My day’s going great. Hung out with my friend and cut her and her adorable daughter’s hair then went to the grocery store and found peaches for a buck a pound. Woohoo!

  142. My day is going good so far. It has been chilly the last couple of days but today is warming up and I’m enjoying this warmer weather. It’s suppose to get humid later this week so I’ll enjoy the heat before the cold weather permanently settles in!

  143. I guess the word to describe my day today is frustration. Some people act so childish and get upset at people for the smallest of things and believe that you should dislike them for the same reason. Some people just need to grow up and act their age!

  144. How is my day going? I woke up very early with my allergies bothering me. Sneezing, coughing, and wishing I could go back to bed. And I have a headache. That’s the start of my day so far.

  145. My day is going great so far! It’s going to be warmer than yesterday, but it’s still much cooler for us. I love this time of year and the cooler temperatures!

  146. Brr! I’m cold, it’s raining and I’m tired! So not a great start to the day but it will get better … it will get better … it will …

  147. So far, so good. Kids are up, breakfast is made. And it feels like fall! yay! I hope your day is going well too!

  148. I don’t like Mondays. It’s another bleak Monday with cold breeze. The boyfriend is back to work after 3 weeks of holiday and he’s cursing this day, too. Thanks for the giveaway, I hope I win.

  149. My day is going great! I’ve had a super busy 6 weeks and today I just rested and didn’t do too much but take care of me. Nice! 🙂

  150. Oh our little one is getting sick today…had a sore throat and running a temperature tonight…think it will be a long night tonight! Relaxed some today…..getting ready for a garage sale!

  151. Great! My daughter just facetimed me with my baby grandson (they live out of town). What more could a Nana want!

  152. My day seems endless today, I got up at 4:30 when my husband did for him to go run a half marathon. On the bright side, I got a lot of cleaning done! 🙂

  153. we went to a harvest sale this morning to support local charities and ended up with over 100 pounds of fresh produce that we only paid $39 for. It was pretty amazing (and so fresh).

  154. My day’s going well. Woke up to cooler weather and rain, maybe summer is finally actually over?! Woohoo! Bummed tomorrow’s Monday though.

  155. Lazy is what my day is so far. Late out of bed, still have my pj’s on, going to be a restful day.

  156. My day is going great! It’s been a wonderful Sunday thus far. I’m hanging out with my husband and sister. We’re getting ready to have lunch and then we’re going to snuggle in on this cooler, rainy afternoon and watch movies!

  157. A very lazy day today – I slept till lunchtime and I’m still tired! Time to rush around playing catch-up with the usual household chores!

  158. Today I’m better than I was last week, when my husband suffered a minor stroke. I’m racking my brains right now trying to figure out what caused it.

  159. My day is off to a great start! The weather is perfect and I have Monday off from work. I plan on shopping a lot!

  160. The Sunday is going slow and relaxingly. I’m dreaming of walking the Paris streets after watching some French movie again. Thanks for the giveaway.

  161. I had a good day today. I worked an OT shift but it was pretty laid back and the time and a half is wonderful!

  162. Saturday, but kids were up early so no sleeping in. It was too hot today, but its cooled down nicely this evening and we’re just waiting for the fireworks to start. We can see them from our back deck so we don’t have to go anywhere which is nice.

  163. My day is going O.K. I’m feeling a tad bit depressed today. I’m not sure why, it may be related to the clouds and rain outside. But other than that, it’s been fine.

  164. Today has been good with little happening. Spending a lot of time on the computer and relaxing at home.

  165. My day’s going ok. I’m glad it’s the weekend but the day’s half over and I haven’t done anything I planned yet!

  166. My day hasn’t been bad so far. It was rainy this morning but now its just overcast. Very quiet here at work.

  167. The rain has stopped & I’m going to be busy all day with household chores, going into town to take some of Dad’s clothes to charity shops, shopping etc. etc. so not a bad day at all!

  168. I would say that my day is going okay so far. I just got up but I am not too tired. I just wish I did not have to work today.

  169. It’s an early start to my Saturday but the sun is shining so hopefully it will be a great day 🙂

  170. I am doing super thanks for asking. LOL…Really I am doing pretty good today and I glad that the temperatures are going down.

  171. he saving grace of the day was a friend took me to lunch for my birthday. It was nice and enjoyable.

