Could It Be Time To Move??

I am finally home from my recent emergency California visit. Thankfully son-in-law Dan made to Tennessee just hours before his Dad passed away. I am so thankful we were both able to fly right out. Dan to Tennessee and me to San Diego.  Had this been just a few years earlier Covid would have prohibited any of this. It makes me sad to think of families that weren’t able to be with their loved ones before they passed away during Covid.

Covid really screwed up everything, didn’t it?

For instance, today is the day our new doors were supposed to get installed, they were ordered FIVE months ago. Covid has messed up EVERY. SINGLE. THING!! Renewal By Anderson Doors and Windows are so far behind in manufacturing that we are still another four to six weeks out.

Is there anything that Covid didn’t mess up? Schooling; a year of being home schooled really set kids back. I think it hurt Granddaughter Alice with her social skills. I imagine a lot of kids fell behind. I REALLY feel bad for High School Seniors. Think of all the things they missed! Prom, sports, ditch days! Then the whole getting to graduate in front of family and friends.

While I’m whining, let’s talk weddings. Think of those poor bridezilla’s brides that put all that work into their perfect day, only to have it fall through. No Bachelorette party. No showers. Oh my gosh, trickle that down to the caterers that had food ready, the bakers for cakes, oh my gosh. Now my head is spinning.
What about those folks that had just found their dream house, did those all fall through?!?! I mean I guess so, Covid kept the mortgage companies closed, which would of course trickle down to the loan companies.

OHHHHHMMMMMGEEEEE I’m seriously down the rabbit hole now. Home buying? There were no open houses, did people even move during Covid? Thankfully we had already found our dream home here in Sandpoint, Idaho before Covid. It seems to me that the stay at home order lifted housing prices skyrocketed. I doubt we could have afforded to move!

This ties in with an incident that happened about 2 months ago car drove up our driveway, parked and took photographs. (Remember, if you get my house you are either terribly lost or coming to see me. We are on top of a mountain).

A week later a realtor called offering us an insane amount of money for our home. Uhhhh sorry, this house isn’t for sale. Even if we did sell, where would we go? Prices of homes here in Sandpoint are way, way up, but that isn’t all; there isn’t much in the way of homes that are for sale. I checked
They’re NOTHING for sale listed in Sandpoint! You guys have seen my view! I’m not moving, unless of course I can move here directly on the lake!!

Four million dollar house

Let’s see if this dream house is in our price range with this trusty, super easy to use mortgage calculator.
Drum roll please….. apparently we can’t afford a 4 million dollar house on Lake Ponderay. If I could get you to use the calculator tell me you can afford it and I will forward you (my new best friend forever) the address and we will hang out so much people will think I live there too.  (I can bring wine!)

So, tell me what Covid messed up in your life. Did it mess up your home buying plans? Do you think home sale prices will down anytime soon?


  • Tamra Phelps

    I was stuck in a nursing home during the worst of COVID because even the Housing Authority wasn’t showing places I could rent! A nursing home was n ot where you wanted to be at that time, right??? We were in total lockdown, couldn’t have visitors, of course, or even leave our rooms. You know, Connie, I bet I know why you were offered suh a big price: your view. I bet someone wants to build a hotel, resort, or similar there. And by what you say, it’s a sellers market there.They are likely working through a realtor to hide their intentions. I mean, real estate professionals don’t pay a lot for land, right? They want to buy low and sell high. So, they were fronting for someone else, I’d bet.

  • heather

    I missed a dear friend’s funeral because of Covid. Boy that would tick me off if someone came up our driveway and took pictures of our house. Post keep out signs to keep the vultures out!!!

    • Connie+Head+Peanut

      I am so sorry you missed your friends funeral.  That would be heartbreaking.

      RIGHT about the picture taker?!?! It was so beyond weird. For instance the realtor said if we were willing to leave the tractor in the barn he would up the price. UMMMM there are NO windows in the barn…… scary right?!?! We do have cameras all around the house that alert us when someone (or our usual animals roam around) which is how we knew about the pictures, but The Husband didn’t get outside in time to ask what was going on.

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