Antonio Sabàto, Jr.and Celebrity Baby Scoop!

Happily married Antonio Sabàto, Jr. is now helping singles around the world meet each other. Recently named Celebrity Spokesperson for AnastasiaDate – the actor is promoting the website’s International Dating Month and will be giving advice for men on how to find love beyond “the girl next door.”
He gave Celebrity Baby Scoop an exclusive interview and talked more about AnastasiaDate and family life.
CBS: You were recently named the International Celebrity Spokesperson for AnastasiaDate. What is the website all about? How and why did you get involved?
AS: AnastasiaDate is all about connecting men and women from all over the world and bringing people together who never would have met otherwise. I have always traveled frequently throughout my life and am fortunate to have married a beautiful, exotic woman who makes me happy. When the opportunity to work with AnastasiaDate came up, I wanted to help people to expand their understand of love, dating and relationships across borders, because dating people from other countries helps to bring a level of cultural awareness and understanding that can be life-changing for both men and women. Traveling sets you free, and learning about other cultures opens you up to love. I wanted to be able to help all of the single guys out there to find what I now have through dating internationally.
CBS: Tell us about your three children. What are their names and ages, and what are they into now?
AS: My three kids are Jack, who’s 18, Mina, who’s 11, and Antonio, who just turned 2. Jack is really into snowboarding right now and goes to the mountains every chance he gets. He’s also into boxing, and we both love being active, so we bond over that. Mina is a great dancer and spends a lot of time going to her dance classes. I think she’d dance 24 hours a day if she could! She also likes traveling and going on trips, especially with her grandma. In fact, I just dropped them off at the airport, and they are going to London and Paris, so she’s really excited about that. Little Antonio is into cars and motorcycles, even at only 2 years old. He’s just like me, so we have a lot of fun playing with cars and go-karts.
CBS: What are some ways that you like to spend time with your kids?
AS: Every day, Antonio and I go to the park. We play on the slides and go on the swings. He also loves to walk the dogs, so we’ll take them for a walk around the neighborhood every day. I spend time with all of them in the pool, especially now that it’s summertime. They love to swim and hang out by the pool, so we get a lot of family time there.
CBS: What’s your favorite part of being a dad?
AS: Everything! It’s a constant responsibility—everything that I do, every move that I make, is for the well-being of my family. All of my decisions are made with them in mind, and they are the most important part of my life.
CBS: How do you balance your work and family life?
AS: I know when it’s time to work and time to play, so I know when to turn “work Antonio” off. I go through periods where I will work as much as I can so that I can then have a chunk of time off to spend with my family. If I have to travel, I try to take them with me. We go on family vacations, spend as much time as possible together and really enjoy our holidays as a family. I come home every night to a great family, and everything I do is for my wife and my kids. As long as they’re there, they make me work harder, and they make me happy.
CBS: With a full household, it must be challenging for you and Cheryl to find time for each other. Do you plan special date nights? How do you keep the romance alive?
AS: We try to go to the movies at least once or twice a month—just the two of us. We have a favorite movie theater that serves dinner during the movie, so that’s where we go. It has big comfortable chairs, and we can eat dinner while we’re watching, so it’s a night out for us. We’ll jump on our motorcycle or in the convertible and cruise there and watch the movie. We really enjoy having that time for just us.
CBS: What other upcoming projects do you have?
AS: I’m going to be directing my first movie, which will shoot in Istanbul soon. I’ve worked really hard to get this project off the ground, so it’s cool to see it coming to life. And it will be my first time directing, which I’m excited to do.
CBS: What do you plan to do with your family this summer? Any fun trips?
AS: Cheryl’s mom and sister are coming from Hawaii to visit us for three weeks. Usually in the summers we stay home, and at the end of the summer we’ll take our vacation and go to Kauai. Depending on my shooting schedule that might have to be pushed to Christmas, but we typically go sometime in September.

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