  172. Not having the best day. Someone smashed not just one, but TWO of my car windows last night to steal stuff from inside (GRRR!), so I spent most of the morning talking to my insurance company and the auto glass place about getting it fixed ASAP.

  173. I’m actually having a pretty good day. It’s my birthday!!! I’m at work but my friends took me out for lunch. My hubby is taking me to dinner tonight to!

  174. It’s been an odd day. A little rainy & gloomy, made worse by all the 9/11 documentaries. Just a sad day, you know.

  175. My day’s going ok. I couldn’t sleep at all last night but I’m hanging out with my bestie in an hour. Woohoo! 🙂

  176. It’s going to be another scorcher here in central Florida! While I do love summer, I can’t wait for cooler temperatures. Having said that, my day is going to be another productive one, staying in and getting much done!

  177. I’m cold! The summer up & left today and there’s definitely a feel of Autumn in the air. Still, mustn’t complain, I suppose; compared to so many millions I have a wonderful life.

  178. It’s going to be a great day! It’s supposed to be hot again today, but my sister and I have plans to go to the beach!

  179. My day has been really good. It was really hot outside today, so I stayed in most of the day and got a lot of cleaning and productive things done!

  180. A bit of frustration in my day today. Still haven’t got the money back from the bank for my stolen debit card. Been over 2 weeks now…

  181. My day’s going good. Slept in, probably slept a little too much. Got that whole, I slept for ever and now I’m more tired than I would have been if I woke up two hours earlier. 🙂

  182. A late start to my day but I think it’s going to be a good one. The sun is shining, I’m going to try to clean up some of my flower gardens. Hope you have a great day!

  183. Another really lovely Autumnal day. I picked blackberries this morning & will bake a crumble for teatime. Other than that, I’ve just been pottering about with not a lot to show for it!

  184. My day has just been a lot of thinking, tummy ache. I am pondering how Google thinks short comments are spam. So maybe you would go down in placement if you have too many short comments, IDK.

  185. It’s great day with panini as lunch and a meeting that went well. I was raised with good work so it feels good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  186. Beautiful day. Sun is shining, a nice breeze, and my “baby” started kindergarten today and it went good!

  187. My day’s going well. Hubby’s working four tens this week so he’s already a little wiped out! I’m super excited because the Great British Bake-off just showed up on PBS last night. Woohoo!

  188. My day’s going great so far….got up early…shared a nice breakfast with a friend, and have been pretty productive so far. Heading out for errands soon….

  189. A beautiful Autumn day – lots of laundry drying in the sunshine & bits of gardening to do so happy me!

  190. I am just starting my day. The weekend went pretty well, drove a lot though, so yesterday was relaxing. I drove about 30 hours over a 4 day period. Today will be spent much closer to home.

  191. What a lovely day today when I received some giveaway items I won from the internet. And I start my first date for a language course. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope I win.

  192. My day is going well! I’m at work right now but I’m a caregiver, and my client loves going to the library to use the computers as do I. So I’m sitting alongside him doing my own thing while he does his. No complaints!

  193. I was interviewed for a promo for next summer’s music festival here in Denver. We did it at Denver Botanic Gardens and it was fun.

  194. My day is alright. Went grocery shopping, and spending some time with my youngest son before he starts kindergarten tomorrow.

  195. Hey, other than waiting on someone dropping off a key (so I can do them a favour) and they are super late…. my day is going really good! The sun is shining, leaves are pretty, maybe I’ll win a contest?? You never know?!

  196. Yesterday I saw my consultant for a follow-up after my surgery back in February & he’s more than happy with my progress! As am I, needless to say! I was really tired after the early start & long drive but an early night and almost 10 hours deep sleep later and I’m raring to go!

  197. How has my day been? Well, to be honest, even though it’s Labor Day, I didn’t rest. I did quite a bit of yard work, which I hate and I have very bad allergies. And I am sneezing all day long. I hope everyone is feeling better then I am.

  198. I had a fabulous day. Spent the time outside reading on the deck, and took my dogs for a walk.

  199. My day’s going great. We haven’t even left the house. 🙂 A lovely day just relaxing at home, love it!

  200. I’ve been house sitting for the last 2 weeks and was expecting them back on Wed. Got a text message an hour ago and they were landing at JFK and would be home tonight Quick! clean up the house.

