How COVID-19 Can Help You To Prepare for The Future

Stay home

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As the world is in disarray due to COVID-19 and the world governments think about whether they could have done something differently or been better prepared for this unexpected virus, this has also hit home with many individuals. People have either found themselves out of work, sick or suffering the loss of a loved one. This virus came out of nowhere and swept the world; it has made us realise that life is precious, time is short and that there are things we could do differently. If something else like this should happen in the future – be it a personal event or a global one, there are steps we should take to make sure we are better prepared and able to look after ourselves and our families.

Save Money

The first thing that is very apparent right now as many people are losing jobs is that saving money is imperative. You never know what is around the corner and as lockdown has given many people time to think and get their affairs in order, saving money should be one of the top priorities now. It’s essential to have a safety net and to know that if there’s an earthquake or your have a house fire, that you have some money put away to get you through. 

Do You Have The Right Insurance?

You must have adequate life and home insurance for you and your family. Life insurance should cover you and your family with enough money for your family to pay off any debt and to then live on if anything happens to you. If you have children, you should get enough that it can help cover the cost of their education and it should cover if your partner has to stop working. You will want to gather some life insurance quotes to see what policy would be best for your situation, so that you have everything planned out the way you want it.

If you live somewhere susceptible to flooding, storms, earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes, then it is wise to plan for natural disasters and insurance is a must. So is a good emergency kit and five-day supply of food and water. Being prepared in this way can make a difficult situation much easier to get through.

Mentally Prepare Yourself

With time to think right now, is there anything you would have done differently if you had known that this world pandemic was going to happen? Think about what else could happen, and what you would do about it if you are mentally walking it through; it can help you to work out what you might need. Now that you have experience of a world pandemic have you thought about what would happen and what you would do if you were hospitalized with COVID-19? What would you need if you found out you had a different illness or suffered a personal tragedy. How likely is it in your job or where you live that you could suffer a personal injury, do you have the money for a truck accident lawyer? What would you need both personally and professionally> What help would you need for yourself and your team family get out of the situation in the best way possible? 


  • heather

    This was an interesting post to read with a lot of great tips. I think it is important to always be prepared for emergencies and always have the essentials on hand.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    Some very wise words there Connie. There we were blithely cruising towards climate catastrophe all in the name of greed with barbaric wars in so many countries and countless millions dying of hunger & lack of medical resources. Covid hit and we were told to stay at home. And (some) people in the Western World complained. We should be so ashamed.

  • Tamra Phelps

    So many people seem angry that they need to stay home. For goodness sakes, it’s not like you’re going off to war, or caught in a famine, etc. For most people, it just means stay home and entertain yourself or argue with your family, lol. I’m surprised at the dolts who ho out to protest having to stay inside.

  • Rosie

    Many of us are lucky to not have lived through a world war, or something where masses of people died. My generation doesn’t have the cautious spirit of those who grew up in the great depression. I know sooo many people that don’t really plan much at all for the future. I’m hoping that young adults graduating from college during this time will have a broader and deeper perspective about the world. It isn’t just about your town, or state, or country, our young leaders need to think globally, even if they are something as local as a town mayor.

  • Crystal K

    We haven’t lost jobs (yet, anyway), but we’re suddenly very glad that we have some savings to fall back on…just in case.

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    It certainly has changed the world as we once knew it! Some things are forever changed. Our first granddaughter was to gradute this year and We have two nieces have to cancel their weddings. We even had to watch a funeral on live stream. My three children are finding out that they can homeschool their children. All of our kids have essential jobs so were still able to work. Weird going into stores and pharmacies with everyone wearing masks. I have a hearing loss so it is hard to communicate with others.

    • Connie: The Head Peanut

      I feel so bad for the senior classes. They missed out on so many things that seniors get to do. They worked 12 years to get this point.
      The Husbands Dad passed away on the 12th and I’m wondering if they will live stream a funeral. That would be a nice thing. There is no way The Husband can fly or drive to California for the service.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    Interesting post. This virus has certainly changed the world and I am pretty sure things will never be the way they were. It has certainly been (and still is ) stressful and we are saving as much money as possible because there is no way of knowing what the future holds.

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