MS and The Covid Monster

Y’all ‘member when I showed off my beautiful house with the stunning view for the first time?

My house

First there was ohhhing and awwwwing. Then there was the “have you lost your minds” comments? Okay, so that last one was mostly our kids. “You guys aren’t aging in reverse! Those stairs are gonna kill you!” (Spoiler alert no one has died)

Well, for the first time I think I’m ready to tell my children that they might, perhaps, may not have been exactly so incorrect.  (pffffftttt we ALL know I’m not REALLY going to admit squat!)

So, Covid has hit. Yup, slammed into the side of the house and oozed through to the insides.

Covid plus MS? Ohhhh soooo not a fan! It’s hit The Husband with the full force of all those nasty little germs.  He is now bed bound.  Ummmmm well, this sucks!

The stairs. Yeah I am no longer a fan!
My stairs

Having been through my Mom being bed bound certainly did prepare me for this. Some of the tricks and equipment (which THANKFULLY!!) I saved (even against naysayers that we would never use that again! HA! I TOLD YOU SO!!). Little things that make my job easier.

Except the stairs. Hating the stairs.

Poor Alice,  her last week here and we can’t leave the house. HOWEVER! Alice has been amazing! She took over Bear duty. (A little side note here. The dog will immediately do her business for The Husband. Never for me, we have to walk around the property…. do ta do ta do….. walking, sniffing…. do ta do ta do…. walking, sniffing until finally we have finished our business. The dog does her business WICKED fast for Alice! WTH?!?!)

Alice has helped with clean up, cooking, delivering to PopPop.

With all her help, get this…. her parents won’t let me keep her?!?! Selfish much?!?! APPARENTLY a month is long enough?!?! Pffffftttt I say!

The point of this post? There really wasn’t one, except maybe to tell you I hate stairs.

Have an amazing day Little Peanuts.


  • Debbie P

    ‘m so sorry that the covid monster has hit you guys. We literally got the Omni version on this past Christmas Eve. Needless to say last Christmas was not that merry. I really feel for you. Because if you have a pre-existing medical condition most times it make it worse. I have serious back problems and the covid coughing fits lasted for weeks and did a very painful number on most of my spine. I hope you guys are doing better. And Alice sounds like a gem.

  • Michael+Coovert

    So sorry you are going through it. It sounds like you were quite fortunate to have some extra help even if it probably wasn’t what you had planned for her visit. I hope everyone is on the mend quickly and everyone is racing up and down those stairs independently once again.

  • gloria patterson

    Stairs are a bitch!!! Straight up or curved it takes for ever to get up them. My brother has this staircase in his home that goes stright up only 18 steps. You enter through the basement to family room and then up to the rest of the house. On the front no side walk or steps SOMEDAY. The other side has a big porch and it is up 10 steps then a landing then another 10. My sister in law broken ankle 3 months ago bad pins all the good stuff. When she came home from the hospital they had to carry her up the steps. I am telling then they need a chair lift in their home. YOU don’t think about stairs when you are young but when something happens………………………………
    I can understand why you miss alice. I guess she had a little talk with Bear about potty time 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, boy, I don’t blame you. I just don’t do stairs anymore. Get you one of those seats that take you up the stairs. I bet insurance will cover it if you point out it’s for your husband. I hope he feels better really soon. When he gets better, he’s still going to be exhausted. He needs one of those chair lifts for stairs!!

  • Karen R

    When my hubby and I built our home, we made it mainly wheelchair accessible. No stairs. It was mainly for me but my hubby is happy the house doesn’t have stairs, now. I hope your husband feels better soon from the Covid and the MS exasperation.

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