  201. My day is going fine and very well – peachy keen – so far. I hope your day is going very well also.

  202. Today my day started off bad. I overslept and had a horrible nightmare which usually sets the tone for the day. Hoping I snap out of it before the big OSU game tonight.

  203. My day is going well. I just got a new kitchen light which looks like it will be brighter. Of course, it didn’t say which bulbs on the box so we bought the wrong ones. Soon we’ll get the right ones.

  204. I had a day off from you so we drove to a city 2-hour drive away. It was fun and new experience. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope I win.

  205. Up really early this morning (well, early for me!) to drive to Dublin to see my consultant for a check-up on my knee. I don’t mind the drive but right now I’d rather go back to bed! Gotta go!

  206. Today was a great day spent with hubby. When shopping at Home Sense got some nice Fall and Halloween decorations at a great price.

  207. Today was good. Got everyone up and went to church this morning. Had a pretty good day, just relaxing and spending time with family this Labor Day weekend. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

  208. My day yesterday didn’t go so well…relationship blips and my computer screen broke. On the upside, I have a computer to borrow and I didn’t resort to emotional eating and stuck to my meal plan.

  209. I’m starting to get tired of not sleeping in my own bed. Only 3 more nights. The dog is very sweet.

  210. My day is going great! It is a beautiful day out, the weather here is clear, sunny and not too hot! I am enjoying watching my kiddo’s play in the backyard and doing some light yard work myself! Just trying to clean it up before the cool weather sets in and all the leaves fall off the trees!

  211. We’ve started going through Dad’s clothes & sorting them into piles for charity shops, recycling & rubbish. Dad was one of those people who throw nothing away, “just in case, you never know!”. It’s been very emotional, especially for my sister who kept bursting into tears but, for the most part I think we’re all glad that we’e knuckled down & done it. Very cathartic.

  212. Even though I went to bed early last night today I’m just too tired to do anything. Have lots of chores I need to do…we’ll see what actually gets done

  213. My day is going great! We have greata weather for the last hoorah of summer. Today we will be swimming, BBQing and having a bonfire.

  214. I had a lovely day with my husband. We ran errands and found a new deli in our town…the food was delicious with huge portions and we will certainly be going back. So wonderful to have a four day weekend.

  215. Today is going to be a great day! I have lots to do as I’m driving to Savannah tomorrow with my sister, but it’s going to be a good kind of busy.

  216. Well, I watched a couple of movies, A FLAME AT THE PIER by Masahiro Shinoda was okay considering it was basically a Japanese remake of ON THE WATERFRONT, and THE ASSASSINS which was a typical kids-raised-to-be-assassins-thrown-into-court-intrigue story that didn’t tie together very well but at least you get to watch Chow Yun Fat. My movie-watching has fallen off lately so this was actually a pretty good day for me that wise.

  217. My day was awesome! Went to the fair with my husband and our daughter. And took silly pictures of her “riding” a tractor, haha.

  218. Having a not great day. Its chilly and rainy (I’m good with that except its preventing us from running some errands I was hoping to run) and the kids are at one another really bad today with the fighting and the complaining. Its a rough day. Tomorrow will be better!

  219. My day is not going the best to be honest. I am training to run a marathon yet today I was diagnosed with a stress fracture so I will not be able to run!

  220. My day’s going great. It’s Saturday and a three day weekend. Woohoo! Although I’m doing my mother-in-law’s hair later, so we’ll see how that goes! 😛

  221. My day is still in its early stages so I can say so far this day is going as planned and no stress. Lets hope the rest of the day goes the same.

  222. I am having a great day so far. The grandkids woke up in a great mood. Now we are making a big breakfast for everyone.

  223. My day is so-so so far.
    But I did have bacon and eggs for breakfast so that’s always good.
    mmmmmm bacon!

    I did add a buttload of spinach to the eggs though.
    So, healthy. 🙂

  224. Saturday & I was up early (ugh!), got all the household chores done, played with the kitten & now I’m heading into town to get a root canal treatment. So it’s far too early to say how my day’s going, I’m afraid!

  225. After 2 days of struggling with the cold, a fever came today. It’s so hard to breathe and I feel cold all the time. What an awful Saturday!

  226. My day is going really good. It’s going to be a nice, quiet and relaxing Saturday. I’m looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing!

