Winkine Waterproof Outdoor Sports Backpack Review

Backpacks just get better and better; wait till you see this one. There are so many compartments in this Winkine Waterproof Outdoor Sports Backpack that it’s perfect for camping, traveling, hiking or even hauling stuff back and forth for babysitting Alice.

I can’t wait for next years Yosemite camping trip, this pack will be PERFECT!! Its lighter weight than my other camping backpacks. The padded waist and shoulder straps means that I can fill it up and still be comfortable. Even with the bag packed full the straps give support to my back and relieves pressure. There is a tight mesh middle section that let’s airflow between you and the backpack which means no more sweaty back!! This springy mesh also gives me a little more cushion.

Compartments. WOW!! This bag has tons of compartments. From the net pockets on the side that holds water bottles to a small zippered compartment at the back of the pack that holds my keys and other small items that I don’t want to fall to the bottom of the bag; that’s a VERY handy little feature.  On the front there is another small zipper pocket that easily holds my mobile phone and more. A large drop pocket with a snap closure that is behind the zipper on the front; perfect for snacks. Then a huge zippered area that easily holds anything from full size file folders to clothing. Then you still have a HUGE main section that you can load up!! This is one strong carnivorous bag; that holds TONS of stuff.

At the bottom of the bag is a zippered pouch that holds a rain cover. I LOVE this because at Yosemite I keep my good camera in my backpack and with the waterfalls my pack always gets wet. I tested the rain cover with the garden hose I’m impressed everything in my bag stayed dry! BONE DRY!!

This bag is perfect for everything from camping, day to day to school.  Durable and lightweight.


None! So many pockets to keep me organized. Solid, lightweight, expertly made! The Winkine Waterproof Outdoor Sports Backpack is an excellent addition to your camping list or even day-to-day transporting! Absolutely perfect for a weekend getaway too!



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