My First Christmas Pick For 2022!

Little Peanuts I have found the first item to start my Holiday Gift List.

If you follow me on Instagram (wait! Why aren’t you following me on Instagram?!  I’m funny.  Plus there’s Winston!!)  ANYWAY, as I was saying if you follow me on Instagram you know that I recently won a stunning felt hat from Hanna over a Wild Headwear. (You should follow Hanna on Instagram too… she posts some fabulous pictures! Seriously, would I steer you wrong?)

Back to my new hat, it is truly more beautiful in person than it shows in photographs. All the beautiful details. The stars, the trees and mountains too. Then the outline of Idaho is tucked in the center.

My beautiful light brown felt hat has a burned design of mountains and my beautiful state of Idaho on one side of the hat. With the other side is  sporting wildflowers.

Why two designs? BECAUSE Hanna is awesome that’s why! I just absolutely love my new hat!!

When Hanna asked me what design I wanted I went back and forth.  I love her mountain designs. I love her wildflower designs.  I love the idea of Idaho in the mix too… so… I responded I just couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted mountains or wildflowers and asked her to choose for me.

Hanna apparently has dealt with us wishy, washy can’t make up our minders because she responded immediately with I love surprise hats!!

Hanna included ALL the elements on my hat!! (Have I mentioned,  I LOVE this hat?!) Truly a designer hat that was made just for me. To say I am thrilled is an understatement! I am just giddy.

With several of texts between Hanna and I over the last few months, I am in awe!  This is one extremely talented and sweet person.

Hanna is a homesteading, Mom, Wife and artist and small business owner. 

What a perfect gift a Wild Headwear hat would make. You tell Hanna what you have in mind and tada! Check out this design.  (I snagged this picture from her blog)


FI was looking around today and she has TODDLER HATS!! Ohhhhh how sweet are those!

Then there are hats with some color. WOW!! (Yes, I snagged another picture from Hanna’s blog)


Please head over to Instagram and Hanna’s blog Wild Headwear and follow both accounts.

One more time. I LOVE MY HAT!!! Thank you Hanna!!


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