  227. It’s a great day, it’s Friday, the sun is shining, the music is playing and I’m in happy mood.

  228. Just a so-so kind of day so far. Busy, busy, busy with chores, driving & shopping, taking Mum to the Doc so 7.30pm & having a well-deserved sit down! I’ve got to have a root canal treatment in the morning & NOT looking forward to that!

  229. My day is going ok, we spilled water all over my hubby’s computer yesterday so there’s that… otherwise I’m loving the cooler weather and feeling pretty decent today1

  230. Well, I had to get up way too early again, lol. I am so looking forward to the weekend! Sleep, here I come.

  231. My day is going well so far! Had my first cup of coffee already and thinking about getting another 🙂

  232. My day is starting out excellent. 🙂
    Found some great nail polish on sale for 97 cents!!
    It was regularly 8 bucks!
    I loaded up with 8 of them. Happy Dance!!!

  233. So far my day is going really good. The only complaint is that it’s unbearably hot and steamy outside. The good news is we’re supposed to get some hard rain this afternoon!

  234. It was hell today trying to get up while having a cold. I hate that the temperature drops so quickly and now it feels like winter.

  235. Had to go to the post office today since I wasn’t home when the post lady came since I had to sign for the package. $100 Visa. Very handy.

  236. My day’s going pretty decent. Woke up feeling rested and managed to get some backburner chores caught up on. 🙂 Also, very excited that it’s cold enough to wear a sweater and socks around my house. Woohoo!! No more summer! 😀

  237. My day is going great so far. A customer at work told me I was pretty. I stopped at Starbucks on the way home from work for a limited edition Strawberry Shortcake frappucino. And over the long weekend, I am flying from Florida to DC for a wedding! It is part of my husband’s family that I have never met (we have been married 12 years) so I am excited to finally meet some of his cousins (he already knows all of mine!).

  238. My day is going weird I got hit the head pretty hard and now I have a lovely bump on my noggin.Yesterday I did play a game with my kids I don’t know if you have heard of it jelly belly bean boozled don’t ever play this game EVER. Dog food flavored jelly beans really so gross.

  239. I slept way too long today. I just kept rolling over & going back to sleep until noon! I’m feeling a little yucky & hoping I’m not getting a cold or something.

  240. My day is going really good! I got my kitchen all put back together and it looks great! I’m really looking forward to cooking our first family meal in our new oven!

  241. I am having a pretty okay day so far. I know it will be a busy day at work, but at least that will make the day go by a lot faster. I cannot wait for fall season!

  242. Get well soon Mai! You’ll soon be on the mend I hope. I’m up & about after almost a week of feeling miserable so happy days are here again!

  243. I’m officially sick after 2 days of weather change. Now it’s so damn cold I feel depressed. I can’t believe Christmas is nearing again.

  244. My day is going great! It was my kids first day of school and everyone came home happy, making lots of new friends and happy with their teachers! When my kids are happy, I am happy!

  245. My day is going well, thank you. It is pretty hot and windy, but I’m hopeful the weather will cool off in a few days.

  246. My day is going okay, but I was disappointed that it is too hot and humid outside for me to go on a run this afternoon.

  247. really quiet day, just me and my youngest. the other boys are at school. its really nice and peaceful!

  248. I’m still in bed feeling pathetically sorry for myself but, have to admit, I do feel a bit better, thank goodness.

  249. Today is a bit stressful because I slept in way longer than expected. Still dishes in the sink from yesterday.

  250. My day’s not going very well. I woke up around 3 this morning because my shoulder/ back was hurting and it has not let up one bit. Hopefully it’ll feel better soon!

  251. It’s raining here where I live and has been for the past six days. We had quite a windy weekend too! Not much to do outside but bad weather aside I’m having a good day 🙂

  252. Frustrating is how my day is going. Bell sent a second repairman for my internet and still it stops for a few minutes and back on. Wish they could find the problem.

  253. So hot here today and well humid too. UGH. I will do things I need and want to do indoors with the air conditioning.

  254. It’s still early, but so far my day is going good. I had a good nights sleep and am now having my coffee and watching the morning news. I have lots to do today with getting everything put back into my kitchen that was remodeled yesterday.

  255. My day is going by with nervousness. The boyfriend has a physiotherapy today due to his dizziness and I hope everything will be fine for him.

  256. My day went well. We had nice weather and I picked my car up from the auto repair shop. The problem ended up being really minor and the bill was a lot less than I’d anticipated.

  257. New month, new day. My day was pretty good, got a lot done today. My internet kept going off so that annoyed me, second visit from the tech guy tomorrow, hopefully they are able to fix it this time. Last time he couldn’t find nothing wrong, well that didn’t help me!!

  258. My day has been nothing special -worked all day – entered 7 twitter parties and won 0 of them.. made dinner went for a walk.. now entering contests. ,the end.

  259. My Tuesday is going okay as I always have a Dr. Appt. on this day which is almost 1/2 of my day. Other than that, I took care of some errands in the morning.

  260. My day was a long and stressful one. We had our kitchen remodeled and it was a pain in the rear! I must admit though, it looks good.

  261. My day is hot.
    Hot hot hot.
    But it’s finally September!
    But here in Texas that just means a little less hot.
    But still, at least it’ll soon be not heat stroke hot.

    Did I mention it’s hot?

  262. Day is going good. Sent our oldest to college (first year) this past weekend and really missing him. Our other kids start school in two days. Going to miss the summer.

  263. Today is a great start to the month. The kids did great at school and we r finished with chores.

  264. Not feeling great today but trying to keep going and getting at least the laundry started. Nothing makes me feel better than being online trying to win giveaways.

  265. My day is going well. I just wish it would stop raining long enough for me to do my outside chores.

  266. It’s funny that google thinks short comments are spam since spam comments appear to ramble for ages! My day’s going pretty decent, woke up to the trash collectors early this morning but I’m eating cantaloupe for breakfast, my favorite, so I’m pleased as punch!

  267. Another day of feeling miserable ; you know that shivery, sweaty, yucky feeling of just wanting to curl up under the covers? So far today all I’ve done is make myself a hot drink & taken some paracetamol, oh, and moan A LOT!

  268. Since I just woke up I am not sure how my day is going. But if you ask after I get the kiddo to school and back from the Gym I might have a better answer In the meantime I hope your day is going well. Thank you for the Contest and what a nice thing to do.

  269. I already knew today will be a bad day when I woke up with a sorethroat. It’s the beginning of the month so everything is hectic with reports. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope I win.

  270. Luckily my day is going pretty good. I finally got rid of a headache that I have had for several days.

  271. OMG, my day was ruined being broke & unemployed with little to eat. Wow, prize $50 gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the gc to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  272. My day has been good! I have just been busy with work and chores and what-not. Thank you for asking! 🙂

  273. My day was productive, got some accounting done, house is cleaned, spend 30 minutes on the treadmill, visited my parents. I would say I had a nice day.

  274. House sitting and getting aches and pains from different bed and different couch.
    Thanks for the contest.

  275. My day is going good so far. We’re looking forward to rooting on our local baseball club in their end of season title game this evening!

  276. I am extremely tired today because I get up early for work every day (3:30 AM) and I was having one of those nights where I was dreaming I overlsept so I kept waking up and did not feel well rested today. Plus I just had a rough day at work.

  277. Well, I had to get up way too early to set up my Mom with her portable oxygen for her doctor’s appointment, so my day has that draggy feeling you get when your sleepy all day, lol.

  278. My day is going well – a bit laid back, had coffee and just watching television while on the internet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  279. My day is just starting but so far it’s going well. We’ve been getting a lot of rain where I live these past few days so I’m thinking I might brew another pot of coffee to stay awake and alert today 🙂

  280. Today is the last day of summer. My kids go back to school tomorrow, so today will be full of making sure all their school supplies are organized, a trip to Walmart to get lunch stuff, and laundry to make sure everything is clean, washed and ready to go.

  281. So far today is going great. Its the last day of the month so I’m busy getting in all my daily contest entries and crossing my fingers I win something.

  282. I’m in bed with a rotten headcold so my day has generally been one of just feeling sorry for myself. I’m snuffly & sneezing like there’s no tomorrow!

  283. How am I feeling? Where in the world did Summer go? With an extra week you would think I would be prepared, but nope. I just want more time to play.

  284. So far so good. It is still early but I am hoping for a good day. It is monday so perhaps a good start to the week.

  285. I’m mad today because a blogger sent me beauty product samples that have been expired! Thanks for the chance. I hope I win.

  286. I’m hopeful today because the company has ordered new exercising equipment for employees! Thanks for the chance. I hope I win.

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